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10 Great Reasons Be A Foster

10 Great Reasons To Foster A Golden

  1. Nothing is more satisfying than to make a sad dog happy again.
  2. You’re saving a life!
  3. Your dog gets a playmate.
  4. It feels so good to change a dog’s bleak outlook to one of sheer happiness.
  5. You become a lifetime member of the “Make a Difference Club”.
  6. You can’t find a stronger support system.
  7. It’s a great reason to get out for a walk in the park.
  8. You get the inside scoop on all the great tips for obedience and behavior problems.
  9. Every time you pet a dog your blood pressures goes down.
  10. Every time a dog gets petted his confidence goes up.
  11. Nothing compares to the transformation of a frightened rescue to a trusting companion.
  12. They’re like grandchildren, glad to see them come, glad to see them go (to a good home of course!)
  13. Golden hair makes super knitting projects for the kids.
  14. Nobody is happier to see you come home.
  15. Did we say 10 reasons?

GBGRR needs caring, patient and responsible Golden lovers to join our foster home team by opening their homes and their hearts to our rescue Goldens. A key component to our Rescue program is the foster home. The principle behind fostering is to provide the dogs entrusted to our care with a home environment to expedite their mental and/or physical rehabilitation and to evaluate their habits and behavior. This allows GBGRR to place the dog with the new family and improve the chances of lifelong enjoyment of the dog and the new family.

We always have a need for foster homes for senior Goldens too. Many of these displaced Golden-agers have been loving family dogs for years and have been lost or abandoned through no fault of their own. GBGRR does not feel that any senior Golden should ever be euthanized at a shelter simply because they are old and no longer wanted. Most of these senior Goldens are low maintenance, well-trained dogs. They fit easily into any family situation and usually require less exercise. Senior Goldens can be long-term fosters as they usually take longer to adopt. Fostering one of these Golden oldies can be an immensely rewarding experience.

We hope you will consider opening your heart and home to a Golden in need by fostering. If you would like to help by fostering or have any other questions, please email us at info@gbgrr.org or phone us at (281) 480-4942. You are also welcome to complete an online or print-and-mail foster application by clicking on the links.