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In Memory of our beloved friends....

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. 

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together......."


"...Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so - 'twas Heaven here with you."
---Isla Paschal Richardson

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I adopted Chance (previously Liberty) on 3/18/2003 He went to the Rainbow Bridge on 12/13/2013 where I know he will be waiting for me there.

Chance was about three years old when I adopted him and he had been severely abused by his previous owner from Clute,TX. He had been chained to a tree, left out in the rain and thunder storms and beaten with a bat; he suffered internal injuries and a broken tailbone. A Good Samaritan rescued him and brought him to GBGRR where he was cared for until he found his final home with me. With all he had been throughyou would have never known it, he turned out to be the sweetest loving dog I could have wished for and always drew compliments from everyone that had the opportunity to meet him.

Whenever I went anywhere, he was right there waiting to go with me. I would be ready to leave for mass each morning and Chance would follow me out the door and jump in my SUV when I opened the door. After mass I would let him out to come inside the lobby where we had coffee and treats; Chance loved visiting with everyone, always looking to get pets or treats (I think it was part of his ploy to go with me). He use to look forward to our walks in memorial park and greeted every baby stroller that passed his way.

In the early morning of Dec. 11, 2013, he unexpectedly encountered a stroke and took a turn for the worst after the second day. My Vet said hethought it might be time for me to lay him down to avoid any more suffering. I lost Chance that day but I know we will be together again one day.
In my heart I know he enjoyed his time with me as I with him and that I gave him a second Chance.

They are never with us long enough but for the time we have them, they give us unconditional love. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and he will be forever in my heart.

I love you Chance
David P.



I adopted Chuka (previously Doug) on 4/17/2014 and he left me to join Chance and my three other Goldens at the Rainbow Bridge on 1/7/2015.

Chuka was only with me for about eight months but they were good months for both of us. He was close to 11 years old when I adopted him and I knew in my heart we would not have a long time together but I felt he needed me as much as I wanted him.

After Chuka realized he finally found a home where he was happy and felt secure he became like Velcro, sticking by my side. My grandchildrenloved to pet on him because his coat was so soft and he was so loving,( the great traits of a Golden). Chuka got along well with other dogs and when we would encounter another dog on our walks, if I showed too much attention to the other dog, Chuka would lean into me and remind me who I brought to the dance!

He got along with Zoey my rescue cat, I think because she would always leave a few morsels of food in her dish which he would clean up.

Chuka had real bad hips and didn't care to walk very much until I found a little Terrier on the corner from my house; she was in bad shape but after a few visits to the Vet, I got her fixed up and she was good for Chuka, although they didn't play together, she got him to walk a little more to keep up with her.

Chuka's hips began to fail him and all of a sudden he was falling during our walks and he didn't have the strength to pick himself up. So I had to help him up and it got harder and harder. The last couple of days were tough on him as though he lost his will to go on. I took him in to the Vet and she thought it might be time, the time I so dearly dreaded. I kissed him goodbye and told him I loved him and hoped his time with me was good for him, and I will see him again one day.

I love you Chuka.
David P.



Charlie left this world after a four-month battle with very aggressive osteosarcoma in his hip on July 9, 2014. His best friend, Red, and pet parents Rachel & Ryan, were at his side. Affectionately known as Chuckles, he is deeply missed.

Charlie was found as a stray in Katy by a kind vet tech who connected him with GBGRR. He was loved for several months at GBGRR by Christine and Brian, who cared for him while he recovered from heartworms. He was described on the GBGRR website as a sweet boy who just wanted to sit at your feet and cuddle. Christine let me know when I adopted him that he made a funny snorting sound when he fell asleep, which she tried to mimic but then said “You’ll see.” Sure enough, the first night I had him, just as calm had descended over the room, he snorted. His special sound was a sound that was simultaneously sweet, relaxing, and endearing to anyone who was lucky enough to hear it. Brian told me that Charlie loved pizza being delivered, and it became a tradition that Charlie always got the first slice.

Charlie’s greatest passion was swimming, which he learned to do at the Red Bud Isle dog park in Austin. Once he learned how to swim and retrieve, you could not keep Charlie out of the water. We live just three blocks from Lady Bird Lake, and taking Charlie to the water became our weekly ritual. He swam in bodies of water across Texas: the Gulf of Mexico, the Colorado River, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, Decker Lake, Lake Grapevine and more. He enjoyed traveling with us on our many adventures with Red and Duc, our Vizslas, including to state parks like Bastrop State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, Big Bend, Lost Maples, and Quartz Mountain in Oklahoma. He even went on our honeymoon with us, where he got to run around a cattle ranch in Kenedy, TX -- and of course swim in all of the swimming holes, bark at ducks and birds, and sniff the ground and air for all sorts of wildlife.

As a well-traveled dog who also got to come to work with his parents, Charlie had a large extended family of people who loved him and cared for him throughout his life. He was a wonderful dog, incredibly sweet, and lived up to his snugglebug reputation. Thank you to all of the wonderful people who loved Charlie. Special thanks to Janet Huey, who donated Charlie's heartworm treatment to GBGRR; Christine & Brian, GBGRR volunteers who fostered Charlie and allowed me to care for Charlie after he stole their hearts; and Dr. Erin Homburg of the Austin Urban Vet Clinic for caring for Charlie throughout his treatment.

Rachel and Ryan T.
Oct 2014




We are finally able to bring ourselves to tell you that our sweet, majestic, Murphy Muller crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 1, 2014. We will be forever grateful for having the honor of caring for him for almost 9 years.

We are so grateful to GBGRR for saving our beautiful boy from heartworms and parvovirus when you first picked him up. He grew into such a fine, strong, majestic dog. He had a wonderful life, his own place on the couch, trips to the hill country to see deer, daily walks and runs, and belly rubs. He became the mayor of the dog neighborhood: a gentle giant alpha male who kept the other dogs in line and was gentle with the little Yorkie next door.

But more than anything, he was a fine example of unconditional love: always happy to see us, tuned into the rhythm and mood of the house and able to communicate with a look and a paw when we said the right word in his large vocabulary. We are better people for having known this wonderful creature.




Scott and Cindy Muller
Oct 2014




A Tribute to Lance

“He’s the nicest dog I’ve ever known.”

That’s the way everyone described Lance after meeting our boy for the first time. There were no strangers in his life, and he did not have an aggressive bone in his body towards any living creature. Have you ever seen a Golden Retriever try to make friends with a wild bunny or skunk while out on a walk, or lay quietly when cats stole his bed or rubbed themselves all over his head?

When we adopted Lance (a.k.a. Eddie) in the summer of 2008, his foster parents told us that he had been found running loose in Louisiana, malnourished and diseased, and was brought to Houston to be placed through GBGRR. I have always claimed that we didn’t adopt Lance; he adopted us at first sight. On our initial meeting, Lance came up and laid his head in our laps; he had our hearts from the start.

And his loving nature was a real asset. After some training, Lance easily earned his AKC Good Canine Citizen Certification and, shortly thereafter, licensed by Therapy Dog International. Working as a therapy dog, Lance visited local hospital wards on weekends, and elementary school special needs classrooms during the week. Even neighbors, who expressed their fear of dogs since childhood, felt comfortable being around and playing with Lance.

But life wasn’t always carefree for Lance. In addition to various allergies, he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010, and with surgery ended up losing his front incisor teeth. But that didn’t deter him, and his charm and personality continued to shine through. And even after was diagnosed again with cancer in September 2013, he lived each day with joy and love until his passing on July 2, 2014. Lance taught us a simple life lesson: “Learn to live in the present, and not worry about the past or future.”

Lance may have departed this earth, but he is forever in our hearts. We are so thankful to Golden Beginnings for bringing us together.

Mike & Karen Stewart
October 2014



Gus was responsible for my induction in to the Foster Failure Club when he rescued me 5-1/2 years ago. He just immediately knew me like no other and he will forever have a special place in my heart. Gus loved everyone. For example, when arriving at the dog park he would approach the closest people to say "hi" and give them a look that said, "You want to pat me, don't you?" Then he would be sure to meet everyone there between playing fetch or tagging along with the pack.

Gus was a gracious host to many fosters. Despite the diverse personalities of his foster brothers or sisters, he  got along with every one of them. Gus loved toys, walks, getting rubbed and squirming on his back in the grass. And car rides too, especially when he could ride with his head out the window! Gus was very special to me and I will miss him in so many ways.




Jeff P.
September 2014



My Katie passed over the rainbow bridge on September 2nd. Her death was unexpected. I knew as soon as I walked in the house something was wrong. She wasn’t there to meet me at the door. Katie came to me around 5-½ years ago. I saw her biography on the GB website. Katie had been rescued from La Porte and had been given the name Tina. She was staying with Cil. When I arrived at Cil’s to meet Tina, she licked my hand, and I knew she was the dog for me.

Katie loved wearing bandanas and would come running when she saw me with one. She also loved her “lovies.” At night I would pick them up and put them in her basket before going to bed. In the morning there would be 6 – 8 “lovies” laying on the living room floor. She had her own personality that made her so enduring to me.

Katiebug, I will remember you, long after this summer ends.

Debby Jung
Sept 2014


Ben had a zest for life that couldn't be matched. When we took him to the dog park, he got exhilarated about a mile prior to arrival. He would swim in the pools as long as we'd let him! He was the most loyal companion in the kitchen, and was a very eager "vacuum cleaner". If anything ever fell, he had clean-up duty on lockdown!

Ben always had pep in his step. Sometimes you'd think he was still a puppy! He kept us healthy because we almost never skipped our long evening walks. And, thanks to Ben, we met many neighbors as he sniffed his way through the streets and kept an eye out on those pesky squirrels (he was the self-appointed squirrel patrol).

The moment we walked through the door, he would throw us the biggest welcome party: Bringing us toys, a happy tail and lots of attention. It was as if you'd been gone a month.

He was one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, always ready for a car ride, a run or just to be lazy and take a nap on a Saturday afternoon.

We adopted our sweet big Ben when he was five years young, and he brought more joy and laughter to our lives then awe would have ever imagined. In the middle of July 2014 we learned he had a very aggressive type of cancer. We were told he needed an intense high-risk surgery to survive, and even with a successful surgery we would be lucky to have him another 3 months. We took the risk and went for the surgery - success!! However, just one short month after the surgery he took a turn for the worse; his time play with the other dogs in Heaven had come and, in less than 24 hours from his initial signs of illness, he passed from cancer peacefully in our home.

Life on Earth won't be the same without Ben, and we will always love him!
J.C. & Marina Surber
Sept 2014


We first met Buck at the PetSmart on Westheimer on November 15, 2003. Although he was a little hesitant at first to leave his foster family there, Buck came with my husband (John) and me and leaped right up in the back of our SUV (seemingly happy), with no way of knowing at the time that he finally had his forever home. Apparently, he had been in a few foster homes after his owner (a Golden breeder) gave him up. He was 4 years and 9 months old when we adopted him.

As soon as we got home, Buck became “Bucky”. We quickly discovered that he was a climber when he went over our chain link fence to see the neighbors’ dog. With the neighbors at work and no way to access their yard, I knew we would be busted. To my surprise, just calling his name got him back over the same way! When we were home, Bucky stayed by my side, frequently on the sheet-covered couch, and showed displeasure when John came to join us. He wanted me all to himself. Also, Bucky was always waiting on me to go to bed, never going by himself, even though he was ready at 8 o’clock!

Early on, Bucky showed a love of squeaky toys and stuffed animals. As soon as a new one came in the house, it quickly became his favorite. Sometimes, he would poke his head down in a grocery or shopping bag to see if I bought him a new one. Bucky was also the “junk food police” and “cookie monster”, because whenever he heard packages rattling in the kitchen or den, he came running to see if we were eating chips or cookies (usually correct) and wanted some.

And oh, how Bucky loved to walk (long distances with me), always waiting on us to go! He did his happy dance at the back door when he knew we were going out to walk. Jumping up to get his leash, he insisted on taking it to the car for wherever we were going. When it was attached to him, he put it in his mouth and “walked himself” until we got hold of it. Everyone thought he was so cute!

In his younger days, Bucky sat on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders (when I stooped down) for the biggest hug. He threw his head way back to see if anyone was watching – as if to say “look at me, I am special! "Yes, Bucky was special and beautiful, inside and out. We were lucky to have him for almost 11 years! The last few months of his life, he really struggled to get up and walk, and he suffered poor hearing and vision. At 15 and ½ years, he had lived a full life. Although Bucky was a “rescue dog” when we adopted him, the truth is that he rescued me and gave me a purpose at a transitional time in my life. He was an angel sent straight from Heaven to look after me. Now he is back there with God, or on Rainbow Bridge, waiting on mama as usual!

Love you always, Bucky!
Bonnie and John
Aug 2014



Our sweet, precious little Buddy went to Heaven last night. He is free of pain now and running with Orion, Tyco, Brio, ReddyMan, WooWoo (all awesome “foster failures” from GB) and Tonka.

We got a call four years ago, to see if we could pickup and foster a guy whose family didn’t want him anymore. The parents had gotten a divorce and well…you know the story. Bill picked him up after work. His name was Buddy. Our two guys (Zeus and Max, both GB foster failures), instantly liked him, and we began to fall in love.

Buddy was 11 when we got him. You’d never know he was that old. He loved, loved his walks and to be around his brothers and us. Buddy prancedlike a little horse. Too cute! He was the most gentle and sweetest guy ever. He was one of those who just looked into your eyes and straight through to your soul. He did a little happy dance when he knew he was going for a walk. He loved to walk down one side of our house, checking on the flowers on the way. I named that stretch “Buddy Lane”; he loved to just be outside and have the wind gently blow in his face. He pounced on woobies with a little jump and with both front feet at the same time. So precious.

Buddy got oral cancer almost a year ago. We had it surgically removed. Margins weren’t wide enough so he had another surgery. He seemed to decline a bit after the second surgery and he was quickly losing his hearing and worse, his eyesight. He developed arthritis very badly and several months ago, a spot in the calcified area of a disk, cracked, putting him in a lot of pain. We did laser treatments, steroids, Adequan, vitamin supplements and pain meds. He got somewhat better. But then, cancer came back a few months ago on his lip. We had it removed and he seemed to decline after that. Recently, he could not walk without help and even then, his head would droop and we could tell he was in a lot of pain.

We made the gut-wrenching decision to help him to Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts are broken in a million pieces. Max and Zeus lost their best friend. But, we are so grateful that he came into our lives and that we were blessed with this precious little guy, if even for a short time.

We are so thankful to Golden Beginnings for the opportunity to foster and adopt him, and for your support.

Much love,
Joni and Bill
Aug 2014


Lucy (Evie)


We have lost our sweet Lucy. She was with us such a short time but had become such a central part of our lives. We miss her dearly. Her brother Bruno misses her too. Lucy loved to walk on the beach in Galveston, bark at squirrels and the dogs next door, sit in the sun, play in the snow, ride in the car, snuggle, eat treats, get hugs and pets, give kisses, take the stuffing out of toys, play tug-of-war with her brother Bruno, and curl up in her bed for naps.

Lucy came to us at about age 4, on Nov. 4, 2012, from her wonderful foster mother, Mary Beth, and foster brothers, Forrest and Brady. We lost her suddenly on July 20, 2014, from Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. Lucy will join our other beloved and missed Goldens: Emmett, Boston, Riley, Kelli and Sandy over the Rainbow Bridge.

We wish to thank all of you at Golden Beginnings for the opportunity to have had such wonder and precious dog. We appreciate all of your condolences.
We love you Lucy and will miss you always!




Jay, Guylene, Bruno, and Baxter cat
Aug 2014




As I look up at the sky tonight, My eyes still filled with tears, I think about the time we had,
Those almost fourteen years.

At first I searched and searched for you, I looked for many days, I knew not just any one would do,
Was I on an endless craze?

And then one day my heart did smile, I think this is the one, I’d looked for such a long, long while,
My hope was almost gone.

And when I called a voice conveyed, But that one’s blind, you see, I witnessed the words that I had prayed,
A life I needed, that needed me.

Your antics filled my life with joy, Your heart was loving and kind, Running and playing with your teddy bear toy,
I had forgotten you were blind.

We grew together you and I, And a promise then I made, You will never suffer, it made me cry,
Let it never happen I prayed.

As wrinkles appeared on my face, And your golden fur turned white, A blessing that my heart embraced,
Turned critical one night.

As I kept the promise I made to you, My heart began to break, Why wasn’t there something I could do,
To stop this endless ache?

You drifted off to sleep that day, And an angel you became, As you played among the suns warm rays,
I gently called your name.

And then among the many tears A message came to me, After all those many loving years,
At long last you can see.

So run and play in Gods sweet park, And know that you are free, For One day as you spin and bark,
A familiar sight you will see.

A young girl running to your side, To hug you once again, Finally an end to all tears cried,
A new life we’ll begin.

Cynthia Norris
Aug 2014



Almost 10 years ago, we were blessed to have Sophie become a member of our family – the first Golden we adopted from GBGRR. She came with wonderful manners and a warm loving personality. She never asked for much: car rides, walks, treats and more than anything to be loved.

Sadly, Sophie went to heaven today to join our Lady, Koko, Tandy, Annie and Boomer. While it was so painful to see her go today, we know she is waiting for us in a better place and has left us with so many wonderful memories. So, it’s not good-bye to our dear Sophie, it’s until we are together again.





Mike & Nadine P.
Aug 2014




On Monday July 28, 2014 our beloved Golden Louie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He had just turned 6 years of age this past February. Louie was the son of Toby (Pam Frank's Golden) and Macy was Louie's mom. Their foster mom was Kathy Harvey. This was so sudden. My husband and I were not prepared for this happening so soon in his young life. At the end of June, Louie was not feeling well. He was taken to the vet's office where a tumor was discovered in his spleen. That was removed, along with the spleen itself. His blood would not clot like it should, so they had to give him a unit of blood and put him on clotting medication. The tumor was sent to Texas A&M to be biopsied. The diagnosis came back as Hemangiosarcoma (a fast-growing cancer). Dog breeds most at risk include Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Dobermans and German Shepherds to name a few.

Within a couple of weeks after the removal of the spleen, Louie started going downhill pretty fast. It was a matter of approximately two weeks after spleen surgery that other problems started showing up. He would not get up, he did not want to go for his morning and evening walks and did not want to eat much at all. We took him to the vet's office again; the vet said he was not ready to give up on him yet and put Louie on Prednisone and vitamin K1 for blood clotting. This past Sunday (7/27/2014) he began developing problems again, similar to his previous one so on Monday morning (7/28/14) it was off to the vet's office where it was discovered he was bleeding internally and was bloated on one side. The vet said that there was nothing else he was able to do for him as the cancer was spreading.

I had never heard of this cancer prior to this happening to Louie. Please, if nothing else, take your Golden to your vet's office and have lab work done. There is a range on the blood that is high and low. Louie's, a couple of weeks ago, was in the low range.

Louie was a wonderful happy boy. He loved everyone he met. I called him "Mr. Waggy Tail" because his tail was always wagging. He loved kids, adults and other dogs. He will be missed very much. We hope that at some point we will be able to move forward, but Louie will always and forever have a huge part of our hearts, which for now are broken. We will always love you our Mr. Waggy Tail.

Dana and Tony Gazelle



We adopted Princess in December 2001 when she was eight months old. She was such a good girl, and a wonderful addition to our family who brought us years of happiness. Princess also never met a stranger. Everyone who met her fell in love with her.

One of the cutest things she would do was to get in the swimming pool to avoid getting a bath; but after  getting her bath she would lay there and let us blow dry her.

We could never leave a room without her following us. But that was okay, because she made our home a better place. She was truly the Princess in our family.

She was Kristy’s baby, and would always came when Kristy said "Baby".

We miss you very much sweet Princess girl!!!

Kristy, David, Zach & Shelby T.
June 2014




Rio (Rio, Rio!)
Rio came to Golden Beginnings on Sunday, June 1, 2014. On the ride home from the pick-up point in El Campo he insisted on riding shotgun. He sat erect in the passenger seat looking at the road in front of him as if he was excited for the new life that lay ahead of him. We were told he had a respiratory infection and we worried because unvaccinated puppies ending up in shelters sometimes contract distemper. Distemper is an extremely dangerous virus that is all too often fatal & 100% preventable via an inexpensive vaccination.

Rio had a temperature that Wednesday. He was treated with the Newcastle Serum by Dr. Huddleston at Westheimer Animal Clinic and received two spinal taps of the same serum between Wednesday 6/4/2014 and Friday 6/13/2014. The serum is not a cure for distemper but helps a pup fight the neurological symptoms of distemper while the distemper vaccine fights to kill the virus.

In spite of not feeling 100% Rio made his love of water and hatred of vacuum cleaners well known.
Love water: VIDEO, VIDEO       Hates vacuum cleaners: VIDEO, VIDEO

Rio was a very special boy. At just seven months old he was perfect in the house. Never had an accident and never chewed on anything he shouldn’t have. He was his foster mom’s dream boy. At night he would cuddle with me and tuck his little head under my neck. He was my shadow and my bright light. He had a great future ahead of him. Unfortunately distemper had other plans. Rio lost his battle with this horrid virus on June 16, 2014.

Several great folks helped with Rio. First the wonderful folks who pulled him from the shelter, the GB volunteers (Desiree and Amanda) who coordinated transport, the couple who gave him a lift half way to Houston, Christine for coordinating serum from Dr. Huddleston’s office, Toni and Midge who took him to the vet for me that Friday, the great folks at Dr. Huddleston’s office, and most importantly Mike and Nadine Patterson who took over caring for Rio when it became too difficult for me to handle alone. Mike and Nadine welcomed Rio into their home and took wonderful care of him his last few days. More importantly they were there with Rio when he made his last trip to Dr. Huddleston’s office and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Run Free Sweet Rio, Rio

Shari Patrick
June 2014



Remembering Zeke
In July 2006, my little family was approved to adopt a 6-month-old Golden. We had to have our vet write a letter of recommendation for us because our two children were only 2 and 6 years old at the time. We were so excited on July 8th when we welcomed Zeke into our family! He immediately became their "little brother". He loved everyone he met and would lick them to death! He loved spending time outside, and chasing squirrels and birds. He was our buddy, our best friend, our companion and our protector. He would wake up the children for me each and every school day, then sleep with them in the summer and stroll downstairs whenever they decided to wake up! I would laugh and tell them they were training him to sleep late!

Unfortunately, on April 5th, after just learning he had lymphoma, Zeke left our world. Our hearts are broken and he is missed so very much. We are so thankful for the 7 years Zeke allowed us to love him. We have such wonderful memories of swims in the lake and the pool with neighbors, playing catch, and simply just being Zeke.

Our 9-year-old daughter sent him a letter to Heaven for Easter. In the letter she told him, "Zeke, you will always be loved. You are in our hearts forever." So true.

Thank you Golden Beginnings for giving us the chance to make a difference in his life.

Mark, Valerie, Caleb and Mia Moderski
May 2014



Golden Beginnings was contacted in early February about an 11 ½ year old dog in need of a home that could not walk or stand on her back legs. The previous owners were terrific and tried their best to help her, even getting a dog cart with wheels so she could get around. But due to medical circumstances just couldn't take care of her anymore and reached out to Golden Beginnings for help. My wife and I agreed to foster Maggie and picked her up on 8 February in Trinity, TX. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

A true Golden Retriever, Maggie was the sweetest, gentlest and most calm dog I ever met. She loved everyone, especially children. She could clean a kid’s face and ears in less than three seconds as my 5 year old granddaughter found out often. Her only drawback, extremely camera shy.

While in her cart she was like a NASCAR Racer. Point her in the right direction and it was off to the races. First time we took her to a pet store, she turned into an aisle just ahead of me and stopped. When I came around, noticed a little tip of a pig’s ear sticking out of her mouth. She was trying to hide it. Put my hand out and asked her nicely to give it to me. She did and then looked up at me with sad pleading eyes. Couldn’t say no. She carried it all around the store till checkout.

Although she could not walk or stand, Golden Beginnings was determined to give Maggie a chance. In February she started regular visits, twice a week at a Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic. There she received Cold Laser therapy, Chiropractic Massage, Acupuncture and Water Treadmill therapy. She really liked the massages and would sometimes fall asleep. Wasn’t sure if this would work, but after a month and a half of therapy, on the 3rd of April early in the morning I walked into the living room to see Maggie standing up, tail wagging and a big smile on her face like she was saying "Look at what I did!” Almost dropped my coffee. From there on she improved a little more every day. The last three days of her life she was in her cart only once. Rest of the time she was walking around on her own. Maybe not very fast or in a straight line all the time, but always with a big simile and her tail wagging. For those who think dogs cannot simile, never met Maggie.

Without warning Maggie passed away on 21 April in the early evening. She experienced Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) or twisted stomach. Happened really fast. The signs of GDV are excessive salivation, bloated stomach accompanied by retching, but nothing comes up. We quickly took her to the emergency Vet. After X-rays the Vet gave us two options, major surgery or euthanasia. For an 11 ½ year old girl, major surgery would be asking for a lot. She would be going back to square one, losing all the amazing progress she made over the past 2 ½ months. Very reluctantly Golden Beginnings decided it was time for this sweet, gentle girl to go to Rainbow Bridge.

Maggie was my buddy, my friend. I miss her more than I could ever put into words. In the short time we had together, she taught me that patience is still a virtue and that loving companionship is good for the heart and soul. She will never be forgotten.

Thank you Golden Beginnings for giving the old girl a chance. Maggie deserved it. My wife and I also want to thank Golden Beginnings for allowing us to foster Maggie. She truly touched our hearts.




Chris and Donna Fakes
April 2014


Maggie May

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that the beautiful love of 13 years has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Maggie May brightened our lives, and brought cheer and love to our hearts and to those who knew her. We rescued Maggie 13 years ago through GBGRR and have loved and cherished every moment that we shared with her. Maggie is now diving & chasing balls with her two older sisters that passed before her in that great big beautiful swimming pool above.

Goodbye my sweet Maggie until we meet again.
Greg and Penne F.
April 2014



It is with a heavy heart that I inform you and Golden Beginnings that we lost Rayne the weekend before last. She had been battling lymphoma since November. She went peacefully outside under a large oak tree (the weather was beautiful), in her own bed, with my husband and me by her side. As I am sure you can understand, we are both devastated and we miss her so much.

Rayne was an amazing girl. She was such a huge sweetie. She loved running around Galveston, going to the park, and watching dogs play at the dog park. She frequently went to bar and restaurant patios, and loved to greet every person and dog. We called her the "dog-dog whisper" because even dogs who "hate dogs" loved Rayne. Everywhere we took her, people fell in love with her. She frequently received free food and lots of pets wherever we took her.

Although we only had her for a little over a year, we fell in love with her instantly. In Rayne's presence, our other dog Bella, who normally is afraid of other dogs, became brave and would approach other dogs with Rayne by her side. Although our dogs were very different sizes, they were truly best friends. While Rayne provided Bella with "muscle" and made her fearless, Bella provided Rayne with entertainment and excitement. The two would usually sleep next to each other on the same dog bed. Although Rayne had "old dog lungs," this did not stop her from running around the park chasing squirrels, rabbits, and cats. Rayne LOVED cats and she would have staring contests with them whenever she would get a chance. Rayne loved a good steak, ear scratches, and beautiful cool weather.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Golden Beginnings for allowing us to love Rayne. We will forever be in debt to you, Rayne's wonderful foster parents Janet and Randy, and everyone else with Golden Beginnings. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. We will love her forever and she will always be apart of us.

Catherine & Larry P.
April 2014



Matt died on February 3rd, 2014.

I met Matt in January 2005 at the home of the Yeldezian's. When I knocked on their front door, 2 Goldens came to the door. I knew one was theirs and the other one could possibly be mine. One of the two dogs came to the door with his ears up and a toy in his mouth. I hoped he was the one up for adoption and he was.

He was the world's greatest dog and voted that by anyone that met him. If you came to the house he was sure you were there to see him, he welcomed everyone. My parents kept him one night when I first got him and my father's comment was, "I wouldn't cancel your burglar alarm contract."

Matt saw me through my very worst of times and gave me a reason to get up every morning. I will be forever grateful to GBGRR for entrusting me with "the world's greatest dog."

April 2014


Lady Neighbour

Lady Neighbour 2000 - 2014

Lady was liberated from the 2002 Arkansas Puppy Mill initiative. She was a birthing mother there, and had very little interaction with people before we adopted her.

After a couple of months with us, she wagged her tail, which was firmly tucked between her legs all the time before that day. After five or six months, she barked at people walking by the house. This startled us quite a bit the first time it happened! We didn't think she would ever bark.

From our first days together, Lady went to work with my wife and me. She would go from office to office and visit all our employees. When their hand went back to the mouse pad to get some work done, she would just go to the next office. Fifteen employees were visited on rotation numerous times during the day. It might be wrong, but I told a prospective employee that if they didn't like dogs or had allergies to pet hair, they needed to work for some other organization. That's how much we loved this dog.

Life may have started out horribly for Lady, but it sure didn't remain that way. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I would have wanted to come back as Lady!

Lady was the typical Golden in some ways and totally non-Golden in other ways. She loved stuffed animals and being petted and loved on by people she knew and trusted. However, she was completely freaked out by puppies, children, water, loud noises, and the great outdoors (including walks in our neighborhood)... which meant she spent a vast majority of her life in our home and front and back yards and at our business.

We miss Lady more than anything right now. We had to put her down last week because she could no longer walk. She just wasn't strong enough any longer to carry her weight. But she had 12 great years after a rough 2 year start in life!

Golden Beginnings matched us with Lady beautifully. She needed a home without kids or other animals and with parents who would love her enough to take her to work every day.

Ladybug, we love you and will never forget you!

Randall and Etna Neighbour
March 2014



My sweet Claire crossed to Rainbow Bridge on January 31,2014 . Claire was in her forever home for just 2 months but I told her no matter how much time we had together,she would have a wonderful life .Claire touched my heart the minute I saw her and continued to pull at my heart strings every time I looked at that sweet sugar  face . She liked her "spa days" where she would be pampered with oatmeal baths ,mani/pedi’s and of course a new scarf . She also loved her daily walks , rides in the car and playing fetch with her favorite toy pigs . All those who met this sweet and gentle girl loved her.

I am so grateful to GBGRR for bringing this precious angel into my life . She found her forever home and lived out the remainder of her life surrounded by love .








Dianne Keffales
Feb  2014