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In Memory of our beloved friends....

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. 

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together......."


"...Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so - 'twas Heaven here with you."
---Isla Paschal Richardson

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Because each and every dog is worth saving, Lobo came in to our family after being abandoned at BARC. At 12 plus years of age this sweet guy spent the last few weeks of his life as part of the Golden Beginnings family. He was loved by all who met him. Tennis balls and squirrels brought a smile to his face and a wag to his tail, making him forget for just a few moments how sick he was. His happiest moments were spent in the kitchen whenever his foster mom was preparing a meal, hoping that he would get a sample (which he usually did). Meatballs were his absolute favorite whether for breakfast or as a pill pocket! Despite his lungs being overtaken by cancer, he kept his great golden personality until his last breath. We love you Lobo!

Your foster family,
Doug, Susie and Katie
November 2016  

Maverick (The Mooch) Gusick

Our beloved Mavy went to Doggie Heaven on Aug 3rd, 2016. We adopted him from Golden Beginnings (GRR back then) in 2007. He was such a great boy. He loved to swim, rip toys to shreds, chew on tennis balls, go on car rides, eat anything he could find and harass his brother Snoopy. Maverick was a wonderful and cherished part of our family. We will forever miss "The Mooch".

Gary Gusick & Jack Carville
November 2016  


Our sweet sweet Waylon crossed over Rainbow Bridge due to Lymphoma. We only had him a short time; 3 years and 4 months. During this time he traveled to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Estes Park, Red River NM, many RV parks in Texas and many trips to Montell Texas where he learned to swim in the Nueces River. He loved the area in Montell where he learned to avoid the cactus and he was free to explore and chase rabbits. His encounter with a ring tail cat made for a laughable moment. His many quirks and personality always made us laugh. He will be greatly missed. Thank you GBGRR, Midge Leonard, and Lauri Neale for allowing us to adopt him. He was the best and will not be forgotten.

Jan and Gary Alexander
November 2016  

Rusty Dundee

April 2006 to July 5, 2016

Dearest Rusty -
Words cannot adequately express how much we truly miss you every day... but here it goes:

  • We miss you greeting us at the door with the biggest smile and wag of the tail.
  • We miss you on the soccer field - you were the best defender.
  • We miss you "helping" with the laundry - as you could never say no to a good pair of socks.
  • We miss you helping in the kitchen - you made sure that anything Mom made would pass the Rusty taste test.
  • We miss playing fetch.
  • We miss playing chase.
  • We miss giving you belly scratches.
  • We miss taking you for walks around the neighborhood and to the park.
Your love for us was more genuine than any love we could have imagined. You will live forever in our hearts. Hugs and kisses always!!!

And many many thanks to GBGRR for bringing Rusty to us and filling our lives with extra joy!!

Mom, Dad, and William
November 2016  

Molly Sue Collins
April 28th, 2006 - September 20th, 2016

A wonderful event occurred in our lives Saturday, November 7th, 2009. Through the auspices of Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, GBGRR, Molly 'adopted' Kyrie Collins, and within a couple of weeks the rest of the Collins family. Little did we realize, at that moment, how she would change our lives so quickly and in so many ways.

As a family, we were grieving the loss of another fur baby, Murphy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, who at 11 years old, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge due to liver disease on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009. It is a difficult question to ask, but how soon after losing one 'baby' do you begin to think about adopting another? That question was answered most clearly by Miss Molly. Molly was our first rescue, yet as we began this journey together we had to ask, "Who rescued who?" Molly brought back the joy and happiness that we thought we had lost when Murphy left us. Molly was the perfect fit with our entire family.

Kyrie brought Molly to visit with mom and dad just before Thanksgiving, 2009. It was then that Molly decided she would prefer the backyard and layout of mom and dad's house in Georgetown. Molly enjoyed all of the wildlife that would stop by and greet her every day in Sun City. The deer, squirrels, birds, raccoons, possums, armadillos, wild turkeys, and rabbits were all her friends as they came by to say, "Hi!"

Molly had a very sweet and gentle personality. She had a special ability to give a 'smiler' to those she was particularly fond of and make their day. Molly was a beautiful Golden, and she knew it, too, and, in addition to that, she was Miss November in the GBGRR Calendar for 2014!

Molly looked forward to her daily walks around the neighborhood. She also liked to play a game of 'seek and find' with her treats. Like so many fur babies, a ride in the car with the windows open, would then be a highlight of her day.

Then, in August 2015, we received the news we never expected, nor wanted. The 'lump' that began growing on the left side of her jaw was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor. Dr. Caplan and her talented team at VCA Capital Area Veterinary Specialists, Austin, TX, performed surgery to remove this nasty cancer and allow us more than a year of quality time with our Molly. Molly recovered and soon she was walking in the Senior Parade at the GBGRR Annual Picnic last year, 2015.

Unfortunately, the cancer reappeared and the day came when Molly started to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. She was so brave and strong right up until she breathed her last breath with us. Molly was one of our easiest 'Hellos,' and then, she was our hardest 'Goodbye.' However, because of the hope we have in our faith, we look forward to the day when we shall all be reunited together.

Thank you again, Golden Beginnings, for helping us to have this one-of-a-kind, special angel in our lives for nearly seven years.

The Collins Family
October 2016  


Our golden journey began on a stormy Halloween night in 2005 when we met a young lady named "Chrissy" at the home of foster mom, Shannon Rhodes. Her sweetness radiated from her; it was love at first sight.

In the days ahead, we could see that she loved everyone and everything. She was gentle and had the most pleasant demeanor, greeting everyone with a smile and a wagging tail.

In the summer of 2006, Chrissy began a career as Certified Therapy Dog, mainly visiting patients and family members at the Houston Hospice. For nine years she brightened the days of those going through extremely tough times, along with bringing smiles to residents and patients in hospitals and nursing homes in Harris and Ft. Bend Counties. Upon retirement in 2015, she enjoyed short neighborhood walks, relaxing in the yard with her feline buddy, "Hairy" and napping on the couch.

This beautiful eleven year chapter of our lives came to an end on a gorgeous Sunday morning, when with the assistance of Last Wishes, Chrissy had her own hospice experience. She was able to pass away comfortably and peacefully at home, lying on the cool patio with the sun's rays shining delicately upon her.

Chrissy was heaven-sent and is now back home romping in the green grass above the clouds with her therapy dog friends who preceded her. We were gifts to each other, and she will always be in our hearts.

Thank you GBGRR and God for choosing us to give her a forever home for the time she was here on earth

Ann and Stewart James
October 2016  


In late 2006, a golden angel named Higgins was found abandoned on the side of the road in Atascocita. He was taken to the local dog pound, but he had his own golden guardian angels. Golden Beginnings rescued him from the dog pound and treated him for heart worms. His foster mother brought him into her home and even sent him for extra obedience training.

When I met 'Sir' Higgins in late 2006, my first words to my wife on the phone was 'He is perfect!'. When he came home with us that first day, he sniffed through every room and followed us everywhere. We loved taking him for long walks in West University. We used to be stopped by many people who would all say that Higgins had a perpetual smile on his face and was the happiest dog they had ever seen. Even his shadow looked like he was smiling! We used to take him to the quad near my wife's office at Rice University and as a 1 year old boy, he would catch frisbees, retrieve tennis balls and run so fast that we could never catch him playing a game of chase. We were inseparable. We even ruined his obedience training by having him cuddle with us on the couch!

When we moved to The Woodlands, Higgins loved the neighborhood. He enjoyed the greenery and the dog parks. His favorite treats after a long walk to our local cafe was the exact breakfast tacos or pastrami sandwich that I was actually eating. Even after we were blessed with children, Higgins was so sweet and so patient with them. Even my mother who is scared of big dogs would love on Higgins.

Higgins had an excellent check up with our vet in the summer of 2016 at the ripe age of 11. But abruptly in September, Higgins was unable to bear weight on his rear legs for the first time and unable to stand at all. We immediately carried him to the car and took him to our veterinarian. The news was not good. We were blessed to have Higgins at the Golden Beginnings Senior Parade even though he was riding in a red wagon drawn by humans instead of running around with the other Goldens. He gave so much more to us and our family than we possibly could ask. When the time came, we knew by the look in his eyes. His last meal was breakfast tacos and a pastrami sandwich. With the help of an in home vet, we just petted him and it seemed he just drifted away into sleep. We are still in mourning but would like to thank Golden Beginnings for the privilege of having Sir Higgins in our family.

Sandeep Kodityal, MD
Rebekah Drezek, PhD
October 2016  


Christi was given up for adoption by her former owners in 2006 after having 4 black puppies. She has been a very sweet, dear friend and companion for us and Noel(also adopted from Golden Beginnings). We miss her so much.

The Hiles
September 2016  


We would like to praise our wonderful golden girl and honor her sweet soul. On July 18, we said goodbye to our sweet, beautiful Brie. We think she was a little over 15 years old and just declined with natural aging in the last few months. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 8 glorious years and as our first adopted rescue, us so much joy. Found in the parking lot at Montgomery County shelter in 2008, she was saved by GRRH and was then thought to be about 7 to 9 years old. As with many, she looked to have been bred a number of times and had heartworm disease. Quite by chance we took over fostering her on New Year's Eve after another foster went out of town and we took her through heartworm treatment. We had fallen in love. She was amazingly sweet with other dogs, playful and funny and loved her treats. A social butterfly all her life! Thank you to all those who invited her to doggy parties and playdates. She loved them all! She loved going to the GB events where we knew she would be delightful with kids and dogs alike. So many special moments with her, alongside each and every foster we ever had - wonderful memories. You will always be in our hearts, darling Brie. Say hi to all the goldens who have gone before you and enjoy your treats at the Bridge.

Christine C. & Brian N.
September 2016  

Gracie Lou

Just wanted to let you know our "Golden Beginnings" girl left for the Rainbow Bridge this month.

May of 2003 while searching for a potential golden for our family, Cindy Manning and Cil Henson asked if we could take a short-term foster, "Mindy" of the "Fabulous Five" for a couple of weeks. She was part of a group found in a home that the owner had died 2 weeks prior without food or water.

"Mindy" was estimated to be 3 years old and just 27 lbs. And once in our home, she flourished. My husband later decided that she was permanent and renamed her "Gracie Lou Freebush." Gracie turned out to be the joy of our lives and friend to so many.

THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, she left as gently as she came into our lives. Renamed "Gracie," she helped us with the many GBGGR fosters thru the years until we moved to Kansas City in 2011.

Ginny Still
August 2016  


I was the fortunate owner of Emmasue (AKA Gracie) since she was 7 weeks old, one of Toby & Macy's pups. She had a personality like no other Golden I've owned. She had the biggest smile for everyone she met. When she smiled, you saw all, I mean all, of her teeth! She was the perfect girl for me, was always underfoot but quiet. She loved everything that breathed and thought the world was created just for her. Emmasue was funny, she slept with a paw in her mouth, I called it her "pawcifier". She was loving and would sit by me for attention but when I'd start petting or loving on her, she would turn her face away from me. If I stopped petting, she would immediately look at me as if to say "why did you stop"?

An aggressive cancer took this beautiful girl from me, it all happened so fast, one week she seemed fine, the next she was gone. Emmasue had an accepting, quiet demeanor through all that was taking place. I am left broken hearted and miss her so much.

Pat Quigley
August 2016  


In the fall of 2014 a Golden, with a heart of gold, came into our lives. Her name was Harper. She was "about" 8 yrs old. Based on her appearance it was thought that she was used in a puppy mill to produce litter after litter and then probably dumped when she got too old. She was about 15-20 lbs under weight. She was heartworm positive and had both fungal and bacterial infections of skin and ears. We fostered her through her heart worm treatment and by Christmas of 2014 we were able to officially adopt her! Best Christmas ever! Harper was, without a doubt, the sweetest, friendliest, funniest dog we ever had. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. We were constantly amazed at her outgoing personality and gentle disposition given the circumstances under which she lived for many years. She loved going on walks and meeting new friends. She loved other dogs and always wanted them to play. If you stopped petting her you got the paw. And how she loved her treats! She loved riding in the car and was content to just sit, leaning against the back seat and looking out the window.

On July 13, 2016, with broken hearts, we had to say goodbye to Harper after only 21 months. She was being treated for what we thought was a drug resistant staff infection but she was not responding. The doctors were stumped and as she got worse and worse and it became obvious that she was in pain, we made the decision to let her go. I asked the doctor to perform a necropsy and it was discovered that Harper had a very rare, very aggressive cancer. This cancer took Harper from us in only 8 short weeks.

Harper was not our first dog but she was our first Golden. While we loved the other dogs and grieved for them when they were gone, Harper touched our hearts like no other. We miss her terribly and feel cheated that we only had her for a short time. We will give our hearts time to mend, but I am sure that when the time is right we will once again turn to GBGRR and fall in love all over again.

RIP Harper....we miss you.

Kevin & Alica Q.
July 2016  


Haley came to us from GBGRR in August 2008. A bit of a shy girl, unusual for someone from Bryan/College Station (she even wore the school colors!), but ready for a new adventure none the less.

Back home she fell right into place with brothers Bear and Beaux and sister Honey. Always calm and loving, never excitable, except when it was bitey face time with Beaux ;)

Her heart condition slowed her down a bit but she always had time for her humans and her adopted family of pups and kittens. A good girl, who's heart was just too full of love she had to go on to share it elsewhere. So now she joins her family, Bear and Honey, over the Rainbow Bridge. No more struggles, no more pain, waiting for the day we all meet up again,

-Good Girl-

The Hendersons
July 2016  


We believe Zeus decided he wanted to stay with us from the moment he came into our lives. He loved being part of the pack--we had 2 females and another male joined us a couple of months later--and, of course, the humans. He loved the pool and tennis balls thrown into the pool. Everyday around 5:00pm, Zeus would start reminding us it was time. He was particularly fond of morning bed time--the time when Mom and Dad would sit in bed drinking coffee and checking the news and all the pups would be on the bed, too. That was the only time he ever got on the bed (unlike the other pack members)! He did spend a week away from us when he was "adopted" but he really didn't like being an only dog (think Mr. Hyde). It was at that time that we found out he had cancer, so he became a hospice dog, remaining with his chosen pack until the end--his life filled with play, tennis balls, treats, food (never missed a meal!), belly and ear rubs, chilling and LOVE--lots of love! He was with us just under 2 years but it seemed like he had always been part of our pack.

Laurel & Terry S.
July 2016


My best friend.

Raymond C.
July 2016


Hoot came into our lives on August 1, 2009. But it almost didn't happen. I was working with GBGRR volunteer Mike Patterson to find the perfect match for the three of us: my husband Pete, our Border Collie mix Cricket and me. We were all mourning the unexpected death of Pronto our rescue Golden at the age of 13. On the GBBRR website Pete was instantly attracted to Hoot, but we were told that another family most likely would be adopting Hoot. However, Mike had another dog for me to meet.

The Golden we had hoped would be a match for us would not even look at me when I took him for a walk. He was not the match for us. I was very upset and Mike assured me that he would work to find the perfect Golden for us. I still remember how sad I was. Mid-way home, my phone rings and it is Mike Patterson. Hoot had become available. I turned my car around and headed to meet Hoot.

Hoot had just been released from the veterinary hospital. His face had cuts, he was heartworm positive, anemic, about 25 pounds under weight and had just been neutered. Poor little guy should have been miserable, but he was a happy dog. When Hoot saw me he immediately came over to be petted and his tail was wagged non-stop. It was love at first site for both of us! We agreed to foster Hoot and take care of all of his medical needs.

A few days later, Hoot and I drove to Colorado. Hoot loved riding in the car and was terrific in the hotel. It was all new to him and he was enjoying the first of what would become many great road trips and adventures.

Cricket was a bit skeptical when Hoot jumped out of the car and immediately ran over to her. After a growl by Cricket to let him know who was in charge, the two became inseparable.

Hoot and my husband Pete began each day with the following ritual: Pete would get down on the floor to play with Hoot who would get on his back, legs kicking like he was doing a backstroke. He would often sleep on his back with his legs in the air.

All Golden Retrievers like water. NO, not our Hoot. Actually he was terrified of water at first. Hoot would even walk around a puddle. We think in his early life he had a bad experience pertaining to water. Gradually over the years Hoot would wade into the water "ankle deep" with one of us by his side, but never lie in the water or swim. When I would call Hoot to come have a bath he would go the other way and eventually slowly slink over to me.

Hoot loved his toys. However, in his lifetime I only had to purchase only one toy. Like a two legged kid Hoot liked the toys of other dogs. In the neighborhood was a Jack Russell, whose owner seemed to purchase several toys each week. The stuffed animals were often lying around their driveway or in the street (we live on a private road). When Hoot saw a toy he made a dash for it and once securely in his mouth he would run home. All the way home he would keep looking back to be sure that he was not being chased. Hoot had a large collection of "borrowed" toys but his favorite toy was Monkey. All day long Hoot would go in and out of the dog door with a toy in his mouth. At the end of the day all toys would be outside. But, by evening all toys would be back inside and on his big bed. He loved being surrounded by his toys at night.

Hoot was my shadow. No matter where I went he would follow. His favorite spot was the kitchen - where he knew he would get a biscuit.

Hoot loved life-whether hiking in the mountains or running on the beach he was a happy dog who loved everything and everyone.

We fully believed that Hoot would be with our family for several more years, but at 8½ he developed severe problems in his spine. No amount of treatment or medications made him pain free and comfortable. Hoot was stoic to the end and kept trying to push on, but in our hearts we knew we had to do what was best for our Hootie.

Our hearts have a huge void without Hoot, but that just means there is room for the next GB Golden who will rescue Pete and me. We know he is out there looking for us right now!

Heidi and Pete K.
June 2016


Amelia/Sally, your heart may have been weak but your spirit was strong. We only had you for 33 days, but in that short time you taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. You were the sweetest dog we have ever known and you will live in our hearts forever.

Bruce and Diane Newport
June 2016

Ranger Roo Roo

I first saw Ranger on the Golden Beginnings website on which there was video of him playing in his foster parent's backyard. The name of the song playing in the background was titled Glenlivet on an album called Foggy Dew. In his write up, they mentioned his "Roo Roo" bark so the name stuck - Ranger Roo Roo. Ranger came to us so that he could be a companion to Jansen and he was a perfect companion for Jansen and for us. Those boys played together, slept together, walked together, and did everything together. Ranger did an excellent job of bringing the puppy out in Jansen.

Ranger would crack me up with what I call his ear moods. He had a very unique way of making his ears look like airplanes, girly ears where the fur would curl up on the ends just like a girl, and of course the standard handsome Golden ears. When he would shake his head, I would tell him his ears were lethal weapons. I loved his ears. He had such a gentle, sensitive personality at times and would stare at us with such soulful eyes that would make your heart melt. I could not believe that someone let such a beautiful soul languish in a backyard for so many years unloved. He also made me laugh when he would approach me and start barking. I would say to him - "Whhhaaaaattttt?" He would thrust his backside at me and I knew he needed a puppy massage. He would almost fold himself in half watching me to make sure I didn't stop. He was a funny boy.

As I look at the years that we were fortunate to have Ranger with us, I think a common thing would be how much he took care of us. He was here to take care of Jansen of course but he also took care of us through other tough times. He was with me when I broke my arm and would make sure that I got up to let him out and to feed him. He helped his dad through open heart surgery and made sure that Alvis would get up and walk him. He helped us to return to a normal pattern of life by having him there to care for. Ranger was there when we lost Jansen and helped to ease the deafening silence that pets leave when they go to Rainbow Bridge. Now there is the deafening silence his loss has left us. I miss his ears, his bark, his gentleness, his silliness, his sassiness, his presence. We just miss him.

One of my favorite things was to put my arms around Ranger and hug and kiss him. He was such a sweet boy. When I would look at him my heart would fill with joy and I would tell him in our special voice - "Oh my goodness how cute!!!" or "Handsomeness, cuteness, sweetness, loveliness".

In late January of this year, Ranger became very sick and we did not know what was causing the liver issues he was having. We were advised that either he would need very expensive exploratory surgery which he may or may not make it through or it might be best to let him go. I prayed to God and asked him to let Ranger stay. I couldn't bear to lose another beloved pet so soon. However, we decided to let him go as we did not want him to suffer. When we got to the vet however and were saying our goodbyes, Ranger started barking at us and pawing at me. I was so torn - how do you say goodbye to a dog who is barking at you and hungrily eating treats? We spoke to the vet and decided to give Ranger another day to see what happened. On the way home, I told my husband that Ranger was asking for help and that he was not ready to go that day. We decided to do what was needed to help him. Within a few days, Ranger was well enough to come home much to our happiness and relief. Our days were filled with walks and massages on his puppy hips when he needed it.

In early April, Ranger wanted to go for a walk one morning. I am so happy that one of his last activities was doing something that made him really happy. That walk turned out to be one of the last things we did together. I asked him to stay with me again and I prayed to God to let him stay but even though he fought a tough battle, it was not to be. I will always miss his little sassy, loveable, and very sensitive Golden retriever personality. I told him before he went to Rainbow Bridge to say hello Jansen and that I would definitely be looking for him when I get there.

I would like to dedicate the song '10,000 Miles' to Ranger. I will end with the last verse of the song.

Oh, come ye back, my own true love
And stay a while with me
If I had a friend all on this earth
You've been a friend to me

Lisa Iglehart,
April 2016



Skeeter was very unique, and for that he will always be remembered. He came into our home in 2009 as a foster dog through Golden Beginnings, and we immediately fell in love with him. I will never forget how hard it was to let him go when he was adopted, and then how wonderful it was to get the news that he was coming back home to us. After that, we realized that we couldn't live without him and we didn't want to go searching for another family to adopt him. We were that family. We adopted Skeeter in 2010, and ever since that day, our lives were continuously brightened by the unique personality and sweet face that is Skeeter. We miss him more each day, but the memories we have of him will never fade because was so different than any other dog that I've ever met or that our family has ever owned or fostered.

There were 3 things that were very important to him, the first being, food. Skeeter wasn't very gifted at catching a tennis ball in the backyard with his brothers, but you can bet that he would be able to catch a piece of food in his mouth every single time. He was the sweetest guy ever, but he would almost bite all your fingers off if you tried to feed him out of your hand. He also knew exactly when dinnertime was each night and wouldn't dare let you forget. His bark echoed throughout the entire house nonstop until he was fed and let outside, and even then, he would bark to let you know when he wanted to let back in.

He also loved to sleep. He was an older guy ever since we first got him, as you can see by his face. His overall dopey personality and older age just contributed to his love for sleep. Sometimes, we would forget he was even there, as he would go off into one of his usual spots in the house and lay down for hours. He also had a usual bedtime that could not be altered for any reason, (unless it was a popsicle reason), and he could not be bothered to be woken up in the mornings either.

Lastly, he loved to be petted-- so much that he would nudge your arm up with his massive head to stop you from doing whatever it is you were doing and focus all your attention on petting him. That's another time when the barking would come in. We liked to mess with him sometimes and all agree to refuse to pet him, even when he nearly knocked us over with his jumbo dome in attempts to make us do so.

Aside from his really cool food catching trick, Skeets could also sit, stay, and "hit the deck" by plopping down on the ground on all fours. He was also famous for smiling and showing us all his pretty teeth when he got excited.

Skeeter lived a wonderful life, and while we will miss him, he will never be forgotten. We will remember his unique personality, booming bark, and unconditional love that he showed us every single day. We are happy to know that he is waiting for us in heaven with his brother, eating popsicles and acorns to his heart's content.

Melinda, Jay, Kayleigh, and Camryn,
May 2016


We had to say goodbye to our sweet Milo yesterday (4-4-16) and help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was 16 and our first "forever foster". After having Labs our whole lives, Milo and his litter mate (our other "forever foster") Autumn were our first Goldens. We fell in love and they taught us the power of a Golden's love for their families. Milo was so smart and loving and never complained about a thing. He just always wanted us to be happy. He loved our children immensely and would sleep in the hallway between their rooms. He was always watching over them. He was such a big part of our lives and a true family member. He saw us through loosing other dogs, our children being born, moving to a new house and was always there to welcome whatever life threw our way. He was so special and we will miss him forever.

My favorite memory of him was when we took all of our dogs to Lake Conroe on our boat early one summer morning years ago. He and his sister Autumn had never been swimming before so instead they ran on the beach at the dam. No one else was around so we let them run. They ran back and forth along the water's edge wrestling and biting at each other. They were so carefree and happy. I know he is doing the same thing today in heaven with Autumn and it gives me peace.

Michael and Liz Walker,
April 2016





Today I said goodbye to the most fabulous family member a person could ever ask for. Kipper fostered 57 dogs for GB and 75 in total. He was the first dog to welcome every new pup into our home and willingly gave up his toys, bed, and space on my pillow at night for our fosters. Life won't be the same without him. I know Monte and Maddie were glad to see him when he arrived at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kipper made a difference in people's lives - as adopters often told me that the pups they got from us changed their lives for the better.

Here are the names of the many dogs Kipper fostered over the years (most are GB alumni - just like Kipper).

Amber, Ariel, Bentley, Billy, Bogey, Boomer, Brady, Brandon, Brees, Cannon, Coco, Cody, Colby, Crockett, Daisy-May, Dallas, Dexter, Diego 1, Duke, Einstein, Ella, Finnegan, Flynn, Forrest, Georgie, Gordie, Grace, Gracie, Hershey, Hobbs, Howie, Jewels, Jingles, Jonathan, Joy, Karma, Kayia, Kylie, Lacy, Lady, Levi, Lillie, Lover-Boy, Luke, Lydia, Mac, Marley, Max, Maxium, Meadow, Monte, Morgan, Pebbles, Reba, Rheatha, Rhett, Riley2, Rio, Robbie, Rocket, Ruffles, Sadie1, Sadie Kay, Spencer, Sugar, Trixie, Toby, Tucker, Tucker2, Valentino, Willie, Woodson, Wrigley and Zoey.

Shari Patrick,
April 2016


Barney was our first foster failure. He was around 9 years old when we got him, so we referred to our house as his retirement home. He was definitely a Velcro golden and loved to be constantly petted. When I sat on the couch, he would crawl in my lap and nose my iPad out of the way so that I could pet him! He was very sweet and gentle. "Sweet B", as we often called him, was a funny boy. When he got excited, he'd grab a throw pillow, hop on his dog bed and start humping! He LOVED to ride in the car. When we walked down the street, he would try to get in every car we passed. He was definitely one of the most handsome Goldens we've had.

Kendall and Kimberly B,
March 2016


Dodge passed away on January 20th 2016. We adopted Dodge in June of 2008 from Golden Beginnings. Although he was asked about his age many times, he was quite reticent to divulge anything. However, no matter what his past was he was perhaps the sweetest Golden Retriever we have ever met. With Dodge you would have no need for a fence since he was happiest just hanging out with his family. You could work in the yard or walk in the park and he would just want to be with you. Of course he very much appreciated a good dog massage, scratch, belly rub but more than anything he just wanted to enjoy your company. Often time he would doze off for a little dog nap. When he awoke if you had moved from his general vicinity you could hear him running up and down the stairs and looking in all of the rooms just to make sure that you were still around. Walks for Dodge were not vigorous adventures but were opportunities for the real connoisseur in him to imbibe all of the smells of the neighborhood. He very much appreciated visiting with his dog friends and neighbors. Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, he would visit the playground behind the local elementary school to frolic and play with his friends both human and canine. Many thought that such a sweet tempered dog dull, however if food was involved he became a canine Einstein and a counter surfer extraordinaire. In one notorious exploit, it was discovered that the leftover Halloween candy had disappeared from the bowel in the middle of the dining room table, candy and wrappers, with only tell tail saliva marks at the bottom of the bowl the only clue to the perpetrator. Although he appeared in generally good health the last few years he did slow down and his face and back had a generous helping of silver. The last week of his life he was having problems walking and when he stopped eating we know the end was near. The tests came back positive for cancer and kidney failure. We were with him at the end. A fine dog and the sweetest dog ever. He was a blessing to our family and friends, and we hope he enjoyed his stay with us.

The Roe Family,
January 2016


A few days ago we said goodbye to our girl and helped her cross the bridge. She was diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and stomach and became ill very quickly. We spent our last few hours sitting on the porch eating ice cream and people watching, where she would lift her head for each person and perk up her ears, as always. A trooper to the end. Chloe's favorite thing to do was to hold a baby (stuffed animal) in her mouth and try to bark and eat. She didn't like walking in the grass or playing ball. She would however sit for hours with a ball in her mouth - but please don't throw it. She was a true Velcro golden and I can feel her brushing my leg still.

Rest in peace my giant girl with the sweet soul. I'll keep the magic water bowl full so you know I'm thinking of you. Stella will keep your place warm on the sofa and Paisley will have to find someone else to herd. Thank you for protecting us from all the UPS guys, garbage men and grass stealers. Wait for me at the bridge where I know I'll hear you barking to welcome me home. So long for now my Chloe girl.

Bob, Cammie & Tori Thompson
January 2016


In December we helped our gentle giant Winston cross over the bridge. He had been diagnosed with cancer in November. He was himself for several weeks, but then quickly succumbed to the illness. I believe he waited until the kids came home from college so that he could say goodbye.

Winston came to us as a foster named Freeman in the spring of 2010 and we all immediately knew he was home. He wasn't into playing balls, chewing bones, or getting his paws wet in the morning dew. He much preferred to be the velcro golden. If he wanted attention, he would place his paw on your lap to let you know he was there. He knew no strangers, no matter the species. For this reason, he was a wonderful role model for his many foster brothers and sisters.

Today we will bury his ashes next to his canine and feline brothers in the backyard underneath the Magnolia tree. I will miss seeing his mouth curve up to look as if he was smiling. I will miss his brown eyes that would look at you as if he knew exactly what you were thinking. However, I find some comfort knowing that Mozart and Buzz were there to greet him as he crossed over.

Debbie Potter
January 2016