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Special Needs Goldens

At GBGRR, all of our dogs are special to our wonderful and amazing group of foster homes and caregivers. Each dog is unique with its own particular personality and character. However, some of our dogs have what we consider to be “Special Needs”.

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Unfortunately in rescue, we are often unable to compensate for a lifetime of neglect or abuse and some of our dogs may have permanent health or behavior issues. Depending on the particular dog’s requirements, adoption fees may be adjusted for “Special Needs” dogs.

The majority of our “Special Needs” dogs are due to temporary medical or surgical problems. Most medical issues are able to be corrected with surgery and/or medical rehabilitation and these Goldens will be classified as “Special Needs” only while we are raising funds for the surgery and while the dog is in recovery or rehabilitation. Some of the most common surgeries performed by our wonderful group of GBGRR vets are FHO (Femoral Head Osteoectomy) surgery performed to correct hip dysplasia due to genetics or trauma, surgery for mammary tumors, surgery to remove other tumors or growths. Severe mange or skin problems may also require extended medical treatment. Once the dog has recovered from the surgery or treatment it can go on to live a long, full life with a normal activity level.

The “Special Needs” classification may be due to behavior or personality issues such as severe separation anxiety, thunder phobia, or timidity. Some Goldens from puppy mills and stray situations are extremely fearful and shy and require a long period in foster care while they learn to trust and adapt to life with humans. They may never acquire the confident, outgoing personality typical of most Golden Retrievers but with love and patience can become wonderful and loving family members.

Some of our “Special Needs” Goldens are because of age, infirmity, or ongoing medical conditions. We consider a senior to be any golden over 8 years old. Some of our seniors require daily medications or supplements for arthritis or for other chronic conditions. In a few cases, our vets have advised that heartworm treatment for these seniors would be an unacceptable risk and the dog may still be heartworm positive. It does not mean they are un-adoptable, it simply means that they have some special health requirements or physical limitations. Senior Goldens have a special place in all our hearts and it is impossible to resist those sweet, white faces and the gentle way they greet the world with such patience and loving tolerance. It is an honor and a joy to have a “Golden Oldie”.

GBGRR does, occasionally, receive Goldens into our program that have such severe or untreatable “Special Needs” that they are not considered available for adoption. These medical conditions may be advanced heartworm disease, heart conditions, birth defects or inoperable cancer. These dogs are placed in Hospice Care and we strive to give them the best quality of life possible and keep them comfortable until it is time for them to pass to the Bridge.

Click Here To See Available Special Needs Goldens


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