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Golden Beginnings Success Stories

Since we began Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue in 1999, we have saved over 2,000 Goldens.

This was possible only because of the dedication and commitment of our foster homes and volunteers who have given so much to help this beautiful breed.

Like any good cause, it takes money to succeed. We couldn't have done it without the continuing generosity of our sponsors.

Finally, we are grateful for those of you who have (through adoption) given our dogs a new beginning.....
a "Golden Beginning".

Here are a few Success Stories that we would like to share with you:

2015 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008



Here is a picture of Keeley with her MACH Bar, Ribbon and Certificate for her MACH5 which she earned in West Monroe LA in June of this year. She is now MACH5 ADCH Keeling's Diamond in The Ruff TQX.

I think it is fitting that she earned this title in Louisiana since that is where she was from originally. She was pulled from the shelter in Lafayette LA in November 2005 and transported to Golden Beginnings in Houston. I was so lucky to be able to adopt her. She had a rough start since she was so under weight and had heartworms too. But like the trooper she is, she weathered all the adversity to become a champion.

Thanks so much for letting her share my life.


Koda (aka Biskit)

Well I guess it’s been since the last dog show that I have updated you on Koda (aka Biskit). This year we competed in Rally Novice Fri/Sat/Sun. Koda earned his Rally Novice title this weekend. He titled on Saturday, so he was able to move up to the advanced level on Sunday.

Not only did he qualify, but would you believe it….he placed 1st all three days!! I am very proud of him.




Dear Mike, Nadine, Stacy and all the folks at GBGRR,

On August 1, 2010 we will celebrate our 1st anniversary with Hoot! The enclosed photo of my husband Pete and Hoot tells it all.

Hoot is a great dog with a love of life. In the past year he has hiked the mountains of CO and ran the beaches in CA. He has stayed at the finest hotels, but like us, he loves curling up in his own bed after the great adventures.

We will never forget how you all helped us when we lost our Pronto. Every day we think of you when we look at our Hoot.

So as we celebrate our first of many anniversaries we again say THANK YOU! for bringing Hoot into our lives.

Heidi & Pete & Cricket




Our Cody has really come into his own. He is completely over his skittishness with men, is very "golden friendly", and just a joy to have. Jennifer did a great job fostering him! The little boy in the third pic is our grandson, and the two of them are best buddies when we baby-sit for him.

Thank you again for our Cody!
Jency – 7/19/10


Scout is the perfect addition to our family! He and Max have absolutely bonded and love each other. Max is acting like a 4 year old instead of a 10 &1/2 year old and Scout has learned to play Frisbee, ball, fetch with both and a little tug with Max as well as play endlessly with each other. The cat and Scout have also become friends, now she has two boys to nuzzle up against and she takes turns, it's so cute. Thank you soooo much for your patience in helping us find the right addition for our family.

Diane P


Dublin (formerly Trey)
"Proud owner of a prosthetic"

Hi All!
I just thought I'd send you an update on Dublin (FKA Trey). He is doing so well and is 1.5 years old and 85 lbs (and that's keeping him lean for his hips!) Thanks to a wonderful company, OrthoPets, which specializes in dog braces and prosthetics (http://www.orthopets.com/) Dublin is the proud owner of a prosthetic!

It was a wonderful process and he will have this first prosthetic for 2 months and I will send it back in. They will look and see where he puts his weight in the prosthetic and how active he is and make him his final prosthetic. Dubs is getting used to wearing it and has done well, but isn't 100% using it to run on. He does use it to stand on and jump up for his tennis ball.

Other than that Dublin is doing awesome! He has mastered opening and closing doors with a rope and carries the mail in from the mailbox to the house everyday. Once he completely grasps the idea of subduing some of his excitement when meeting new people and dogs he will definitely be able to pass his Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors.

I've attached some pictures of his prosthetic and him wearing it. I just want to thank everyone in GBGRR for their support and giving me Dublin, he is absolutely amazing and makes me laugh daily!

Kate and Dublin



The Story of Buddy

(Buddy was fostered by Ty, an angel to senior Goldens in need, at his home, also known as Camp Grey Hair!)

A little over a year ago a down on his luck little Goldie found his way to the Montoya home. They called him Buddy and after taking him to their vet for some much needed aid they got in touch with Golden Beginnings. Diego Montoya of Subara of America and his family joined in as supporters of GB. Kathy and Cil shuttled him to Camp Grey Hair. With the tireless efforts of Dr. Puksta and staff at Stafford Oaks, Buddy's recovery began. After heart worm treatment, a new diet with thyroid medication would trim 15 unwanted pounds. Then a search for pain management for his arthritic hips began. Several drugs were tried before finding the best combination and for the first time in quite a while Buddy was able to have a relatively pain free life. Through it all Buddy kept his happy, ever friendly and easy going disposition.

Robin made finding Buddy a forever home her personal project and today that goal was achieved. Lucky Buddy is the latest addition to David Rosenfelt's pack and will spend his days in the California sun. A big thank you to Mike and Nadine for making the travel arrangements and letting Buddy have a sleep-over before taking him to the airport for his flight this morning. It was Group effort all the way. My thanks to you all!

Foster parent Ty Smith



I hope you guys are doing well. As you can see Rosie has surpassed Myles in weight and height. Today I took her to a local lake where one of my triathlon buddies is training his vitals to be hunting dogs. We threw the first duck out and Rosie jumped in with reckless abandon. She retrieved the duck and laid it at our feet. We were shocked to say the least. She has never been in water deeper than her baby pool. She continued to work until exhaustion. I let her get a bit too tired and I had to dive in and pull her to shore. As soon as she got on land she dove right back in, so we decided it was time to go see if she could field train. Again, we watched in amazement as she worked the other dogs in the ground. It was a great day and Rosie now has another hobby aside from picking on Myles. By the way she's 57lbs. We're having a good time and she is in a comfortable routine.



Gordon Brown of San Antonio with Annie (formerly Journey)
whom he adopted in July of 2009



Dixie (formerly Bagel)

I just wanted to let you know how Dixie (formerly Bagel) is doing in her new home. First of all, Cooper and Dixie are very happy together, they bonded right away and now they pal around together all the time…so much so that it even makes us a little jealous at times. They love playing together and teasing each other with toys. Neither one of them play with a toy by themselves, they always take their toy to the each other so they can play together. Dixie is a little excitable, but we haven’t had to crate her at all. She and Cooper get free reign of most of the house all day and of course are able to go through the doggie door and play in the yard at their leisure (which is a lot).

We haven’t had a problem yet and I think part of it is due to Cooper’s leadership because she generally follows his lead on everything. Eryn and I couldn’t be happier with Dixie and I know she has enhanced Cooper’s life as well. Here are a few pics we snapped this last week (Dixie is on the right in the first two). Please let her former foster parents know that she is doing great!

G. Scott Myers