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Golden Beginnings Success Stories

Since we began Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue in 1999, we have saved over 2,000 Goldens.

This was possible only because of the dedication and commitment of our foster homes and volunteers who have given so much to help this beautiful breed.

Like any good cause, it takes money to succeed. We couldn't have done it without the continuing generosity of our sponsors.

Finally, we are grateful for those of you who have (through adoption) given our dogs a new beginning.....
a "Golden Beginning".

Here are a few Success Stories that we would like to share with you:

2015 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008


Aimee (formerly Amarillo, one of Kate’s pups)

Just wanted to send an update on Aimee. Most of her issues have been resolved with the exception of the yard. We are working on keeping her from digging and keeping her out if the flowerbeds. With those big feet of hers it does not take long for her to make a mess. We let her out to potty and play then check on her 5 minutes later and she is a muddy, dirty mess.

She has started her agility training. Hope to have her competing by October 2013. Here is a picture of her with our son and her canine brother and sister, taken in Fredricksburg. We stayed in a cabin in the Hill Country. Aimee has two feline sisters as well and everyone is getting along well.

November 2012

Honey Bun

I want to share an incredible experience that I had with my foster failure, Honey Bun. We had the wonderful opportunity to trick-or-treat with the Skills for Learning and Living class at our local high school. The fabulous teachers enlisted the help of some of the neighbors to offer the kids a chance to trick-or-treat on Halloween morning in the neighborhood.

Although I was not at home that day they visited, my friend was and thought the kids might love an opportunity to see Honey. We jumped at the chance. It was amazing! I have done therapy work with my Border Collie mix before and this was just as rewarding.

Although the kids were thrilled with their candy, Honey was a rock star. She was an angel. Many of the kids had never pet a dog before. They petted every single inch of her body, commented on her beautiful fur ... how soft it was … what a perfect color. They wanted to know what she ate, who her friends were, if she barked, how old she was, etc. She developed a special friendship with a boy named Brandon (pictured wearing a white shirt and holding Honey's leash).

He was beyond delighted to have the chance to hold her leash and "walk" her up and down the esplanade. His teachers commented on how proud he was of himself to walk such a large dog. It was interesting to note that Brandon let her go where she wanted and he followed her. He was surprised when I suggested to him that he pick the path and she would follow him.

They wanted their picture with Honey and asked us to please visit their classroom. I have never been so proud of my girl. The teachers were surprised to know she was a rescue and one called her "pure gold". Our rescue dogs are superheroes!!!



Remy (formerly Powell)

I just wanted to give you an update on our rescued boy “Remy aka Powell” ( rescued 8/2009). I had him certified this summer through BAK-PAK Critters as a therapy dog and he now goes into schools so children with reading difficulties can read to him. He is currently attending Spillane Middle School in Cypress (near our home) and LOVES it! We go once a week and the same 3-4 kids read to him. Today one of the shyer boys actually sat on the floor with him for the first time instead of sitting in the chair which is progress!  And of course Remy loved having him within inches of snuggles.

Also please enjoy the picture of Remy and our Air Force son, JC, when he was home. We titled that picture “His Hero”.

We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to adopt this incredible boy, thank-you once again!





Esther Melnik



I just wanted to update your orgnization on Nala who we adopted last year. She is doing very well: healthy, loved and happy. Her sister, Tigger and she are inseparable. Nala and Tigger both endure the cats who like to clean their eyes and ears, and occasionally like to curl up and sleep with them. Although Nala has a seizure disorder and was seizing 1x every 2 weeks, a slight change in her meds reduced that number to 0. She has become more focused, energetic and coordinated since the seizures have stopped. She is a bright golden ray in our lives. Thank you.




Slam is doing great! He went to a friend’s lake house with us last weekend and he LOVED chasing the ball around the yard and into the lake. He had 2 shots for his heartworm on Monday. When we picked him up on Tuesday night and he was sluggish and just wanted to sleep. He started perking up on Wednesday and he is back to himself by now. He loves to chomp on tennis balls! He keeps on bringing us his ball but I'm trying to reason with him that we can't throw the ball right after his treatment! He's being patient.




Here is a picture of Hemi that I took today! It has been almost a year since we brought our baby home! She is so loved by not only us but everyone that meets her! Thank you for allowing her to come into our hearts and our home!




I wanted to update you on my sweet Fletcher, who I adopted back in February 2012. He is doing fabulous in his new home. He went through his heartworm treatment without any ill effects and is strong and happy.

He has a great backyard with a doggy door, so even when I am not home, he is able to enjoy chasing the squirrels and the birds. He is rarely without a tennis ball in his mouth, enjoys rawhide and our long walks which we make sure we get in at least twice a day.

I have attached a picture of Fletch! Thank you for rescuing him so that he could enrich my home with his loving disposition.




Holly loves to swing! She thinks she is one of the kids!! We love her
so much.




Barkley (formerly Maxim)

When we took on Barkley (who was called Maxim at that time) he was an accomplished “counter surfer dude”, he was uncontrollable on a leash, he dug holes like he was drilling for oil, he sat in his water bowl or dumped it over, and he chewed everything and anything he could find to put in his mouth (but mainly plants & flowers in the gardens). I’m sure he thought his name was “Barkley No”. And to top it off, there were times I was sure he maybe wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Today, Barkley has given up on surfing, he no longer sits in his water bowl, he is learning the finer aspects of walking on a leash, he has decided that drilling for oil is no longer is calling in life, and he doesn’t chew very much any longer (mainly because there are no longer any plants in the garden). In the 20+ years that I have raised Goldens, I have never come across one that was so difficult (and at times can still be difficult) but also I’ve never had one that was so gentle, loving and simply happy to be with you wherever you may be. He has such a “golden heart” and honestly shows you with his love and devotion that he is thrilled to be in his forever home.

I want to thank you and the entire organization for what you do. This makes our third adoption through Golden Beginnings and we have had a wonderful time raising and enjoying them all.

Barry and Theresa K.



Lili has mastered the stairs!!!! Days ago, she let me know that she could do them BY HERSELF and would not let me help ANY MORE! She's eating well, sleeping well, and covers almost ONE WHOLE MILE each day in exploration! We walk mid-morning, afternoon and evening which helps with her arthritis. What a bed-hog though!!!! Still working some on that one. Ha!

Beki B.



Rex has adjusted well to his new home with two kids and two cats. He is truly one of the family and makes sure he is included in all we do. Don't even think about going to the bus stop without him! He has boundless energy, loves his bones, his antler and his Chuck-it. He is doing well with the cats, except when they want to share his warm bed. Then he has to think about it. He is very patient. We just went through obedience training and he received his certificate and much praise. He is a growing boy, up to 72 lbs and has grown 4 inches! Yes, it's true!

He has such great expressions, the kids have given him a voice and he does a lot of talking! We can't imagine what our lives were like two months ago before we adopted Rex. He is teaching us all so much and bringing so much to our family. Thanks so much for this opportunity. We love Rex!

Nancy Robertson