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Our beloved Golden boy Jake crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 22, 2019. We adopted Jake (formerly known as Laredo) from GBGRR in early 2006, arriving to pick him up from foster care at a home in Katy TX. Jake was the sole puppy remaining of a litter of Golden pups, he watched each of his siblings leaving one by one to their forever homes. He survived a very high fever and then broke his right rear leg while in foster care waiting for his forever family. It was a greenstick fracture set in a Johnson splint. When we met, there he was hobbling around on his splint. One look into Jake’s beautiful face and eyes and we were smitten.

Jake rode home with us that afternoon. We continued to set Jakes leg, changing his splint daily as he grew into a big beautiful red boy. His leg set beautifully although Jake later needed surgery for a luxating patella to help him remain upright.

Jake was the most amazing, loving and affectionate boy. He loved to swim and would retrieve absolutely anything, his favorite bit every day was to go out to the main road and collect the newspaper and mail heading home ahead of everyone else as if his walk was now done.

We left Texas in 2011 and resettled in Washington state. To Jake’s delight, he had 5 fenced acres and a nice deep sandy bottomed pond to swim in! Jake had a habit of knocking our hands off the keyboard if he thought he wasn’t getting enough attention. I miss that, this note would have been a lot shorter if he were still here. After nearly 14 years as our favorite couch potato, as much as Jake wanted to stay, he had given this life his all and we helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. We are grateful for his steadfast love, trust and acceptance. We grieve his passing. You were briefly in our arms, and will remain forever in our hearts Jake. Thank you Golden Beginnings for helping Jake find us.

In loving memory of Jake; Briefly in our arms forever in our hearts.

Mark and Gail Mitchell, Bellingham Washington

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