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It is with deep sadness we inform you that our Tinkerbell, better known as Tink or Tinker, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 6th. She had several grand mal seizures in late September 2016, as well as advanced arthritis. Although meds for both helped, they took their toll. Over the past several months it was extremely difficult for her to walk without falling and she was obviously suffering. Tinker had her 14th birthday last November.

Tinker came to us in the summer of 2006 when we were looking for a playmate for Tristan. She immediately asserted herself as the alpha dog and everyone bent to her rules, Tristan and foster dogs alike. Despite this, she had a gentle nature which small children found irresistible. Tinker was an excellent ambassador at Golden Beginnings events. She would fix her deep gaze on someone passing by; eye to eye, heart to heart, and they would find themselves stopping to admire her and give a donation. Tristan and Lance are obviously missing her. They look at us as if to say “Where did she go?” Our lives are not the same without her.

Lynn, Glenn, Tristan & Lance

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