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Golden Beginnings Annual Tree of Hope

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest.The annual Tree of Hope enables us work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.

We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity and help us reach our goal of $50,000.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

#c2912e Raised $34,241 towards the $50,000 target.

Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope 12

I want to decorate the tree!

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

In grateful memory of my rescued Goldens – Bailey, Rusty, Bogart, Bennett and Buddy – who filled my life with so much joy, laughter and love. You are truly missed. Thank you GBGRR volunteers for all that you do!

Amy Kessler

We have been so blessed with Tucker and Chase from GBGRR and love how they complete our family!!

Chase and Tucker!

In memory of our Fozzie. We miss you every day. Thank you GBGRR for all you do to save our wonderful furbabies.

The Ryan family

Thank you, GBGR for all you do for unwanted and abused dogs. Also, thank you for allowing me to adopt Beanie…the cutest golden/corgi you’ve ever seen! He is such a good boy.

From the McTigrits – Beanie and his Mom

So much JOY from my Goldens past and present, Coach and Oso.


Rose wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Thank you, GBGRR, for our Jackson!

Lyn and Robert Bowden

Thank you GBGRR for changing our life furever! Looking forward to many more years with Napa and Zin!

Sara and Alan Henson

In memory of our precious GBGRR Dempsey! He was the joy of our lives!

From a Dog lover

Merry Christmas from Sutter & Caleb to all the Golden Hearts (canine & human) around the world.

Thankful for all the Goldens who have loved me and brought happiness into my world.


From GBGRR alums Remy and Rhett!

Reagan, Bush, Dubya, Rice and Maddie playing above us!

Allen & Robin Caldwell III

In memory of our sweet Angel.

Alice Lively

Happy holidays! In memory of my golden bear, Burton. In celebration of my GBGRR girl, Cricket – the best gift I’ve ever received. Thank you for all you do, Golden Beginnings!

Jennifer Buchert

In honor of our sweet dog, Sonny.

Sonny Sooner Septimus

In Loving memory of my Beautiful Baby Boy Jake! 💜

Marianne Ekland

Luna, I am so happy GBGRR rescued me from South Texas and brought me to Houston and found my forever home.

Thanks to all those who help Goldens like us find loving homes!

Harper and Jake Eanes

In honor of Frat Boy Richie who provided endless entertainment and laughter for over 11 years and in loving memory of Richie’s best buddy, Oakley.

Jennifer Stolting

To remember all the homeless Goldens around the world waiting for their turn at happiness!

from Al, Mattie, and Rusty

In remembrance of Elvis, who graced our family for only 3 years before cancer took him with us. He will forever be in our heartsQ

Lucia Hansen

Thank you Golden Beginnings for giving us one of greatest adoption experiences we could hope for! Jake (his original name that we kep) has been pure joy these past 7 1/2 years and a leader in our pack of 3 :). I never knew my heart could love a dog so much!

From Jake and the Plummer Family

In memory of my precious Twinkie, I miss you so much.


Thank you Golden Beginnings! In memory of beloved Jack (fka Asland) and in honor of the fabulous Bob (fka Titan).

Kelly L kimberly

Thank you to all the volunteers for helping us get our sweet baby Luke! He truly has been our blessing for 2018!

From The Millender Family

In memory of our sweet Grand-puppy “Kicks” who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 15, 2018. We will miss him terribly.

Ted & Char Volf

In memory of Cinnamon, Nugget and Aubrey and in celebration of Sunny. Thank you for all you do for the Goldens.

From Linda and Chris Sotirake

In memory of our sweet Waylon our first GBGRR, we still miss you. Merry Christmas from Jack who is giving us so many memories. Thank you, Jan and Gary Alexander

From the Alexanders

In memory of Beauty and Lady

The Kirst Family

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Always in our hearts – Wendell, Oliver, Holmes, Murphy, and Hershey!

Barbara, Louie & Bridget Taake

Many thanks to Golden Beginnings for our sweetest Rusty who we love so very much!!!

The Dundees – Lance, Michelle, Will & Rusty

Thank you GBGRR for what you do. This is in memory of our sweet Goldies that have blessed our lives in the past.
We miss you Bo, Jake, & Jackson.

Terri L Foster

Lena and the Evans family

Thank you to all at Golden Beginnings

Max aka Boots

In loving memory of our precious Remy and our granddogs Heidi and Katie that joined him in 2018.

The Martin Family

Merry Christmas from Trooper. The best friend ever!

Ted & Char Volf

Ben Akers

In Memory of Razzle, who was much beloved by Kelly Maziarz.

The Brauds

In loving memory of Chance, Blaze and Scout. Gone but never forgotten.

From Phil & Bonnie

In memory of Stephen Manning, a lover of Goldens

Hoosier Family Trust

From Two Rescued Boys

Merry Christmas from Golden Alum Hunter (fka Clyde)


In memory of our sweet Molly, who stole our hearts right from the start!

With love from the Nortons – John, Sarah, Emma & Claire

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the volunteers at GBGRR! What a gift Cody (aka Wylie) has been to us for many years!!

In honor of our sweet Olivia and in memory of Ginger and Samantha.

Bud & Ann castner

Thank You for all that you do. Your group is amazing.

From Maddie, Maci and Kaden

In honor of our beautiful Genevieve.

Olivia Turcotte

In loving memory of Sandy and our precious girl Sadie Mae.

From the Damon Family

In honor of our precious Cajun who is no longer with us.

In memory of Bailey. Adopted on 12/27/2007 – Crossed the rainbow bridge on 5/10/2018.
Thanks to Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue for all you do.

Alan and Ginger Ash

Thank you for all you do for these precious dogs! I have a little dog who aspires to be a Golden. Jake wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Charlene and Jake the little wanna-be Golden

Happy Paw-lidays GBGRR!!! Thank you for all that you do!!

With love from Christina, Dean, Katie & Ellie

Thank you for all you do for this wonderful breed! Remembering our sweet Kirby and Casey.

The Graham family

From TJ, Beth, Olivia, Tessa and Charlotte

Thank you for all you do to save so many sweet fur babies!

Happy Holidays! Here’s hoping every present under the tree is really a ‘Gotcha Day’ waiting to happen..

Strickland Family

To my Golden Brothers and Sisters, Marry Christmas.


Pam Srnka

In memory of Clyde & Burke and our current alumni Sydney

Craig Mary & Sydney

For all of my Golden fwiends…

Love, Joey

In memory of my Max.

Melissa Harris


In honor of beloved Maverick and our current GoldenThe Srnka’s Cody.

The Srnka’s

For my Darling Renee. I miss you so much! You always were the perfect girl.

Marty Lee

Scarlet and Kiya

From our dearest angel Archie (aka Noble), and his human parents Leo and Steve… Thanks for everything and Merry Christmas…!!

Leomar Lopez-Moreno

In honor of all GBGRR volunteers.


In memory of Tristan and Tinkerbell.

Lynn, Glenn and Lance

Happy Holidays to all our GB volunteers. Your efforts save so many pups each year. Thank you!

The Neale family

In loving memory of Skyy Goode forever in the hearts of Kevin and Karen Goode.

Christmas love from Mom and Dad

From Max Pan GBRR 2011

Thank you GBGRR for all you do for these precious animals.

Love, Tidwell and Phoebe Hitch

Callie, Yukon, Dakota, Siskiyou, Axel

From the newton dogs: Dexter, Luke, Nala, Aspen, Brinkley, and Rocco

Thank you GBGRR for giving so many Goldens a new beginning, especially our sweet and beautiful Savannah, who became a member of our family in 2009. We wish all of you a beautiful and blessed Christmas and 2019.

Leon, Pat, Nanook, Savannah and Shiloh Carroll

In memory of Ol’Man Woody. He was given a second chance by GBGRR and was a Golden if you squinted your eyes real tight….

Ken and Fran Braud

Wishing all the Wonderful volunteers of GBGRR a Very Merry Christmas and a Golden 2019!

The Brauds ~ Ken, Fran, Ben and Gus

In memory of my happy boy Joey.

Donna Hemphill

In Memory of Hannah, Griff and Maddie….thank you GBGRR !

Wendy and Eric Mattson

To Kayla, my heart dog. Until we see each other again.


In memory of Abigail and Molly, two of our very best friends. Also, in honor of Galen, our great lovable golden boy. Thank you GBGRR for all you do.

Dan & Sue Wisneski

In memory of my golden bear, Burton and in celebration of my girl, Cricket! Merry Christmas, and thank you GBGRR for all you do!

Jennifer Buchert

From Charlotte & Jim & Golden Baxter – remembering the great retrievers that came before: Lucy, Chaco & Moose.

The Dudleys

In memory of Shiner and Samantha and in honor of Grace, Stella, and Harley.

The Clarks. Steve, Kathy, Grace, Stella, and Harley

Goldens stole my heart for a while now, started with my first Golden Copper. Enjoy the foster journey with GBGRR and thanks GBGRR for rescuing many in need..

From the naughty 3- Adam (GBGRR), Gunner (GBGRR), Chloe (GRRH)

In memory of Sophie

From Miss Bonnie Bow Wow

Donating in honor of all the hard work and time that Candyce Davis and Thor give to Golden Beginnings.

The Roffs

In honor of my Bella and Gabe. And all of you at GBGRR !! Love to you, Chloe

Golden Beginnings – Thank you for all that you do…God’s blessings to you!

From the Habenichts – Dale, Cynthia, Lila & Ivy

In memory of my sweet Henri, still loved and remembered.

Robin Graham

In memory of 2 great Golden’s, Mandy & Flare. Also in honor of our Golden Bodacious George. A million great memories and moments.

russell & charlotte woodruff

Thank you for all you do!

Inza Adams

In memory of our kitchen help, Rambo and Cora. Also our first Golden Quigley. They will be remembered always!

The Bishops

Happy holidays to the Golden Beginnings family. You do so much to help these sweet Golden’s overcome their struggles. Keep up the good work!

From The Mansoors – Christy, Jeff and Josie

So thankful for the incredible people who support this wonderful organization in so many ways!

Candy B in memory of Dixie Belle

In honor of all the volunteers who work so hard to help our Golden babies and my crazy 3 – Gidget, Lincoln and McKinley.

From The Murphy Family

In memory of Toby

From the Cofers – Kevin, Sandy, Michael, Jack, Sadie, Lucy, Kit & Cali

In honor of goldens who left our friends too soon, Toni’s Reese and Callie, Midge’s Dixie and Shari’s Finney and honorary golden Tessie. Their lives were rich and happy and we love them always.

With love from Tucker and Shadow

For all the wonderful work you do to help these amazing animals.

Betty Kubiak

Wishing lots of love and wet furry kisses during this Holiday season. Thank you, GBGRR, for making our lives so much brighter and full.

From – Gringo and Lolita

In honor of Mike Patterson for showing up, unannounced, to help me muck out my house after Harvey. After checking in several times to offer more help, he transported Shiloh to Golden Retriever Camp since she had been moved from pillar to post during a chaotic time. GBGRR is the greatest!

Pat Quigley

Thank you GBGRR for bringing us our fur baby Anni (fla Cindy) who brings so much joy to our hearts everyday. Thank you for all you do and helping so many beautiful pups!

The Chapin Family

In memory of Hannah who was my first Golden beginning and my sweet Fletcher who gives me such joy and my sweet JOY who is just that. All golden gifts from Golden Beginnings! Blessings to you all who work so hard for these wonderful dogs!

Love, Mary, Fletch & Joy

In honor of our Pretty Girl… and with eternal gratitude to Anne Backus, GBGRR volunteer extraordinaire, for her tireless commitment to finding forever homes for Goldens!

Mike & Beth Yeager

Daryll & Cindi

Happy Holidays from the Grasso Family. Thanks to GBGRR for helping us find our beloved Nelson and for helping all the pups!

Grasso Family

In loving memory of Chelsea and Val. Always in our hearts.

The Browning Family

In honor of Travis Pecos Shiloh and Rosie With love from Angel and Livy

Trish Herrera

For our sweet senior Golden Maddie, who gives us so much joy every day. Thank you GBGRR volunteers for all you do!

Erlina, Matt & Maddie Terwelp

In loving memory of Chloe and Phoebe, and in honor of their amazing mom, Amanda Gordon.

From the Ayres Family – J, J, M, N, R & J

Merry Christmas from Holly and her family!

Holly Cartwright

In memory of Storm, who taught me a whole new level of love for a puppy dog in his way-too-short life. 2016-2018

Katy Wirth

In memory of Abby. Many lives…one dog…

Mike, Jennifer, and Jesse Manley

In memory of Kaya, my soul mate in Golden form.

Katherine Bell

Thank you to all of the volunteers that help save these wonderful dogs.

From the Bauers – Amanda, Mark and Stella (once and future Golden sister)

Thanks to all the volunteers who open their hearts to dogs in need.

Lou & Kathy Boxleitner

Special thanks to all of the Golden Beginnings volunteers. So many needy Goldens have loving families because of your hard work.

Mike & Nadine Patterson

We are so blessed and grateful to have Trudie and Candy. Both were backyard breeders and they are now Therapy dogs spreading love and joy – loving every minute of it.

Trudie & Candy Cane

This Golden gift is in honor of GBGRR’s steadfast fosters, doggie transporters, and volunteers. Thank you for your courage, patience, and compassion!

The Harpers: Lisa, Greg, Goose, and Remy