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Golden Beginnings Annual Tree of Hope

The Tree of Hope fundraiser is over for 2017, and we are truly grateful for the incredible outpouring of support.

We welcome donations at any time to support the ongoing needs of our Goldens. Click here to see the many ways you can donate.

Happy New Year!

Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope Goal Exceeded

Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue Tree of Hope-Tree 10

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

Jack has been having a great holiday season with our family. He fits in very well.

Joyce Tavel

With love and thanks for my dear friend Midge Leonard. I’m so thankful to call you my friend.

Janet Shepherd

For my Mom (Lauri Neale) thank you for all you do and taking us on this amazing journey! To all the foster pups and amazing adopters that have left paw prints on our hearts! To Hugo who started it all and our wonderful Goldens Comet, Maya, and Archie!

Emily Neale

Happy Holidays to all of the wonderful volunteers!

The Malican Family

In memory of our sweet Savannah!

The Baxters

In honor of Max and Bentley , the Bad Dogs of Katy (not really) .. best wishes and love to all the goldens out there!!

Petsalis Family

Thank you Golden Beginnings for all you do for these very special animals which bring so much joy into the world. Especially for our blessed angel, Maggie, and for her two siblings who are still with us, Hannah and Buddy.

Greg & Penne

Maggie and I hope this helps other rescued goldens in 2018 during their GBGRR journeys…. sometimes difficult– as they make their way to their forever homes. We love y’all!

Ann and Maggie

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do and a special thanks for finding our own love, sweet golden rescue, Carly.

From the Matzners Lloyd, Marlene and Carly

In memory of Golden Beauty and Golden Lady.


Thank you GBGRR for letting the boy, Thor, join my family. What a big, goofy guy he is but oh so sweet! He loves everyone!

Candyce Davis

In remembrance of all my angels, Nadine, Peaches, Abbagayle and Faith. Gone but NEVER forgotten.

Candyce and Thor Davis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Golden Beginnings volunteers, adopters and the sweet Goldens!

Jennifer Stolting and Richie

In memory of Twinky.

From Sharlene

For Daisy, Scout and Hunter and all they have given us

The Nebekers

In loving memory of Gabby

Anne & Doug McGuire & the Vintage Goldens

Bless the volunteers at GBGRR for all the good work they do saving Golden Retrievers!

All the Goldens I have loved before

Gregory Sanders

Here is to a new year of hope which will provide love and care to Golden’s in need.

Lisa, Alvis, and Bruno Iglehart

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Max & Lenny Tan

In memory of our buddy, Vegas, and in honor of our three “dragons”, Sweet Tea, Sassy (GBGRR alum), and Finnegan.

Denis & Megan (Mother of Dragons) Costello

Thank you Golden Beginnings for all the love and care you have provided over the years to so many Goldens.

From the Senior Hospice Goldens – Mandy, Poppi, Champ, Maurice and Bee

Patricia Friedman

For all our fosters that have found wonderful homes and for those that will join us in 2018.


Should take it right over the top!!!

The Sustala Family

From the Senior Goldens – Champ, Mandy, Poppi,

In memory of our precious Goldens and in honor of Zeus and Max

Bill Ostrowski and Joni Johnson

Thank you Golden Beginnings, for giving me the best Christmas present of my life. Here’s to many more lives enriched by the goldens who need to be rescued and loved for life! We love GBGRR!

Love, Emmy Luna and Caitlin Holbrook

In honor of Bailey adopted on 12/27/2007

From Alan and Ginger Ash

Thank you for rescuing us! This is for all the Goldens who still need rescuing.

From GBGRR alums Remy and Rhett (fka Rizzo)

Thanks for all that you do for Golden Retrievers! In memory of our Teddie and my parents’ GB Bailey (Katrina rescue with her 2 pups) and in support of the Golden Retriever breed with our two Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Cancer Study enrollees, Ellie #2349 and Tate #2460. #GoldenRetrieverLifetimeStudy

The Cuenods

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Copper, Graham (GB Alumni) Millie and Hoshi Diplock now living in Aberdeenshire Scotland.

From the Goldens Copper, Graham, Millie and Hoshi Diplock

To our Golden Beginnings Friends and Family ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Copper, Graham (both GB alumni) Millie and Hoshi. All now living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with our Mum and Dad, plus lots of snow. Love to you all.

From the Goldens – Copper, Graham, Millie and Hoshi

Thank you, Golden Beginnings, for helping us find our beloved Missy.

From the Ness family

In honor of my beloved Duke who is now with a great family found via the GBGRR network back in December 2015 (Thank you Laurie Neale!). Miss my boy every day but feel at peace knowing he is with a great family. Love you Duke always and I am sure you are having so much fun and being taken care of !!

From Nohra Martinez

To all the wonderful staff at Golden Beginnngs, thank you.

Gayle Kenny

In celebration of my golden gift, Cricket. Thank you, GBGRR, for all you do!

Jennifer Buchert

Thank you to all the volunteers and fosters. I would not be in my forever home without them.


In honor of the volunteers that keep this organization going and for Lexi, GB alum 2015, who found her way to our son Johnny.

The Scardasis-Finn Family-Jeff, Katherine & Johnny

In honor of our sweet Luna. It has been almost 2 years of pure joy with our first ever furry friend! We love her to pieces! ❤️🐶🎊

From the Dachmans

For Golden Love: Bailey and in honor of Savannah, Gabriela, Mackenzie Rose and Hannah. No better friend than these girls!

Golden Mom, P. Clarke

From the Porters – Lucy and Anabelle

In memory of Liz and in gratitude for Alaska; thanks for everything you do, GBGRR!

From the Fowlers

From Casey and Winnie

In honor of Hayden and in memory of Lady, who left us too soon.

Bob and Martha French

Forever grateful for our sweet and silly Joey. Hoping Golden Beginnings and 2018 bring love and blessings to many more Goldens in need.

The Girvens – Shawn, Stefanie, Gracyn, Pierce, Ally, Joey & our angel girl, Maggie

In loving memory of Dakota and Maggie – two of the best dogs ever. We cherished our time together and miss your cold noses and fuzzy hearts.

The Newberry Family

We would like to thank Golden Beginnings for giving us the best gifts – our precious goldens. In memory of our sweet Kylie (2006 GB alum) who we lost early this year. In honor of our new girl Katie (formerly Wendy) adopted this July. She is such a joy – always happy.

From Gary and Lisa Jackson

In memory of my sweet angel-dog Burton and in celebration of my precious golden gift, Cricket. Happy New Year to all at GBGRR – thank you for all you do!

Jennifer Buchert

In memory of Bob & Gracie, our first two GBGRR adoptees, and in honor of Baxter our present GBGRR boy. Also in memory of Samatha and Buddy, two additional Goldens we were bless with.

Steve & Nancy

In loving memory of my Goldens: Bella, Boo, Gus, and Surfer Dude (the latter 2 I fostered then adopted from GBGRR). Thanks for all that you do for the Goldens in need.

With love from Superior Real Estate Inspections

Our Tori from GRR has brought us tremendous happiness. She is what love is all about.


In memory of Kirby, Shawn and all of our other sweet pups.

The Beesons

Thank you for blessing us with our precious Fozzie. Our time with him was way too short.

With Love, Robin, Kim & Taylor Ryan

Our love for all the beautiful Golden faces.

Carol and Tracy Barnes

In memory of our beautiful, sweet, funny girl, Angel.


Remembering our Angel.

The Livelys

The yellow boxes are in memory of my golden angels Milla and Bella.

Three of the white lights are in memory of my former GB hospice fosters, Chloe, Sandy and Anabelle.

Two of the white lights are in honor of my two wonderful GB alums Mogli and Louie!

Mary-Alma Welch

In memory of our beloved Aspen. Forever in our hearts.

Vonda and Brandy

In memory of Daisy and Scout and in honor of Hunter (aka Mulligan) and all they gave to us
Thanks to the GB Team for the great work they do !


From Dourado and Kasey remembering Tucker our first GB golden


In honor of Dexter who made my home his forever home in November. Thanks to Golden Beginnings and especially those who foster for making this possible. Dexter is a sweetheart.

David Williamson

For Yukon and Dakota, Axel and Siskiyou, Callie, Pumpkin, Brandi, Clancy and Sonoma. All angels now, waiting over the rainbow bridge.

From the Newtons

For my boys, Galileo and Nos.


From the Pals!

In honor of Mia who has brought much love and joy to our lives! Thank you!

Sharon & Tex Welsh

From Apollo

To honor GBGRR alumni Chloe.


Love Tidwell and Phoebe

In honor of Andrea Schlecht. Thank you for all you do for the breed we love so much. Thank you for bringing our precious Cooper into our lives last year. Thank you for having such a loving heart.

The Walker Family

In honor of Sadie Kay who has brought me so much joy over the last almost nine years. Thanks for all that you do to help these wonderful dogs.

Brenda Taake

In memory of Holden and Brodie Goehrs.

Ty Smith


In memory of past Goldens, current Goldens Bo and Betsy and future Goldens we’ve yet to meet! Thanks to all GBGRR volunteers for your outstanding work!

From The Radens

In loving memory of Gus and Sweet, and n honor of the fosters that enriched my life.

Jeff Paul

With thanks to Golden Beginnings for our Sophie and Maggie Mae, and in honor of all the dedicated volunteers!

Anne and Charles Backus

In memory of Aubrey, Cinnamon, and Nugget and in celebration of Sunny.

From the Sotirakes-Linda and Chris

In honor of Paddington (GBGRR 2017) and in memory of our beloved Higgins (GRGRR 2006). I love that when my kindergartener is asked how large are family is he says 6 – his mommy, his daddy, his sister, Paddington, and Higgins. And that when he draws our family he draws both Paddington and Higgins in it. We feel so lucky to have found this organization that has given our family so much. Merry Christmas!!!

From the Kodityal Family

In honor of all our furry babies, Dex, Luke, Nala, Rocco, Aspen and Brinkley and all those we have loved and lost, Yukon, Dakota, Axil and Siskiyou, Pumpkin, Sanoma and Brandi

Bill & Brenda Newton

In honor of our precious Scooter and Samantha, both adopted from GBGRR.

The Knapheide family

Hunter fna Clyde

Lena sends this donation as a thanks for her golden beginning in 2012. We are so grateful for our beautiful dog.



In memory of Teddy who joined our family due to GBGRR. Sorely missed still today, forever imprinted in our hearts.

The Bergerson Family

In honor of our Princess Lexi Lu (fka Poppy). Lover of pillows and balls. We are forever grateful for GBGRR for our sweet girl!

The Lockwoods

In honor of our golden retriever Digby who we adopted from Golden Beginnings in 2010 and he is just the sweetest boy ever. Thank you for all your hard work!

The LeBlanc’s

In memory of Loren and Maxine Toohey.

Ty Smith

In honor of sweet Shiloh who weathered Harvey with me. She evacuated with me in her first boat ride, stayed with people she didn’t know, stayed tied with a 50 foot training lead to a tree while I worked in my house, went to Dave’s Golden Retriever Camp for about 3 weeks, then finally moved with me to an apartment. Through all this, she was a trooper. What a precious pup!

Pat Quigley

In memory of Hobi, Griffin, Lucky and Leander

In loving memory of Sir Barkley, our best friend and loyal companion. He holds a special place in our hearts and is still greatly missed.

Betty and R. O. Clifton

Thank you for all the wonderful families that step up and give our goldens a loving home. I love my fur babies from GB so much, so it is wonderful to meet and have met friends who have their dogs as family too! Merry Christmas everyone!

From the Lafferty crew – Alex, Sydney,……wait we are being taken over by paws….. Hershey, Sammy..etc :)

In memory of all the GOLDENS we have loved. MOLLY, ROXY & BLONDIE, MUGGINS, ISY & TUG

Sheila LeClaire

In memory of sweet Ally-girl.

The Bass-Walsh Family

In Memory of The Bayou City Boys…Justice, Zeus, Thor, Patriot and Nanook…who are now looking down from Golden Heaven and Smiling at the Great Work that Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue continues to do for their Golden Brothers!

Christopher Mannery

In Memory of The Bayou City Boys….Justice, Thor, Zeus, Patriot and Nanook who are now in Golden Heaven

Christopher Mannery

In loving memory of Phoebe & Chloe, and in gratitude for Joey! Wishing everyone a Golden holiday season.

Love, Sasha & Caz

Love and thanks from Max / Boots


In memory of our ever so sweet Elvis, who gifted our lives for only three short years. We cherish your memories!


In Memory of Shadow and Claire who we miss every day.
In Honor of Grayson who keeps us humble.

Jerry & Carol Goodwin

Thank you to Golden Beginnings for changing our life- Couldn’t imagine life without our furbabies!

Sara and Alan Henson


We were blessed with Ralphie and now hold his memories in our hearts every day.

Ellen and Paul Therrien

Celebrating our beloved Jackson that brings happiness into our lives every day and appreciation for this organization!

From Robert and Lyn Bowden

Merry Christmas to all in this wonderful organization and many thanks to you all for all you do for these precious pups xx

Ryder, Penny and Prissy Weber

To the GBGRR family and furbabies, Shiloh, Nanook and Savannah (fka Lori in 2009) want to wish you all a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Leon, Pat, Shiloh, Nanook and Savannah Carroll

Harold Bishop

For all the good that you guys do!


In loving memory of my first born Golden, Lucy.
You will forever be in my heart.

Jeff Choat

In loving memory of our GBGRR Goldies, Jake and Jackson. Thank you GBGRR for everything you do!

Terri L Foster

To help give a new life to all the deserving Golden Retrievers that are in need. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers.

Ann & Ed Scardaville

May the light of this tree reach every lost golden and bring them home.

From the Goldens Rusty and Jack Springer

Thank you Golden Beginnings for blessing our family with Lily almost 8 years ago and most recently with Samson. We adore our sweet Goldens and your organization. Continued blessings to GBGR in the new year!

The Tucker Family

Merry Christmas to all the volunteers at Golden Beginnings! Thank you so much for saving our beautiful boy, Brady (fka Leonardo)…the best Mother’s Day present ever!!!! Our sweet girls, Holly and Callie, welcomed their new brother into the pack right away and our home is overflowing with golden love!

Sharon & Rick Tobin

This donation is in honor of our sweet foster Watson and all the other foster babies out there that our foster family has gotten a chance to know and help find their new forever homes. Watson is now home with us, until he crossed Rainbow Bridge, but want to say how blessed we have been to have him, even for this short time, in our lives. I am so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer for this amazing organization and thankful for each and every dog that I have had to pleasure to meet!

Allison Mathews

Merry Christmas from our family to all of the Golden families!! We love being part of such a wonderful organization!!

Lynette and Cliff

In memory of our Golden’s Ginger and Samantha, and a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year for our Sweet Olivia.

Bud & Ann Castner

For all the dogs that have, and will, benefit from the kindness, generosity and dedication of many volunteers and supporters.

Linda Frederick & John Kealey

In memory of Charlie. May you chase your favorite ball forever.



In thanks to all the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR!

Griffin + Addie Boller and their humans

Thanks for all the help for these sweet babies….Duane and Susie Steubing

Love from Jax, Callie, and Cassie

Thank you to all who support Golden Beginnings….
Wags to you and Merry Christmas
Sophie (angel now) and Sandy….the best 2 dogs ever!!

Wish we could have multiple goldens!

From Jim & Charlotte, and Baxter

Thank you GBGRR for Maggie. And for Chrissy who left us in 2016.

Ann & Stuart James

Thank you for all that you do to help so many golden babies. Merry Christmas! -Luke & Meagan Morris

L + M

In memory of two great Golden’s that blessed us with their presence for many years, Mandi & River Ranch Flare. Also in honor of our current Golden, Bo.

Russell & Charlotte Woodruff

In memory of Waylon and honor of Jack “aka” Barkley our current boy. Thank you for all you do.

Jan and Gary Alexander

Megan Hitch

In memory of Dirk & Dandy!

From your old friend

Joy Joanne Scrimshire

Thank you Robin and Brenda my foster mom. I hope you find many more great homes like mine. You are the best

Trixie Conner

In memory of Shiloh Patrick, Henri Craig, and Gunner Murphy. We miss you all every day.

Martha Murphy

In memory of my sweet golden Henri.


In memory of my mom, Laura Ketcham, who loved all her granddogs but especially the Three Amigos.
Bentley, Summer and Dylan.

Pamela Ketcham

I will forever be grateful to Golden Beginnings for my precious Trudie & Candy.

Cheryl Yetz

In loving memory of my sweet Bailey, Rusty and Bogart…. and eternal thankfulness to the compassionate and dedicated GBGRR volunteers without whom I never would have met my beloved fur friends.

Amy Kessler

Merry Christmas to Golden Beginnings Rescue. Thanks for everything that you do for these amazing dogs.

From the Goldens – Maddie, Maci, and Kaden

In memory of my sweet and handsome Joey.

Donna Hemphill

In Honor of my golden boy, Jack, and in memory of Max, Stormy, Duke and Harris. The memories never fade.

Hank Klein

In memory of my Angels that have passed and in honor of my two boys Duffy and Dempsy.

Patty & Tom

Merry Christmas to Golden Beginnings! We are so thankful for our new addition, Tucker fka Bug! Thank you for all you do to help these precious pups!

Love, The Quattlebaum Goldens – Josie and Tucker

With Gratitude and love we thank GBGRR for enriching our life with MAX. From the moment he walked into our lives, he was “Home” (2011). In our hearts, house, bed, hikes, shopping, restaurants, vehicles, vacations……… He is the soul and very breath of happiness in our, otherwise, quiet life. He is the emotional sponge who reads us at a glance and reacts with his heart (and lots of licks and dog hair). Our mantra in the Pan Family is “Me, You and Max”. Always and Forever, LOVE

The Pan Family – MAX, Vickie & David

In loving memory of Abigail and Molly, our very special goldens; and in honor of Galen, our current best friend. Thank you GBGRR for all you do to help all these special animals.

Dan and Sue Wisneski

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. Thank You for what you do with the pups and for helping us find Nelson, a true blessing to our home. Love (Maria, Giovanny, Gian, Bella and Nelson)

Grasso’s Family

Special thanks to Alex Lafferty for fostering Ziva (fka Lindor) and to Mike & Nadine for helping me find my best friend!

Brenda & Kristin Royal

In memory of Riley Jane Royal (fka Buttons). We are grateful to Mike & Nadine and everyone at GBGRR who helped rescue her.

Brenda & Kristin Royal

Merry Christmas to all our friends and benefactors at GBGRR.



Thank you for rescuing Lizzie.

We love the girl and are aware every day that she doesn’t really qualify as a Golden. But when the choice was to put a six month old injured puppy down or give her life, GB rescued her. I will never forget that.

Susanne van Eyl

Giving blessings to the Golden’s with no home from Joshie, and in loving remembrance of Charli and Amigo.

David & Josh

Merry Christmas and a big Thank You to all the volunteers who helped us find our forever home!

Tucker and Shadow (fka Angus)

In honor and memory of sweet Reese who made Golden Beginnings events fun. He is forever in our hearts.

Christine & Brian

Merry Christmas from Fletcher and Mary! Life is dreary without a golden!

From Mary and Fletcher

Merry Christmas to all the wonder volunteers with GB!

Ken, Fran, Gus and Ben Braud

In Memory of Woody, our foster fail.
You will always be in our hearts old man!

Ken and Fran Braud

Thank you for our Goldie boy – BanGee

T, Karen & BanGee

In memory of my Golden Rusty and my Rottweiler Bear (who had a golden heart).


In Loving Memory of our Ginger and in Honor of her sister, Hershey, an honorary Golden as they were both rescued by this wonderful group so they could be kept together. Ginger filled our hearts with love as we cared for her through the end of her earthly life. Her soul was pure love. Run free Sweet Ginger – we can’t wait to see you again one day!

The Wagners – Jason, Andrea, Tony, McGee & Hershey

In Loving Memory of our Sweet Lewis, who was our loyal friend and companion. GBGRR Alum 2011 – 2017. We miss you Lew. Run free and can’t wait to see you again one day. You have our hearts forever.

Andrea Cloud Wagner

Merry Christmas!

Scott, Frances, Brooke, Scarlet and Kiya

Thank you to GBGRR for all you do for this magnificent breed. In honor of our current golden girls Naya & Maggie and in memory of Kiara & Ellie at the bridge.

The Lyons Family (Mike, Trish, Shannon, Naya & Mags)

In gratitude for Chloe.

The Best Family

In loving memory of Brandy and Honey. They are still missed.

Wanda Ager

For all the goldens waiting for their homes.

Ann Burke

In honor of Mike and Nadine for opening their home with fostering, and in honor of all the GBGRR volunteers, and, most especially, in loving memory of Tito.

The Cronin Family

In memory of our past Goldens, Demo and Buddy, as well for the love of our lives – Trooper. Thank you for all that you do for these loving pets.

Ted & Char

Thank you for all you do for our Goldens.

Ron & Amy McLain

Thank you to GBGRR for bringing us our fur-baby Anni (f/k/a Cindy) to bring Golden love back into our home after we lost our Abby-girl unexpectedly. She is the light of our lives!

The Chapin Family

The DeBoers

I will forever be grateful for your tender loving care of my sweet Charlie (f/k/a Jett). He brings so much joy! Thank you, Golden Beginnings. Much love to you all this Christmas season.

Christa & Charlie

In memory of our beloved Finlay, and in honor of our silly Goose! Thanks to GBGRR for our Golden gifts!

Lisa and Greg Harper

In loving memory of our sweet Golden boys, Dakota and Sundance. We miss you.

From the Mattsons

In loving memory of our Sam, a GBGRR Golden who was my special man.

The Steiners

In memory of my sweet Maggie who rescued me in 2000, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October of 2016, at the age of 16. Thank you to all of the volunteers of this wonderful organization. You are a blessing.

From Karen Kelley

In memory of Maverick

Daryll W. Williams

Dedicate this year’s “tree of hope” to my big boy Lucas, who had gone over the bridge a couple weeks ago. He is with his 4-legged angel siblings ( Henry, Copper, Rosie) running free. Will always miss you!

Love from Mommy and the rest of the gang – Chloe, Adam, Bruno and Juno

In Memory of Smitty, from Wesley

Jane & Bob

Thank you to all the volunteers helping these deserving affectionate dogs find happy homes. Thank you for letting me adopt one. You wouldn’t view this site unless you care, so that you all. In loving memory of our sweet Sadie Mae.

Chris and Fran

We have had Ollie and Molly for nine years now. What wonderful companions!

Norman & Mary Parrish

Thank you GBGRR ppl for so many years of true happiness with our Goldens Ollie and Molly

Goldens Ollie and Molly

In honor of Abby, for all the golden years you gave us.

The Manley Family

In Memory of our past Golden Angles Clyde & Burk and our current Angle Sydney

Craig, mary & Sydney H.

Thank you Golden Beginnings for bringing us our Honey – best Golden ever!!

Jerry & Kay Cox

In memory of our precious golden angels, Chelsea and Val. Every family deserves the joy you brought us.

Forever grateful for all you do!

Bethany and Chat Lenhart

ALL OF YOU are the most terrific people I know!!

Chloe Moore/GRASS

Thank you GBGRR for our Golden sweetheart Maddie, who makes us laugh every day.

From Matt, Erlina & Maddie Terwelp

Catherine Wiejaczka

In memory of those who have gone to the bridge before us. They may have left our side, but they will never leave our hearts.


Thank you Golden Beginnings for bringing Josie to us. She brings so much joy to every one she meets and happy endings like ours couldn’t happen without all the hard work you do. Keep up the good work!! Christy & Jeff

From the Mansoors – Christy, Jeff and most of all … Josie

In honor of Tidwell.

Love the Hitch Family

Merry Christmas to every golden angel that fills our hearts with love all year long!

Jack and Lucas

For all your good work, and in honor of sweet Seri

From Judy, Murphy, and Allie

Merry Christmas from Winston. This will be our first Christmas together.

Jeffrey J Stys

For all the wonderful people who help to rescue these amazing dogs!

From the Kubiak’s

For all the beautiful goldens who have made our world a happier place.


In honor of all the Golden Beginnings volunteers.

Lou, Kathy, Belle, Daisy & Max

Thank you for all of the dogs that you have rescued and found loving homes for.

All of your supporters in Cinco Ranch

Thank you GBGRR for saving my mom and me from the shelter! Life is good ~ Gigi


Thank you for all your great work. We are ENJOYING Chase so much. We will be forever grateful. Chase 11/22/16 – Gotcha Day!

Eddie & Anita Matsu & Chase

A golden angel in memory of our sweet Mattie, who passed away at 17 years old. Lights for our sweet Holly, and granddog, Harley, who continue to light up our lives on a daily basis. GBGRR will always hold a special place in my families heart.

Tom, Kathy, Laura, and Halie

May all the Golden babies that need to find their way into your rescue get the love, shelter and support to find their furrever homes. Y’all do great work!

Robert & Darlene Zizka

On behalf of Holly, who brightens our life every day!

The Cartwright Family

In memory of Shiner and Samantha who we miss so much.

Love, Mom, Dad, Harley, Grace & Stella

Many thanks to all of the Golden Beginnings volunteers, supporters and adopters who have made it possible for so many Goldens to have the loving homes they deserve.

Mike, Nadine, Brooke, Eliot & Pete

In honor of Amanda Gordon and all the amazing work she does with GBGRR, and in loving memory of Phoebe and Chloe.

From the Ayres Family – J, J, M, N & R

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters for allowing us to help so many dogs. Merry Christmas!

The Neale family and our pizza gang!

Merry Christmas to all of our Golden Beginnings family

Randy, Robin, Gabe and Bree Miller