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We lost our sweet Tressel, originally named Ty, on June 26, 2017.

He was one of Macy’s pups born February 2,2008. I applied for one of her puppies but I assured my husband that there was no way we would get one. Then lo and behold we got one! He gave us so much joy in his 9 years with us. He was the most loving, sweetest, NEEDIEST dog I have ever seen. Always had to be touching us in some way. He flunked out of two obedience classes so I got a personal trainer who assured me he would be off leash trained after two lessons. Well, after the third lesson he told me that Tressel’s synapses were “not firing right”. So I fired him and we just loved the crap out of him. His nicknames were numerous and included “Good Time Charlie”, “Tottie”, “Tee” and my husband’s name for him,” Numnuts.”

He had cancer that was so advanced before we even knew he was sick. He died on our deck with my husband and I both loving on him. He was a great dog. Our hearts are broken.

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  • Julie Mathes September 14, 2017

    I am so sorry for your loss! I just happened upon this, and my dog (Sally) is one of Tressel’s litter mates. Her original name was Jersey. Sally is also incredibly needy, and must be touching someone at all times. Guests don’t have a chance… as she is all over them. No amount of training would stop her! Again, I’m so sorry about Tressel’s cancer. Julie PS. I also didn’t think I had a chance at one of Jersey’s puppies. Sally has been such a gift to our family as well.

    • pat quigley March 8, 2018

      I had a puppy from that litter, Gracie was her puppy name but I changed it to Emmasue. I remember Jersey, she & Gracie looked identical. I lost Emmasue in July, 2016 from breast cancer. So happy you still have your girl.

  • pat quigley March 8, 2018

    I I think I met Ty at one of the reunion picnics and am so devasted for you. I lost Emmasue (Gracie) from breast cancer in July of 2016. Same thing, she had advanced cancer before there were any signs and had to be released to Rainbow Bridge before I was able to get treatment for her. So, so sorry. Their father, Toby, also had cancer.

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