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As of February 6, 2023, we are not accepting applications for adoption as we have an overabundance of potential adopters already waiting to adopt. However, if there is a dog on our website and applications are not closed, we invite you to apply. Please do not apply for a dog whose profile states that applications are closed as that creates additional administrative work for our volunteers.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our email list for updates on when applications will re-open.

Adopt a golden at Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever RescueThank you for your interest in providing a loving home for a needy Golden. Each year, we find loving, permanent homes for many needy Golden Retrievers. This is where it all begins!

Our Adoption Process:

What to Expect

Excited about adopting? It usually takes a week or two for your application to get approved. From there, we’ll start working with you to find a Golden who might be the best match for your family. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before submitting your application, please read our Adoption Requirements and review the PDF of our Adoption Contract here (you will receive your actual Adoption Contract when you finalize your adoption).
  2. Then, complete and submit the Adoption Application along with a $25 application fee.
  3. You will get an email confirming that we’ve received your Adoption Application.
  4. We’ll review your application to confirm that you meet our basic adoption requirements, and assign your application to an Adoption Team volunteer.
  5. We’ll call your vet, personal references, and if you rent, your landlord.
  6. Your Adoption Team volunteer will call you to chat about your dog experience and your expectations for your new Golden Retriever. We ask a lot of questions because we want to help you to find a dog who fits in wonderfully with your family.
  7. We may opt to conduct a home visit, which is the last step in the approval process.
  8. At this point, your Adoption Team volunteer may ask you to gather the family, review our website, and come up with a list of dogs you’re most interested in meeting.
Adopt a golden at Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue
Meeting our Goldens
  1. When you and your Adoption Team volunteer identify a possible match, your Adoption Team volunteer will check on the Golden’s availability for visits.
  2. If the Golden is available, the Adoption Team volunteer will call the foster family to discuss your application and confirm that you could be a good match.
  3. If the foster agrees, we will give you the foster family’s name and contact information so that you may arrange to visit the Golden.
  4. Everyone in your household, including any other dogs, participates in meeting the Golden Retriever. Bring a leash, because if all agree it’s a good match (including the foster), you’ll finalize the adoption and bring home your new Golden companion. If your new Golden is not quite ready to be adopted (for example, if he/she must first be treated for heartworms), you may give the foster family a $50 non-refundable check to hold the Golden until he/she is ready to become part of your family.
  5. About 4 weeks after you’ve adopted, watch your email for your official adoption packet. Also by regular mail, you’ll receive the form to register your Golden’s microchip ID.
  6. After your adoption, stay in touch! We love photos and updates on how our Golden Beginnings alumni and their families are doing. Come to our events and join our Facebook Group! We’d love for you and your family to stay involved with Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue.
Ready to adopt a Golden? Complete the application here.
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescues
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescues