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Adoption Requirements



We require a non-refundable $25 application fee to help defray our costs to process adoption applications. Submitting the application fee and adoption application does not guarantee you’ll be able to adopt a Golden Retriever from GBGRR, nor does it guarantee that a specific Golden you may have seen on our website is the one best suited for you and your family. We may use our experience and knowledge of the individual Goldens in our program to suggest a dog who will be most likely to do well in your home.

  • Goldens have an affectionate nature and do not do well as outside dogs. We require adopting families to keep their Golden in a climate-controlled home and not leave him/her outside when no one is home, at night, or during seasonally extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • For the safety of our dogs, we require a secure fenced yard for adoptive families. For this reason, we do not adopt to applicants who live in apartments or townhouses, nor to families that have invisible fences. Exceptions to the fencing policy are occasionally made for senior dogs (age eight or older) and only on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the individual dog.
  • We don’t adopt to families with children under five (5) years of age.
  • We primarily serve Houston, TX and surrounding areas. We will occasionally consider out-of-area/state applications. However, if you don’t live near Houston, you must be prepared to travel here to visit a dog. If you adopt from GBGRR, you’ll also need to arrange and pay for all expenses associated with transporting the Golden. Priority is generally given to local applicants. In those times when we receive a large number of local applications, we may be unable to accept out-of-area applications for the younger dogs which are in high demand.
  • You must be at least 23 years of age to submit an application.
  • We do not adopt to college students. College life does not provide the stable home environment that we want for our dogs.
  • All dogs in our program start out in foster care for a minimum of 14 days so that the foster family may identify and address any health or behavioral concerns. No visits will be arranged for a Golden until he/she has completed this evaluation period.
  • Our adoption fee is $550 for dogs under 8 years old, including puppies, and $300 for dogs over 8 years old.
  • The adoption fees are used to defray a portion of our costs to care for the dogs in our program such as examinations, diagnostic tests, spay/neuter and other surgeries, vaccinations, heartworm and flea and tick protection, heartworm treatments, etc. Adoption fees cover less than half of our costs to care for the dogs, with the remainder being funded by donations, fundraising events and grants.
  • We require all dogs in the adoptive home to be neutered or spayed.
  • As with any new pet, there will be a short adjustment period when your new Golden comes into your home. When you commit to an adoption, we expect that you will work with your new Golden and make a sincere effort to address any problems that may arise. We will do our best to help you and your Golden through any adjustments or problems. Occasionally, despite the best efforts of all involved, an adoption does not work out. In this case, the Golden must be returned to us. If the dog is returned within 14 days in the same or better condition it was in when adopted, the adoption fee (less any expense incurred by GBGRR in connection with the return of the dog) will be refunded. In all other cases, the adoption fee is non-refundable.
  • You’ll be expected to provide all necessary veterinary care for your adopted Golden, including an annual physical exam, vaccinations and heartworm test. Year round heartworm preventive is also required.
  • Your adopted Golden may not be sold, transferred or given away (this includes to family members, friends or neighbors) without the prior written consent of GBGRR. If for any reason, you are unable to keep and properly care for your Golden, he/she must be returned to GBGRR.

Adoption Policy

  1. Adoption Application and Screening: Prospective adopters must complete an adoption application and undergo a thorough screening process, including a home visit and interview.
  2. Adoption Fee: An adoption fee is required, which helps cover the costs of medical care, food, and other expenses incurred while the dog was in our care.
  3. Adoption Agreement: Adopters must sign an adoption agreement, committing to provide a loving and responsible forever home for the dog.
  4. Return Policy: If an adopter can no longer care for the dog, they must return the dog to GBGRR. The dog cannot be rehomed to another party without the organization’s approval.
  5. Post-Adoption Support: GBGRR offers post-adoption support, including advice on training, behavior, and health issues. Adopters are encouraged to reach out for assistance as needed.
  6. Care Requirements: Adopters must provide regular veterinary care, including annual check-ups and vaccinations, and ensure the dog is kept indoors as a household pet.
  7. Microchip and Identification: The dog will be microchipped, with GBGRR listed as the primary contact. The dog must wear a collar with identification tags at all times.
  8. Right to Reclaim: GBGRR reserves the right to reclaim the dog if the terms of the adoption agreement are not met or if false information was provided during the adoption process.
  9. Financial Responsibility: Adopters are responsible for all costs associated with the dog’s care, including food, medical expenses, and any damages caused by the dog.
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