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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest.

The annual Tree of Hope enables us to work towards covering our costs while giving you–our donors–the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.

Below is our 2021 fully decorated Tree of Hope. Thank you to all of our generous donors for helping us rescue more Goldens!

The Tree of Hope will be back next Fall, so make sure you are on our email list so you’ll get notified when next year’s tree is ready to be decorated!

Happy New Year!

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest.The annual Tree of Hope enables us work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.

We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity and help us reach our goal of $50,000.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

Exploding thermometer with 2021 Tree of Hope total
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$50,000Raised $51,943 towards the $50,000 target.$51,943Raised $51,943 towards the $50,000 target.104%
2021 Tree 13 - Final - with Banner
I want to decorate the tree!

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

Happy New Year, thank you for all of the amazing work you all do!

Meagan Morris

Peace on Earth for all God’s 4-legged creatures.

In memory of Sir Flounder, and many more.

Gene/Rose Strickland

In Loving Memory of Stacy Holly,


Thank you for ALL YOU DO each and every Year! And Thank the Volunteers for their many hours of contributions. How Blessed! our lives have been through Golden Beginnings, Houston, TX. Best to All in the New Year 2022!
Current FurBabies…Callie, Sadie, and out Golden Bridge Guy…Snowdon.

Current GB Callie and Sadie, and our Golden Cream Snowdon, we think of you so often.

In memory of our sweet Ava

Bob and Chris Owen

Love goldens!


In memory of our pal Bentley, and in honor of his best friend Max – living his best life at almost 15!!
Love to all the good dogs and their people

Max and Bentley the Gentlemen of 24th Street

In loving memory of our beautiful boy Dexter. You were with us for 16 years of pure Joy. We miss you sweet boy.
Love you always.

Bill & Brenda Newton and all your furry brothers and sisters.

Brenda Newton

With love for my dear friend Midge Leonard. Praying for the best of blessings in 2022.
5 diamonds, doubled, redoubled, vulnerable….. Bella joins me in sending love.

Janet Shepherd

Our GBGRR “Emma” fka Spinner. Love you so much and miss you. Hard to believe it has been 13 months you went to dog heaven. We will meet again. Our love, Todd and Stephanie

stephanie and todd grueneich

In memory of sweet Charlie girl. We loved you so much and had you for too short a time.

Don & Ila Knapheide

Thank you to Golden Beginnings for our sweet Murphy who now waits for us on Rainbow Bridge.

Lou and Lonnie Bruzzo

In Memory of Irish, thank you Golden Beginnings.

Justin Monk

We are blessed to have sandy!!

Sandy Dodson

Thank you to GBGRR for all that you do. We are grateful several golden-times over!

The Beesons

We’ve been blessed with 3 Goldens…what a joy!

Rich, Nancy, and Kolby

In honor of gbgrr alum Lexi, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Debbie Manning

4 beautiful Angles for my 4 special angles that have gone over the rainbow bridge. All 4 were so special and left a paw print in my heart. Rest in Peace. Katy Mo Jane Plummer, Santa Fe Rose Fenton, Golden Beginnings pups Maggie May Fenton and Hannah Louise Fenton.

Penne Fenton

In loving memory of Lewis, Ginger, & Hershey and in honor of Bobby and McGee. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR who brought the best furever friends into our lives.

Jason & Andrea Wagner

Merry Christmas from GB alums Sammy and Hershey

The Lafferty Family

Gus and Leo were wonderful adoptees from Golden Beginnings! Thanks for all the volunteers who work so hard!

Linda Jones Ittner

In memory of our sweet pups at Rainbow Bridge – Max, Dixie, Richie, Lily Ann, and Oakley. We love and miss you all.

In Honor of our current babies – Chewie and his girlfriend, Charli Rae. We love the endless snuggles, laughs and dog hair you bless our homes with every day. 🥰

Scott and Amanda Ekeland

For Kirby and Casey

Christina G.

In memory of mom and all those goldens ( and others ) we have fostered and kept in love with GBGRR ‘s help


Luna has brought such joy and love to our hearts and home! She has been such a blessing. ❤️🐶❤️ Thank you GBGRR!!

From the Dachmans

Angel Blanca and Casey Darst

Our Thanks to Golden Beginnings for the many Goldens we were privileged to own or foster. This gift is given in their memory of all those wonderful Goldens who enriched our lives and gifted us with wonderful memories which we now hold so dear. We desperately miss our wonderful Miss Tassie which we rescued, fostered. and adopted from Golden Beginnings and gave us so much joy and laughter for 10 wonderful years passing from a stroke in 11/2015.

R J Bob Phillips

Thank you for our sweet Kevin. He brings us so much joy, and we love him so much.

The McCartors

Lexi (fka Poppy) is wishing everyone a blessed and relaxing New Year (she’s an expert at relaxing)!

The Lockwoods

Thanks GBGRR for our Nelson, he has been a blessing to our family for over 6 years. We pray we can love him for many more…The Grasso Family

Grasso Family

In memory of sweet Cinnamon Girl. In gratitude for sweet sweet Zoe! And thank you to Golden Beginnings for all that you do.

Amy and Zoe

We love and appreciate GBGRR!!!!

From Olive & Lucy

In memory of Dora Lea, our “oldie Goldi”.

Holly & Dixie Mae

In loving memory of Forrest, my heart dog,. Your brother and I miss you everyday.

Mary Beth Boddeker

In memory of Scout and Noel, our 2 foster failures, who warmed our beds and our hearts until they were “15, Goin’ On 16”.

Dick and Linda Maier

For Tucker and Dourdo

Diane Olsen

Thank you for all you do!

From Austin (2021) and his family!

Honey wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Thank you GBGRR!!

From the Coxes – Jerry, Kay & Honey

In loving memory of my granddog Maggie, and thank you to this wonderful organization.

Barbara Kelley

In memory of my sweet Maggie, and to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who work so hard to get these sweet dogs their golden beginning. ❤️

Karen Kelley

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From the Matzner’s. Lloyd, Marlene and Carly

Lynn Clayton

Always thankful for all that GBGRR does. Have my two sweet boys because of this group.

From Brinkley & Ryder & Liz Gregory

For the special dogs we have loved and lost, waiting at the Bridge — Dixie, Lily Ann, Oakley, Richie and Max.

The Stoltings

From Tucker Tangelo (C2) Moser and I’m loving memory of Abby Gala Apple and Cooper Melonhead Moser.

-The Moser’s

Thank you Tori for all the joy you provide.

Bill & Catherine Bonito

Thank you gbgrr for all that you do for this wonderful breed. In memory of Lilly, Daisy, Brandy and Mr. Chief.

Shelly and Luis, Iris, Ellie, and Willow

With love in honor of our GB girls Sadie and Katie and in memory of our Kylie and Candy. They all mean the world to us!

From Gary and Lisa Jackson

In loving memory of our gentle giant, Baxter, who will forever be remembered by Charlotte & Jim Dudley, and all of his cats.

Charlotte & Jim Dudley

In memory of Luna

Maria Trevino

In loving memory of our sweet Bailey girl (GBGRR alum Dec 2015). She was the best dog. So thankful for Anne & GBGRR for bringing her to us.

Katie, Patrick, and Charlie Morris

In Loving Memory of my Beautiful Nala and to celebrate our newest Love Bella 🐾💕

The Myers-Kim, Tony, the Kids, and Shiloh, Loomis

So grateful to GBGRR —- the transporters, fosters, adoption coordinators and countless other volunteers. Griffin (now 13 years old) and Addie (now 10 years old) , both GBGRR class of 2013, bring us joy everyday. Thank you for the opportunity to be their human!

Carol Boller

Merry Christmas and many thanks for our GB pups, past and present: Sophie, Maggie Mae, and Cody!

Anne and Charles Backus

Thank you, GBGRR! In memory of Burton and in celebration of our 13-year-old Golden Beginnings girl, Cricket.

Jennifer Buchert

In Memory of Shadow, Claire & Grayson.

Jerry Goodwin

In loving memory of Alex, Hunter, Hunter II and gbggr Ava who stole our hearts. Tori, our newest golden, wishes every golden to be adopted or rescued the very best in 2022.

Sally & Denis Oliver

In memory of Maddie Terwelp, our sweet golden angel. Thank you Golden Beginnings for bringing her into our lives!

The Terwelps

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Barbara, Louie and Bridget Taake.

Barbara, Louie and Bridget

In memory of Cinnamon, Nugget, Aubrey, and Sunny, the sweetest goldens ever. Thank you, Golden Beginnings, for rescuing Aubrey and Sunny and filling our hearts.

Linda and Chris Sotirake

In memory of Abbagayle, Peaches, Nadine, Faith, Duke (Possum) and Charlie Boy. All now angles waiting at the bridge.

Candyce Davis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thor and Me

In memory of Joy and Twinky and the happiness they gave me.

Sharlene Pruett

In memory of Amber, Reese, Callie, Palmer, Bisco, Pix and Shannon. A piece of our hearts went with each of you!

Toni & Jim Ritsema

In memory of Daisy

The Lafferes

In honor of Lego and the joy he’s brought into our lives. Thank you, GB!

The Harveys

Thanks for bringing Molly into my life.

Brenda Taake

In memory of Jake who was such a great dog

Jim and Sharon Veley

In Honor of Ann & Stuart James and their boy, Ridge
In Memory of Chrissy and Maggie

From the Blackmons

We are so thankful to GB and especially to Anne and Marty for bringing Bear to us back in March. We love him so much and he is happy and healthy and enjoying life here with us on the farm. Such a good boy!! Merry Christmas to all of you.

From Sandi and Roy Lankford

Ann, Stuart and “Ridge”

In honor of all of the fabulous transporters — every Golden Beginning starts with you!

Donna, Annie and Smokey

In memory of our sweet Murphy and grateful for our happy Brandy who makes us smile every day.

Gay and Colleen

Merry Christmas from the Henry King

Douglas King

In honor of Bob and Susie Alexander from Gabe

Bud Alexander

In honor of Mary Susan Lindholm from Bear.

Bud Alexander

Happy Holidays! From Sara, Alan, Napa, and Zin

The Hensons

In honor of our Sophie, and in memory of big sister Jingles and our special golden retriever-loving friend, Judy Daniels.

The Hovels

In memory of Bear (Titan) Alexander who lived out his best days with his dad, Bud Alexander.

Mary Susan Lindholm

The Williams Family

Thanks for all you do!! In memory of our sweet and camping-loving Ben! We miss him everyday!
Happy Holidays to all!

The Akers

Thanks for all you do! Our family would not be the same without you!
❤️ Cali, Darby, and Freddy
Mom and dad too

The Horiye’s

Ross Harrison

Thank you, GBGRR for giving so many goldens a second chance. You truly give new life to the rescue as well as to the new owners.

From rescues 🌹 Rose 🐾 and 💕🐾Heidi

Miss Olivia living her best life.

Merry Golden Christmas to all! Thank you GBGRR for the wonderful work you all do!

From Jack the Golden, Mark and Carolina Alvarado

T, Karen & Bangee.

Thank You to everyone for helping and taking care of all our precious Goldens.

From my Goldens – Casey and Rex

Donna Hemphill

In Memory of Cessna who left us in March to be with her boy Piper and her other Golden Angels Rosie, Lilly and King.

Dina and Mike Martin

In memory of all of the sweet dogs that have blessed our lives over the years and in honor of Charli Rae and her boyfriend and fellow GB alum Chewie who both provide endless love and entertainment. We are so lucky to have you!

Jennifer Stolting

Thank you for all you do for the beautiful Goldens.

Kathy Billig

Merry Christmas to all the Goldens and Golden lovers.

From Kelley Sullivan

In memory of all our Goldens Clyde, Burke, Sydney & Maggie

From Clyde, Burke, Sydney & Maggie

Katie wishes all goldens a very Merry Christmas. Thank you GBGR for all you do.

Eileen and Katie

May all your beginnings be Golden!

Max (Woof,Woof), Earl & Susan

In memory of sweet Piglet.

Monique Henson

The Peiffer family

Thanks GBGRR ! Merry Christmas and a Golden New Year! Michael and Jane Kubitz, Suzi and Holly Bea

From Roux

harold l bishop

Vixey and Georgia GBGRR alumni living their best life as a Milliren!

The Milliren Family

For all the Goldens who have brought joy to my life.

Jane Cizik

Tony, Jennifer, Bailey & Ava

Merry Christmas from Rory adopted 6/2018. He’s our sweet boy that is a therapy / reading doggo! And in loving memory of Remy adopted 8/2009, he too had a passion for his reading kids. God bless this group of Angels saving these pups so we can love them and give them their best life!

Joe & Esther Melnik

Our Golden Scout loves our daughter Hanna and we love them both!

Greg Stocks and Farah Shah

Merry Christmas to all our beautiful golden puppies and their friends.

Mike and Judy Burton

We are so thankful for GBGRR and all they do! Chase & Tucker are perfect for our family and we’ve loved having them as members of our family for the past 7 years (Tucker) and 5 years (Chase)!

Kristin & Mike Silliman

Merry Christmas to some special animals!


Thank You so much for all that you do! You guys are amazing!

From Maddie and Maci

Many thanks to all of the Golden Beginnings volunteers for all they do for the needy Goldens.

Mike & Nadine

For all the beautiful Goldens that make our lives complete.

Thanks for all you do!

From our Goldens – Lucy and Anabelle

Thanks for all of the great work you do!

Pauline Appleby

The Steiner Family

Honoring Cade and Bear

Carol Price

In Honor of Ginger & Teddy, my Golden buddies.
Long gone but Never Forgotten

Phyllis Lindquist

In Honor of Lilly

Ellen Braun

Merry Christmas from The Fords: David, Gail, Ivy, Ginger (Eve) and Barney

From All of Our Beloved Goldens

Love watching what you all are doing and so glad I had the chance to be a part of it while in Houston. Sending love from San Francisco!

Kate Martin

Merry Christmas and Happy Golden New Year! Love, Lexi, Johnny, Katherine and Jeff

Lexi, Johnny, Katherine and Jeff

In memory of Bear and in honor of Bud Alexander.

Bob and Susie Alexander

In loving memory of my big brother, Maximus Walter Tan.
Missing you always.
Love, Lenny and family

Lenny Tan and Family

In memory of my sweet Joey.

Donna Hemphill

A big thank you to all the volunteers and fosters who help these precious Goldens!

The Murphy Family


Merry Christmas! Love Tidwell,
Blu, George and Findley (my fellow rescue brothers)

Love, The Hitch Family

Happy Holidays to everyone who supports Golden Beginnings. Ms Sassie was a former GBGRR rescue. Thank you.

From Trixie and Sassy

Margaret Campbell D’Onofrio

A golden angel for our golden boy. Jackson, you are missed every day! We are so thankful for our time together. You are forever in our hearts!

Lyn and Robert Bowden

In honor of Starbuck and Bella who give us joy every day and in memory of all our fur babies who have crossed Rainbow Bridge in the years gone by. Wish everyone a happy holiday season!

The Martin Family

In honor of the Bailey Family in Charleston, SC. Lisa and Tanner were with me on many transports and their puppy Sophie became one of Max’s best friends. They are true hearts of Rescue.

The Pans

In honor of my friend, Trish Herrera and her beautiful Golden, Livy and Joanie Patrick and her Goldens, Boone and Birdie.

Vickie, Boone and David

Thank you For the many years with my beautiful Golden Retrievers. This is for Rosie, Lucie, Tom, Angel, and Livy. Love to Tatum, Beckett, Boone, Birdie, Boone and Max and all our dog and human friends and family who are here and that have passed to Rainbow Bridge..
A Golden Angel shines a light on all.

Trish Herrera

We love our Stetson, adopted from Golden Beginnings just over 2 years ago. He fits into our family perfectly. Thank you for your work with Goldens. Merry Christmas!

Catherine & Michael McDonnell

Where to start! You had just rescued a Golden from Brownsville with many issues including heart worms! You let us have him IF we would do the heartworms, which we did right away! If only you could se him now! He can stand up now, he has the most beautiful curls everywhere. He loves his companion dog. He has been a fabulous dog for us! THANK YOU Lauri and Cynthia!

Chloe Moore

In loving memory of our sweetheart Holly…we still miss you every day.

From the Tobin Family…Sharon, Rick, Callie & Brady

From the Quinns and Rosie. GBGRR alum 2017

Alicia Quinn

With love from Opal and Ruby; we are looking forward to fostering again in 2022!

Carol Redel, Opal, and Ruby

Dixie passed in April, 2021. She was great.


Hugs from my Golden Guy Gauge

Merry Christmas from the Ford’s; Ivy, Ginger (Eve) and our hound dog Barney.

From Ivy and Ginger (Eve) and Barney

Happy Holidays from our family!! In memory of our sweet Katie and Ellie!

Christina Vu, Dean Dao, Angel Katie, and Ellie

In celebration of GBGRR Alumni 2019, Boone Galileo Pan! He is a Golden Retriever with a bit of Great Pyrenees mix in his DNA. He is PERFECT, loving with a bit of mischief. He made our house a home again. Thank you to everyone at GBGRR who gave him his Golden Beginning!

Vickie and David

In loving memory of our 1st Golden from GBGRR, Max, who was the heart of our family for 8+ years.

Vickie and David and Boone, GBGRR Alumni 2019

In memory of Mack, beloved by Ginny and Ryan Bivens. Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge now with our Gus.

Ken and Fran Braud

Happy Hanukkah!

From Hudson

In memory of Jake and Alley


Thank you all for loving and saving golden retrievers! Love, Candyce Beneke, Lily Grace, and Angel Dixie Belle

Love Candy and Lily Grace

Merry Christmas from Hamm (GBGRR ’16)!

The Heimel Family

In memory of my sweet girls, Angel and Amber.


Jeff Stys

Merry Christmas from Frankie. Thank you for helping all the goldens in need.

Katherine Bell

Blessings, and thanks, to all the GBGRR volunteers. They have given so much joy to so many Goldens and the Golden families! Shiloh, and my past girls, keep showing me what love is. Merry Christmas to all.

Pat Quigley

We received the best dog in the world. When Charlie (AkA King) joined our family. Seasons Greetings.

Alisa & Stephen Lehr

On behalf of Winston, and in loving memory of Teddy and Cam (GBGRR alum)

From the Gatlin family – Winston, Teddy and Cam

Thanks Golden Beginnings for giving us our sweet Finley

Lisa and Pat Beaton

In Memory of our 3 Goldens. Mandy, Flare, and just a week ago Bo. We so miss all of them.

Russell & Charlotte

Linda Hiles

Remembering my Princess Grace.

Donna Junker

Remembering our Angel, a senior Goldie adopted through Golden Beginnings and who spent ten golden years with us.

Roy and Alice Lively

In loving memory of our wonderful rescue dogs Buddy and Patrick

Ann & Ed Scardaville

Goldens make the world better!
Thank you Golden Beginnings.
From our…. Iris, Ellie and Willow!
We remember always in our heart,
Lilly, Chief and Miss Daisy.

Shelly and Luis

In memory of Duke, Harris and Jack, all GBGRR alumni.

Hank Klein

In memory of Bandit

Lara Longo Gaines

Duke and Sherman . . . GBGRR Alumni

Form Duke & Sherman

From the Williams Herd, with special love to Terra.

Remembering the sweetest rescue that survived distemper and fought on for more than a decade. She is loved and missed. See you at the bridge, Celie.

Nee Nee and Mike

Miss you, Abby girl. You were the perfect companion for almost 18 years..

Mike and Jennifer Manley

So grateful for my beautiful Sundae Rose. Merry Christmas.

Linda Tuck

We are so grateful for this organization providing so many dogs with a golden beginning! Also forever grateful for getting us our sweet boy, Murphy!

The Applegate Family

From Addie

From Mh

In loving memory of
Maggie Christmas McDonald

Thank you GBGRR for all you do to save these beautiful and sweet dogs

Brenda M Weible

Merry Christmas from Remy and Rhett Robinson!

The Robinsons

In loving memory of our wonderful goldens through the years – Sydney, Tyler and Cody!

From the Gattis family

For Beanie and Sawyer (GBGRR Rescues) Pixie and Mia, and in memory of Lily. Merry Christmas!

Fran McTigrit

Lynn S. Neillie

In memory of angels, Chelsea and Val. You will never leave our hearts.

The Brownings

From the Webers – past and present, Golden and honorary Goldens – thank you GBGRR for all you do for our Furbabies x

Ollie, Chelsea, Prissy, Penny, Ryder & Archie

In Honor of Mary Alma Welch and Mindy


In Honor of Daisy


In Honor of Bella


We are forever grateful to GBGRR for our sweet Sonny & wish you Happy Holiday Season!

The Septimus Family

From the Mattson Family

Donated in memory of Casey and Kirby, and given in support of all Goldens who have been fortunate to have been helped by this wonderful organization. Many thanks to all the volunteers and supporters!!

The Graham Family

In honor of the wonderful GBGRR volunteers.

Jeff Paul

In memory of our sweet Winnie. She brought loads of happiness to our home.

Merry Christmas from Casey and Blanca

Nancy and Paul Darst

For our Goldie and Lolly.

From Gene & Sue Frantz

Casper’s mom

Thank you to all the Golden Beginnings volunteers for your dedication. We could not exist without you. Angel is doing well. Helping one dog at a time to find their Golden Beginning. Thank you all

The Neale Family

In loving memory of all our beloved GB Goldens – Jansen, Ranger, and Bruno. We miss you!

Lisa & Alvis Iglehart

In memory of Fritz and Sailor. Take care of your sister Cali when she gets to Rainbow Bridge. xoxoxo


We love sweet Murphy. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

The Cones

For all the great volunteers and fosters that make gb possible.

Ben Blankenship

In honor of Sophie.

Dee & David Lawrence

Thank you for making the world a better place!

The Sambrano Family

In memory of GB alum Sadie, who left us in February after nine years but is missed every day. Also in honor of alum Skyler, our three-legged wonder, who continues to amaze us.

David & Tamara Thompson

From the Royals – Ziva & Annie and in memory of Riley

Thank you for all the work you do for these beautiful dogs and for my wonderful Barbara.

Jerri Howell

David Painter

In memory of Molly, our first golden, and in honor of Bear, our current love! Both found their way into our hearts thanks to Golden Beginnings!

The Norton Family

In loving memory of Liz, Alaska, and Sunny, and in honor of Shadow, our current furbaby.
The Fowlers

The Fowlers

Thankful for my Golden blessings (Baron, Finnegan, & Houston)!

Danielle S

We are so grateful to all the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR who gave us Callie- the light of our lives

The Medeiros Family

This is for the 4 beautiful goldens we have had through the years and hopefully a rescue in the near future.

The Whiteheads

From Max, Colorado, and Bodhi

We are so grateful to have Lexi join our family nearly 4 years ago. She is so sweet and loves everyone. We are so blessed to have adopted Lexi through Golden Beginnings.

From the Allisons – Mike and Mary


David Beers

Praying many more Goldens will be rescued this year! Love, Ranger & Bentley

Debbie Slate

In loving memory of our sweet Josie. All my love to our new Josie.

From the Mansoors

In memory of our best Friend Trixie, adopted from Golden Beginnings 11 years ago and crossed the rainbow bridge in September. You will always be on our beach walks

Wayne Conner

In honor of my Brother in law and his wife, Jim & Ferol Richardson
Merry Christmas

Love, Mandi, Buck & Remi Richardson

In loving memory of Brandy and Honey. All my love to goofy Scout.

Wanda Ager

Dan and Sue Wisneski

In memory of our sweet Shiloh who sent over the Rainbow Bridge this year. We miss you every day, Baby Girl! Love you!

Mom, Nanook and Savannah

Charlma Kile

Honoring Freedom


In honor of all of the fosters and volunteers that make GBGRR so amazing. We are thankful for you all and grateful for Cole and Millie that GBGRR brought into our lives.

From the Stokes Family and our trio of pups Millie, Cole and Ruby

In honor of Jake, Gracie and Jimmy Buffet. We miss you!

Abbey and Belle

For our sweet “Texi” boy❤️❤️

The Messenger Family

We miss you, Rocco – so smart and loving!

Lucia and David

Merry Christmas to All at GBGRR and Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Ken, Fran and Ben Braud

In memory of our sweetest boy, Milo. We miss our Milo so very much. Thank you, GB for allowing us to love him.

Carole and Raymond

In memory of our sweet boy Andy. We miss you every day. We are so thankful to all those at Golden Beginnings.

Carole and Raymond

In memory of our prince, Gus. We loved him so much and will love and miss him always. ❤️

Ken and Fran Braud

In loving memory of Apollo. Wish you were here to meet your new little golden brother, AJ.

From Curtis, Buddy, and Apollo, Jr (AJ)

In honor or Lauri Neale, who works tirelessly for these wonderful dogs. Thank you for fostering and matching me with my girls. I don’t know where I would be with out these dogs in my life. In memory of my GBGRR angel Trudie always in my heart.

Cheryl A Yetz

To my lovely Astro. I miss you so much my sweet boy.

From Mamma

With grateful thanks to GBGRR’s wonderful volunteers. Thank you for all you do!!

Lisa and Greg Harper, Wroxy the cat, GBGRR alums Goose and Finley, and our angel GBGRR doggies Finlay and Remy.

In memory of the best dog ever, our sweet angel, Bliss

Judith and Steve

In memory of our sweet Chuy

The Gutmanns

In memory of my sweet Henri, a golden angel.


For our beloved golden girl, Sassafras. We miss you everyday.♥️🐾🌈

Megan & Denis Costello

For our recent GBGRR rescue, PIPER (formerly known as Polly) who has helped fill our hearts with joy again.

Betty and David Kubiak

In memory of our prince, Gus.
We loved you for so long and love you still. We miss you so much!

Ken and Fran Braud

In memory of our Molly girl. We miss you everyday.

Trish and Brad

For my beloved golden, Nugget. Miss him every day.

From his family

In honor of Lance and Norman and many more years with Luke

Mike & Karen Stewart

In memory of my two beloved Golden Rescue boys. I miss you both every day.

Love you guys so much, Mama

In Memory of our beloved Dylan.
We miss you so very much!
Merry Heavenly Christmas 🎄
Love and Hugs,

Mommy and Daddy

In memory of GBGRR alumni, Chloe. Gotcha 12.12.2010-6.28.2021. My sincere thanks to all who worked to bring her home to our family.

The Best Family

With gratitude to Golden Beginnings. Thank you for bringing to us our two magnificent Golden boys: Redford and Mickey. Love and God bless all the Goldens and all of their precious owners!

Lynn and Andy Neillie

In memory of our Golden Angel, Cody! We miss you more than words can say. Thanks to all the GBGRR volunteers for the wonderful work you do.

Linda and Ted Wu

Holiday blessings from Joan and Fenn Sandstrom.

Joan E. Sandstrom

For all the love given by Wrigley, Rusty and Jack may they all be running in the fields on the other side of the rainbow bridge

Debby & Earl Springer

Wishing the GBGRR family a safe and happy holiday season.

Mike & Michele Johnson

In memory of Hannah, Fletcher and in thanksgiving for Joy!

Mary caprio

In honor of Bear

The Spence Family

Wilson’s Parents

For my dear Golden angels Chase and Angel. You changed my life in the most loving way and I miss you everyday!

From Angela Hancock

In honor of Luke, Lola and Elsa.

Kelly Benavides

In Honor of Kirby

The Bass Family

Honoring All the Great GBGRR Volunteers

The Boxleitner Family

Wishing all of the GBGRR dogs, volunteers and donors a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season!

From Oakley and his Shih Tzu siblings, Dylan, Griffin, Luke and Meg