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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest.The annual Tree of Hope enables us work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity and help us reach our goal of $50,000.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

The Tree of Hope fundraiser is over for 2019, and we are truly grateful for the incredible outpouring of support.

We welcome donations at any time to support the ongoing needs of our Goldens. Click here to see the many ways you can donate.

Happy New Year!

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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope
I want to decorate the tree!

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

In memory of Jane McAdams, as well as our precious Goldens on the bridge, Elgin and Sunny, and our current Kolby.

Nancy and Richard Bills

In honor of all of the wonderful volunteers that make this organization so special!

From Kate, Jude and Darcy Malican

A small thank you for all that you do.

Pamela Donnelly

Thanks to Golden Beginnings for all that you do and especially for bringing our Carly into our lives.

From The Matzners, Lloyd, Marlene & Carly

The Habenichts – Dale, Cynthia, Lila and Ivy

In loving memory of our first golden, Brandywine. She will always be in our hearts.

The Porters – Connie, Gary, Lucy and Anabelle

From Leo and Marley

In memory of our Goldens Kylie (GBGRR alum), Chelsea, Summer and Candy and in honor of our current GBGRR baby Katie. Thanks for everything you do for goldies.

Gary and Lisa Jackson

In loving memory of our 4 Goldens: Boo, Bella, Gus, Surfer Dude. Our home isn’t the same without a silly golden fuzzbutt or 2 or 3 or 4 :-).

Thanks to all of the foster parents, volunteers, and adopters for enriching so many lives (human and furry).

Cheers to a magical 2020!

Rechelle & Mikey

In memory of Loren and Maxine Toohey.

In Memory of Maggie and Chrissy, and in honor of Laurie Neale who made it possible to adopt sweet puppy Ridge. And with love to Meg and Alex who were Ridge’s foster moms, who took in this special needs baby, giving him a loving home until he found his forever home with us.

From Ann and Stuart James

For all of the good work you do for these wonderful puppies.

The Sullivans

From our prior Goldens, Meg, Cooper, Tai, and our current adoptee Buddy (pka Beau).

Greg and Cheryl Critton

For Calvin, who touched so many hearts, and to thank his wonderful foster family.

To all the fosters who enriched Mike & my lives.


Zoe wants to donate in memory of Cinnamon and Calvin. She was really cheering Calvin on.


In honor of the many Goldens that have been rescued by Golden Beginnings and the volunteers that have made it possible.

Jennifer Stolting and Charli Rae

In loving memory of my sweet Frat Boy, Richie Lou, who was as sweet as he was silly. You brought the party with you wherever you went, and I know there is a party in heaven now. You were one of a kind, and I miss you every day.

Jennifer Stolting

In memory of two special pups, Maya and Comet.


In honor of my heartbeat, Chloe, GBGRR alumni 12.12.2010.

From, the Best Family

In honor of Miss Betsy (a GRASS pup who is still with us!) and in memory of Bo, our GB rescue who was the best boy ever!

Ann and Lou

Happy 2020 from Luna. She is so happy she was rescued and cared by GRR

Maria Trevino and Luna

With love and thanks for my dear friend Midge Leonard.

Janet Shepherd

In Loving Memory of Xena, Abbey, and Chief

Tammy Renaud

Many thanks to all the volunteers that put so much time, effort, love (and their own money) into rescuing these dogs that change our lives. Without the volunteer teams (Intake, Transportation, Foster, Adoption, Special Events, Hotline, Newsletter, Board, plus Veterinarians and more I am probably missing) this organization wouldn’t be able to exist. Also, many thanks to the donors that give what they can to help.

Linda Frederick & John Kealey

All my love to anyone who helps a Golden. –Laura Gibson @ Happy Tales Dog Sitting

Laura Gibson

Love and thanks from Max / Boots

Max / Boots

For Miss Molly and her cousins Bridget and Louie

From Brenda

In honor of Calvin. Wishing him a happy healthy life. Puppy kisses for him.

Lisa I.

Thank you all for the tremendous work that you do to help Goldens like Calvin. Your organization worked with me to get Dixie Mae (shady). I am so grateful as she and her older step sister, Dora Lea (now 14), also a rescue, are a perfect match. They are both travel with me when I go back home bi monthly to NE Texas and serve as therapy dogs at the local nursing home there.

from Dora Lea, Dixie Mae and Holl

Merry Christmas to my sweet April

Jackie Lang

Here’s to a ‘golden’ new year! for all the GB volunteers and for my past fosters and those to come.

From the Boy and me – Thor and Candyce Davis

For my furbabies who are waiting at the bridge…Nadine, Peaches and Abbagayle and my hospice fosters Faith, Duke/Possum & Charlie Boy

From the Davis Casa – Thor and Candyce

In memory of our sweet Daisy.

From Ken and Deb Campbell

We will never forget the help you gave to Lizzie. Thank you!

Susanne van Eyl

In memory of Bailey.

Alan, Ginger, and Gibson Tex Ash

Thanks for the work that you all do!

From the Golden Girls – Brandy, Bonnie and Dolly

In loving memory of our first golden, Dusty, and in celebration of our current golden, Cooper and our wanna-be golden, Molly.

The Stanley Family

For Jingles and Sophie

In loving memory of our first Golden fur baby Abby (2005 – 2016), and in honor of our first GBGRR fur baby Anni (fka Cindy) who has brought so much love ❤️ to us!

The Chapin Family

From Bear, for all my puppy relatives.

Melissa Denney

For all my past, present, and future goldens.

Melissa Denney

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! From Max and Bentley and the family that loves them

Petsalis Family

Harold L. Bishop

Thank you, Golden Beginnings, for all you do! In honor of my GBGRR girl, Cricket (11 years) and in memory of Burton, my golden bear. Prayers for Calvin and warm wishes for a Happy New Year!

Jennifer Buchert

For Abby rescued 12 years ago and going strong


For my precious babies Casey and Rex. Thank You for rescuing them and all the others you have and the ones you will.

Joyce, Casey and Rex McCormack

In celebration of Sunny and memory of Muffin, Cinnamon, Sneakers, Nugget, Aubrey, and Addie. Thank you for all you do to save all of those sweet Goldens

Linda and Chris Sotirake

Merry Xmas to Calvin from Odist and Milo (GBGRR David).

Rebecca Wood

For Calvin’s continued recovery; and, in Memory of our sweet Golden’s; Ginger, Samantha, and Olivia.

Bud & Ann Castner

Susan Kaplan

From Brinkley & Ryder Gregory

Raymond Charles Jenkins

For care of sweet Calvin and others; in honor of my girl Lily Grace; and In loving memory of my special Golden Angel, Dixie Belle Beneke.

Candyce Beneke

On behalf of my beloved Gilly Girl, adopted from Golden Beginnings in 2018 and making me smile everyday!

Merry Golden Christmas

Best Dogs Ever

In loving memory of sweet Lucy I lost this year whose life was saved 12 years ago by GBGRR. Thank you for all you do and most especially 12 years with my best friend. You are angels

Cheryl Pfennig

In loving memory of our Daisy Girl who was such an important part of our family and is still so very missed and in honor of all of the people who work so hard for Golden Beginnings. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas,
Our memories with Max will not be forgotten, we welcome Boone to the family.

Monty, Rosemary, Nina, CJ, Aidan

The Knapheide family

Merry Christmas! In honor of our GB girls, Sophie and Maggie Mae, and in loving memory of Lacy, Holly, and Targa.

From Anne and Charles Backus

For of our Napa and Zin who just make everyday brighter! Thank you Golden Beginning for all you do for these beautiful dogs.

Sara and Alan Henson

Merry Christmas from Boone and Birdie, in memory of Travis, Pecos and Shiloh

Thank You to everyone who works so hard to help these beautiful dogs.

From Maddie and Maci

In honor of Zoey, the most perfect addition to our family, courtesy of Golden Beginnings.

Laura Turcotte

In Loving Memory of Stacy Holly.
Forever in our hearts

Barbara, Nick and Robin

From the Baileys

For all the precious Goldens


Forever is not long enough. In memory of Palmer, Reese & all the boys who went to the bridge too soon

Toni & Jim

In memory of my golden angel Maggie. Adopted from Golden Beginnings in 2001, and missed every single day.


Thanks for all you do, from Max (Boots)

Max / Boots

With much gratitude for Shadow, Alaska, and Liz!

Mary & Don

In support of this wonderful organization!

The Graham family

Merry Christmas from Christa & Charlie (f/k/a Jett). Approaching Charlie’s 10 year “Gotcha” anniversary this spring & furever thankful to Golden Beginnings for my sweet boy.


This gift is in honor of the hard-working, compassionate volunteers who make GBGRR’s mission possible! Thank you for saving lives and creating Golden Beginnings!

From Greg, Lisa, Remy, Goose, and Wroxy (the cat) Harper

Thank you for all the hard work you do. We are enjoying Digby aka Frydek with all our heart. Merry Christmas…

Digby LeBlanc AKA Frydek

For all the cherished furr babies that left us too soon.

From Midge

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

From the Taakes – Barbara, Bridget, and Louie

We only whish all Goldens to be as happy and healthy as ours!

The Schenck Puppies – Olive & Lucy

This gift is in honor of Lauri Neale who works tirelessly on behalf of these Goldens. She has done so much for so many of us as well. I will forever be grateful to Lauri for my Candy Cane, who turned my life around and all the GB volunteers who helped rescue Trudie.

Cheryl Yetz

In memory of my beloved Golden Rescue Boys, Mojo and Sidney. The bestest boys.


Merry Christmas from Hunter.

Bill Brown

Grateful for Millie (2019) and Cole (2013) and all of the volunteers that make GBGRR so amazing. Thank you!

Merry Christmas to all the GBGRR alumni families, fosters, coordinators, transporters, and all the precious Goldens to come in 2020! Love to all on this Holiday Season and throughout the year.

Jay, Kobe, & Willie Hanson and their Hoomans

For all of the Goldens that are with us and those who are not. Love, Grace Kaylie, Stella, and Harley

Steve & Kathy Clark

In loving memory of Buddy.

From The Erelis

Merry Christmas from Jack. Thank you for the memories we have of Waylon and for all the good you do. Jan and Gary Alexander

Jan and Gary Alexander

In memory of Joey, my fun loving, happy boy. I miss him so much.

Donna Hemphill

Stanley Tan

Continuing to help all those beautiful Goldens in need.

Evans family

I’m memory of our Golden sister Molly. We miss her goofy & loving personality daily. We even miss her hogging all the toys.

Fran, Beth, Shay & Rayna Weigel

In loving memory of Buddy and in honor of Shelly.

Maria Ereli

In memory of Riley Jane, and thanksgiving for Ziva Lee and Annie Grace.

Brenda and Kristin Royal

To the Memory of Shadow & Claire who we still miss every day.
In celebration of Grayson who became part of our tribe over 10 years ago.

From Grayson

Thanks to GBGRR for Preston aka Colt.

Anita Kittridge & Preston

Our sweet Oakley is 11 years old (on the right) and has been with us for 10 years! He’s as spunky as ever and is the sweetest, funniest and most gentle golden. We are so grateful to GBGRR for bringing him into our lives!

Elizabeth & Bobby Poirrier

In memory of my beautiful Haileyand all the beautiful goldens that fill our hearts and lives.

From our boys- Jack and Lucas

In celebration of Bear, who has been with our family almost a year now!

From the Nortons

In loving memory of Remy, FKA Powell and compliments of our boy Rory, FKA Merlin, who both went on to be Therapy dogs active in reading to kids programs. Thank-you all for everything you do for these amazing doggos!

Esther & Joe Melnik

Thank you for the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR, I pray the goal is met so they can continue saving these precious dogs. I can’t believe I’ve had Shiloh almost 3 years, she has been so adaptable during the three moves I’ve had to make due to hurricane Harvey. Love this girl!!!

Happy Holidays from Charlie and his furever home family.

Alisa Lehr

In memory of Gus and Sweet Pea. In honor of all the Golden Beginnings Volunteers.

Jeff Paul

Have a Golden Christmas from Caleb & Sutter

Gary & Jack

In honor of all the Goldens saved by GB and the amazing teams that work to save them

The Billigs

In honor of Lauri Neale.

Wayne Neale

In memory of Lady Bearden. She loved her W’s and was a wonderful companion for my friend.

Janeen Paprocki

In memory of Abby.

The Manleys

In loving memory of my Lady. She brought more joy, love and happiness than words could ever express. I miss you every minute of every day my sweet girl. I love you!!!

Diana Bearden

In Memory of Rambo, Quigley and Cora

Rambo’s dad

In loving memory of our Sweet Lewis who made a huge difference in our lives. Thank you for always being such a good friend, Lew. Run free with Ginger and Hershey, and we’ll see you all again one day.

Andrea Wagner

In loving memory of Ginger and Hershey, who were rescued by the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR. We are so grateful for the time we were blessed to have with both of them. Run free sweet doggies!

Jason & Andrea Wagner

In honor of Red and in memory of Smitty & Wesley


We have been so blessed with Tucker and Chase from GBGRR and love how they complete our family!

Kristin & Mike Silliman

In honor of our current pups Bella, Starbuck and Rusty and in memory of all our special pups that have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

From the Martins

In memory of Sammy Sue and Jake Ekland!!!

Thanks to GRR for bringing us Lizzie

Stephen J Marvin

In loving memory of Maxi boy, our gentle giant. We miss you dearly.
Thanking everyone at GBGRR for caring for Max and Lenny and for bringing them into our lives.

Stanley, Frances & Lenny

In honor of the Golden Beginnings’ transport volunteers.

Donna and Annie Rudolph

In loving memory of Bailey, Rusty and Bogart – all GBGRR dogs. You are dearly missed. In honor of the wonderful GBGRR volunteers – thank you!

Amy Kessler

Harper and Jake Eanes

In honor of my friend Lisa Bailey and her son, Tanner, for helping with many transports with me for GBGRR. Their girl, Sophie, was Max’s best friend and, soon, she will be Boone’s, too! B

Boone’s Mom

Chuy Gutmann

For Calvin. Sending hugs and prayers for your continued progress. Thanks to your foster parents for their love and care and gbgrr.

From Sally & Denis Oliver

In memory of Ava (our gbgrr) and our other goldens’ Alex, Hunter I and Hunter II who blessed our lives and gave us wonderful memories that will always be with us.

From Sally & Denis Oliver

In memory of my sweet golden angel, Henri


With love to all the golden angel lovers and the goldens they love!

From Candy & Jerry to the one we loved and lost, Reggie

Remembering our sweet Angel with an angel on the tree

Alice Lively

From Luke Benavides

In memory of Chelsea and Val – our golden buddies. Grateful you came into our lives.

The Browning Family

In loving memory of our beloved Jewel. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful Golden rescuers!

Randy Hollon and Paula Winslow

Merry Christmas from our sweet boy, Trooper. He has given us so much joy over the past 8 years.

From the Volf family – Trooper, Ted, Char

Holiday blessings to all.

From Judy and Ed and the golden kids…Murphy, Drummer, Maddie, Finn, and Trooper

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the Golden Beginnings volunteers from the Tyson family and our Golden Beginnings alum Patti.

The Tyson Family

Thanks to all the volunteers who help all year long.


In loving memory of our Molly. We miss you everyday.

Trish and Brad Green

For all the great work you do for these sweet and beautiful animals.

Elizabeth Kubiak

Lisa Harper

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you Golden Beginnings for all that you do!

The Spano Family: Michael, Katelyn, Tex and Autumn

In memory of our sweet golden girls – Abigail and Molly. In honor of our golden boy Galen who is the love of our lives. Thank you GBGRR!!

Dan and Sue Wisneski

In loving memory of Max, and, in celebration of Boone joining our family

Vickie and David

We are thankful for our Jackson, who brings us joy every day, and for the wonderful volunteers at GBGRR!

From Robert and Lyn Bowden

From Carol’s crew: Opal and Rubie

Happy Holidays from Winston – a Golden Beginning Alum.

Jeff, Victor, Oscar and Winston

To all of my beautiful Goldens who have gone before me… Shana, Country, Wendy, Katy and Maddie! May I be worthy to meet them again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for all your hard work!


In honor of the volunteers of this organization who give so tirelessly and selflessly for the well being of our Goldens in need.

Love, Johnny and Lexi Scardasis-Finn

For Amanda and Kathy…your fabulous intake gals!!!!!

Chloe Moore

From Anne & Doug McGuire & the Vintage Goldens

What an awesome organization. Merry Christmas

Debbie & Dennis & Ranger

Thank you GBGRR for saving Sassy.

Margaret Donofrio

In memory of all the golden boys I’ve had over the years; Maxwell, Stormy, Duke, Harris and Jack. You were all special and are greatly missed.

Hank Klein

Merry Christmas to all the GBGRR families from Harley (alumni) and his little brother Riley!

Kathleen Yarnick

In memory of Maggie and Annabelle and in honor of GBGRR alums Remy and Rhett! Thank you for all you do!

From the Robinsons-Beth, John, Remy and Rhett

A special wishes for Calvin and God Bless Merrick for her love.

Charlie & Lois

For Baxter, Lucy, Chaco, Moose, and all the cats these retrievers hung out with!

Charlotte & Jim Dudley

For Calvin, being cared for by Merrick Guier, GBR foster volunteer.

Marta Dorman

Please accept this donation for Calvin, my niece Merrick’s latest rescue. We are praying for a miracle to heal him from distemper. He is such a sweet boy who deserves a chance at a better life.

Sandi Harris

I am so impressed with all you do for these sweet babies.

From Sharon and Minnie Pearl

I absolutely LOVE Goldens – my current Golden has been a therapy dog since he was two months old and is almost nine years old – MY therapy too!

Jeanne Hooke

In memory of Ollie & Chelsea and with love from Ryder, Prissy and Penny xx

From Zoë & Emily Weber

In honor of Frankie’s first Christmas and all the Goldens who have found, and will find, their forever homes.

Katherine Bell

For all my GB fosters, but especially for sweet Calvin


In honor of all the wonderful volunteers – especially the foster families – who open up hearts and homes to these babies.

The Murphy Family – Martha, Adam, Gidget, Lincoln and McKinley

Martha Murphy

Thank you to all the volunteers of this organization that has rescued so many deserving dogs. Thank you for letting us adopt Molly “Dove”. Thank you for all you do. Have a blessed Christmas.

Fran and Chris

For our boy Bangee.

From T and Karen Moses

For my two great GBGRR boys Sherman and Duke. “The Boys” as they are known in the subdivision.

In honor of our Suzi and in memory of Winchester and Peanut. My GBGRR babies!! The best pups ever!!

Suzi, Winchester and Peanut

Merry Christmas Golden Beginnings. Thank you for everything you do for all of my friends and thank you for saving me.

GBGRR alumna Sadie Ray

Merry Christmas Golden Beginnings! Thank you for giving so many deserving pups a new beginning to a wonderful life! We are so grateful!

Love, Tucker and Josie Quattlebaum and Their Humans

In Memory of Mandy and Flare and in Honor of Bo

Merry Christmas, Charlotte, Chase, and Russell

Thanks Golden Beginnings for finding my furever family, signed, Aurora.

Aurora’s Family

Kat Mack Photography wishes you a tail waggin’ Christmas, and a wiggle butt new year!

In loving memory of all the goldens that have brought us so much joy.

Wanda Ager

For Maddie Terwelp, who has brightened our lives for 4+ years

Erlina & Matt Terwelp

In honor of Rosie From Trish, Livy and Angel

In loving memory of PJ and Heisman

Jeff Choat

In honor of Tidwell and all rescue animals

Love, The Hitch family

In memory of my truly loved mother-n-law who so loved her grand dogs. Thank you mom for the last 40 yrs. of love and friendship. We love you and miss you.

Brenda Newton

In honor of our best friend, Buddy.

Ron and Amy McLain

For Mookie, Rusty and Jack

Debby Springer

In memory of sweet Twinky.


From Bodhi (fka Sonic)

In memory of Lilly. We miss you sweet girl. You are forever in our hearts.

Shelly, Luis and Amanda.

In loving memory of our Cinnamon

Cindi & Daryll Williams

Our GBGRR boy – Ace

O’Donnell family

In memory of our Golden angels Belle💜 Beaux💜 and Sophie💜.

Sue and Bull


Thanks for bringing Josie into our lives. She is such a love. We would be lost without her. Keep up the good work!

Merry Christmas – Christy, Jeff and Josie Mansoor

GBGRR does amazing things for the Goldens among us. Thank you!

Karie and Gracie 🐾

Thanks for rescuing so many Goldens and almost Goldens and blessing families along the way.

Charles,Michelle,Elizabeth and Emily Brown and Buck, Bella, Little Bear and Blue

In memory of the wonderful Goldies who have enhanced our lives (Amber, Nugget, Celiss, Paris, Elvis and Zeke).

Lucia Hansen

Thanks to all the volunteers and workers at GBGRR for all you do to help these angels. Merry Christmas!!

Maverick, Ranger (GBGRR 2016), and Melinda

In honor of bob Kimberly and Jack Kimberly Fuller.

Kelly and bob and in memory of jack.

Abby Lynn…always in our hearts.

Mike and Jennifer Manley

Our gift is sent to help goldens to achieve their very own Golden Beginning. Thank you for all the furry friends and the families you help along the way.

From Jaclyn Goree and Dianne and Dennis Abrahams

For all the wonderful Goldens we have been blessed to be loved by.

Gallie, Nos and Samantha

Thank you to GBGRR for all that you do for all of the gorgeous Goldens!

Oakley the Golden and his four Shih Tzu siblings, Dylan, Luke, Griffin, & Meg

For our buddy Comet that crossed the rainbow bridge this year

Archie, Moose and Jack

Thank you to GBGRR for giving so many Goldens a second chance at happiness! We couldn’t do it without the amazing help of our volunteers and supporters. Thank you all for all you do!

The Neale family

“Thanks to all of the GBGRR volunteers whose tireless and devoted work saves so many!”

Kathy and Lou Boxleitner