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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope

2022 Final Tree with Total

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest. The annual Tree of Hope enables us to work towards covering our costs while giving you—our donors–the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.

Below is our 2022 fully decorated Tree of Hope. Thank you to all of our generous donors for helping us rescue more Goldens!

The Tree of Hope will be back next Fall, so make sure you are on our email list so you’ll get notified when next year’s tree is ready to be decorated!

Happy New Year!

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

Happy New Year Golden Beginnings!!

Cinder & Ellie

Lady wishes all her fellow Goldens a happy, healthy and loving new year!!

love, Lady

Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for all our boys from GBGRR over the many years. Our heavenly angels: Bouncer, Valentino, Jake & Otis, and our newest family member, Finnegan. ~ the Curran Family

The Curran Family

Hope this helps with JJ’s recovery from fellow GBGRR dog “Olivia”s Mom & Dad.

Bill & Norma Robbins

Forever grateful for Digby (Frydek).

Forever grateful for our 3 GBGR Goldens from Christmas past and present — Link and Finch and our sister Gertie who passed on in 2020. Your light fills our home and hearts.

From Link and Finch Nardecchia

In memory of our Golden’s who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Ellie Mae and Lilly, and our current Golden’s, Molly and Daisy who are rescued and so loved.

The Sessions family


Merry Christmas GBGRR!!!

Joyce McCormack and Jessie


All best wishes for 2023!


Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2023! In memory & in honor of my golden brothers, Gus & Ben Braud, respectively.

Ginny & Ryan Bivens

Loving memories of our past Goldens Sunny and Elgin, and thanksgiving for our precious Kolby!!!

Nancy and Rich

Yogi wishing a Very Happy New Year to all the GBGRR helpers and get well soon wishes to Brea and JJ !

For all the wonderful goldens that touch our lives. Their hearts and impact on us are true to their name! GOLDEN! 💜

The Lafferty’s


I am so grateful for GBGRR alum and foster failure, Lily. Worst dog I’ve ever had – I adore her to pieces and her devotion and love is more than I deserve. On behalf of her and my ever missed and much beloved first Golden, Loki..

Dawn Ehlinger

In loving memory of our darling Chester.

Pamela and Dorsey Smallwood


Catherine McDonnell

Breaks my heart that JJ is going through so much after being hit by a car…truly a golden angel who needs our assistance. Grateful that Golden Beginnings knows no boundaries when it comes to caring for a golden.

Ladybug’s Grateful Mom

In memory of the wonderful Christmases with Chap, Dodge and Cooper.

Bradley A Roe

In memory of Everyone’s Buddy (9/20/98 – 10/25/08)

Jo Hoeppner

It was a joy to foster Kennedy (for 10 months!) until he was adopted to his new great home 2 weeks ago. Be spoiled, Kennedy you deserve it.

Mary & John

In memory of Maddie, who brought so much joy into our lives.

From the Terwelps

In honor of my golden beginning…thank you GBGRR.
<3 Beanie (2018 GBGRR Alum)

Beanie McTigrit

Not a golden but a wonderful dog who left me too soon.


In loving memory of our Jackson! You are missed every day! We love you so much!

Robert and Lyn Bowden

Thank you for allowing us to adopt our Golden, Lexi. We have had her for nearly 5 wonderful years. She is just as sweet and loyal as she can be. We wish all of the Staff and pups to be adopted, a Happy New Year!

Mike Allison

My devoted companion, April.


For sweet JJ’s golden beginning ❤️


Merry Christmas from Molly and Brenda Taake

In honor and appreciation of our GB doggies, Katie and Sadie. They are the joy in our lives! We’re so grateful for the volunteers at GB, They’re the best!

Gary and Lisa Jackson

Get well soon JJ.

Donna Hemphill

From the Arceneaux family – Melody, Josh, and Evelyn

Many thanks to the volunteers and GBGRR for all you do and for sending Mattie, Jenny & Cody, to us! ~ Sharon, Chip and Jenny & Cody (and in loving memory of Mattie & Riley).

From the Jackson-Lacy pups, Jenny & Cody

In memory of our past goldens – Sydney, Tyler and Cody – all wonderful precious angels (2 were rescues). We love and miss them all.

From the Gattis family

For all the GB volunteers (Thank You), past and future fosters and last but not least in memory of my furbabies who have crossed the bridge. Miss each of you very much.

The Davis’s – Thor & Candyce

Merry Christmas from Elie, Iris and Willow.
In memory of Lilly, they Daisy, Sugar, and Mr. chief

From Shelly, Luis, and Amanda

McMahon Family

Remembering our family’s goldens waiting at the bridge…Dixie, Lily, Richie and Oakley. Missing your cuddles and wagging tails.

Jean Stolting

Our sweet 14 year old Oakley is a GBGRR Alum and the sweetest fur kid. We will always be forever grateful and supportive of the work of GBGRR. 💖

The Poirrier’s, Bobby, Elizabeth, Oakley, Finn, and Hazel

Thank you for all you do on behalf of so many Goldens!

Honoring the Goldens we had the honor to love – our beautiful Jack, Lucas & Hailey

In loving memory of Skyler, our three-legged wonder and GBGRR alum, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this fall after nine years with us. She lived long enough to welcome our third GBGRR alum, Arthur, who has delighted us with his charming personality since June. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, with a shout out to Candyce!

Tamara & David Thompson

Our love for this organization has no bounds.

From TJ, Beth our Goldens Tessa and Charlotte and their siblings Olivia and Bucky

Thanks for all you do for Goldens everywhere!

From Grady and Riley and their family.

Our additional donation for the treatment and recovery of JJ, the 2 year-old Golden boy hit by a car. We were the part of the transport team that delivered JJ to the hospital this afternoon (12/29/2022). Prayers for a speedy recovery, JJ, and finding your furever home.

Mike & Karen Stewart

From the Rouleauntermans: Kate, Brian, and Hudson

Stay strong, JJ!!

From Golden Beginnings Goldens – Lacie and Callie and their family

GBGRR is a wonderful group of folks and pups. Lily Grace and I hope to provide a home for a GBGRR Golden one day!
Donation in memory of our previous Golden Girl, Dixie Belle

❤️The Benekes (Lily Grace)

Hope all Goldens had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!! From Jack and Alavarado family

Jack the Golden Alvarado

The Ash Family

In honor and in memory of our sweet Golden Beginning’s pup, Lexi. She was the love of our life and will forever live in our hearts. She also made many, many children happy serving as an animal assisted therapy dog at several hospitals in Houston.

Debbie Manning

Merry Christmas to all the volunteers at Golden Beginnings!

From the Backus family: Anne, Charles, Maggie Mae and Cody

In celebration of Bella Pearl’s first holiday with us and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2023!

The Campbells

Merry Christmas to all the GBGRR alumni

From Yogi

Zoe and I are both so grateful for GBGRR. Merry Christmas!

Amy Sullivan

The Martin Family

Many thanks to all the volunteers at GBGRR. Shadow brings such joy and love into our lives.

The Fowlers

Sorry for eating the breakfast quiche! – love chubby

From the Chubbs

In loving memory of Zin dog who crossed the rainbow bridge in Jan- his kind and gentle sole is missed daily! Thank you to GBGRR for all you do for golden retrievers and their hoomans ❤️

Sara and Alan Henson

Wishing all goldens and their families a merry and happy Christmas and New Year 2023. Always believe and be grateful. Thank you to all the volunteers who continue to do such wonderful work rescuing other goldens who will one day be happy and healthy and in loving homes.

The Olivers, Tori, and her goldens who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Ava, Hunter, Hunter II, and Alexandra (Alex) and her 12 puppies

Thanks GBGRR for all you do!

Cheers from Bryan, Deb and Rudy!

In loving memory of my sweet girls Joy and Twinkie. Merry Christmas!

Sharlene Parker Pruett

Merry Christmas 2022 🎄
From Daisy and Hunny🐕

Barbara Baer

Merry Christmas from GBGRR alum Hunter.


In celebration of Mia and River, their first Christmas with us, and in memory of Sunny, Aubrey, Cinnamon, and Nugget, our goldens that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you, Golden Beginnings, for all you do for these sweet babies.

Linda and Chris Sotirake

With gratitude for all of the hard-working, compassionate volunteers who make up this great organization, and in loving memory of GBGRR alums Remy, Finlay 1, and Finley 2. Happy howl-idays!

Goose, Jake, and their humans Lisa and Greg Harper

Merry Christmas to all from Copper Diplock and Graham, GB Alumni, who is at the Bridge

From Copper Diplock

Merry Christmas to Fergie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Eileen Ponton

Thank You for all that you do!!!

From Maddie & Maci

We adopted Cater in March and has been an awesome addition to our family. Merry Christmas to all !

The Williams Family and Carter

Merry Christmas from Samantha and Bosco and the Knapheides. Thank you GBGRR for these two goofballs!!

Samantha, Bosco and the Knapheides

Heart felt thanks to everyone at GBGRR, and Merry Christmas.
Love from Gypsy and the Beesons

In memory of our sweet Bailey girl (alumni 2015), we miss her every day. Merry Christmas!!

The Morris Family

In memory of Chloe who is loved and missed every day. Merry Christmas to you at Rainbow Bridge…

The Best Family

Merry Christmas!
We are so thankful for GBGRR and celebrating Wally’s first Christmas!

From the Harveys-Wynne, Stacia, Sunny (GRRH alumni), and Wally!

In honor of all the Golden Beginnings volunteers that work tirelessly for our dogs. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!

The Neales

In memory of my angel boy Gringo. May we all have a peaceful Christmas.
Much love to all.

From Patricia Maeso and Lolita

Merry Christmas from Scout & Piper

Gary Gusick

A huge thank you to Anne Backus, Alex Lafferty and family, and everyone at GBGRR for all that you do! We were honored to bring home our second GBGRR daughter Luna in July. She has brought us so much love and laughter. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Geoff, Angie, Luke, Liam, Liddy and Luna Lockwood

In loving memory of our sweet and sassy Lexi Lu (aka Poppy), who is deeply and endlessly missed.

The Lockwood family

Thank you Golden Beginnings for all that you do.

Gayle Kenny

From the Browns – Michelle, Charlie and Elizabeth

From Ziva (fka Lindor)

From the Royals

From Annie (fka Raven)

From the Royals

In memory of the sweetest boys: Quest and Hudson. We miss you every day!

From Redford and Echo

In loving memory of Cam Gatlin – GBGRR alum. You will always be loved and remembered.

From Winston Gatlin and Zeus Clift

Thank you for all that you do GBGRR ~ in honor of our 2014 GBGRR Adoptee #1 Golden Angel Spencer who passed away from cancer in Nov 2021 and our 2017 GBGRR Adoptee #2 Benji the “custom-sized pocket Golden” who looks NOTHING like the 40% standard poodle mix that Embark claims he is, LOL!

Tanya Pal & Family

Still love this group and all the great work you do!

Kate Martin

In loving memory of Gracie.

Jacqui Smith

In honor of Tanner and in celebration of our new Golden Beginnings girl – Lucy.

The Smiths – Gordon and Martha

Thank you for bringing Honey to us – Merry Christmas ‼️

From The Coxes – Jerry, Kay and Honey

Thank you GBGRR for all you do! In memory of our past doggies (Ben, Maggie, and Ginger)… and our cat (Corky) who we lost this year. He was just shy of 19! Merry Christmas and Cheers to a wonderful 2023!!!

Andy & Shauna Akers

Thank you Golden Beginnings for all that you do.

John and Gina

In memory of Abby aka Destiny

From Weez and Fez for the most wonderful cause.

Carmen Christine Borrett

Forever grateful to GBGRR for our babies: our beloved golden angel Jingles and our beloved golden Sophie pup.

Tres & Tania

We’re so grateful for this incredible organization! We’re thankful for all of the golden lives saved, and especially for our GBGRR alum Murphy!

From Murphy Applegate and family

Wanda Ager

In Honor of All the Great GB Volunteer


Merry Christmas and Best Wishes from Skye and Holland! Goldens have made our life Golden!

Toni & Jim Ritsema

In memory of my lovely wife. Henry and I miss her so much!

Douglas King

In loving memory of Max and our mini golden, Lenny.

Thank you, Golden Beginnings, for giving both our pups new lives. We had five wonderful, albeit short years with each pup.

Stanley and Frances Tan

Thank you to all the volunteers and adopters who make it possible to give these sweet dogs wonderful lives.
Jennifer and Charli

Jennifer Lynn Stolting

In memory of Neil James Dougherty of Cincinnati

Merry Christmas!! Love Tidwell

Love, The Hitch Family

Merry Christmas!! So, so grateful for GBGRR and everything you do. We can’t imagine life without our hairy bundle of joy, Lego.

The Harveys

In memory of all my past Golden – Gus, Rusty I, and Rusty II

Segis Lipscomb

In honor of all the dogs that GBGRR takes in and gives a second chance of finding love with their new furever family ❤️

Kurt and Cathy

In memory of Quigley, Cora and Rambo

Carol L Sweetman

David and Murf

Jeff Stys

In memory of Bridget and Louie Taake.

Barbara Taake, Harley and Vera

Gina Mosley

Thank for bringing sweet Kevin into our lives. We love him so much!!!

The McCartor Family

For Murphy

Angie & Ralph Caillier

In loving memory of Gracie. Best dog ever.

Jerry and Jacqui Smith

Goldie and Lolly

Shiloh has given me so much fun, and laughter, since January 2017. Thank you to all the hard work done by the volunteers, blessings to all. As you can see, Shiloh finds rest in different places!

Pat Quigley

In honor of Hallie, the best dog our family could ever hope to love. We are so grateful to GBGRR for bringing us together!

The Brown family

The Pierce Family

Elizabeth Kubiak

In loving memory of our beautiful Lena, and welcoming Bella to our home. Thank you to all at GB.

The Evans

In memory of Casey and Kirby, true representations of the sweetness of Golden Retrievers. Much gratitude to all in the group who work so tirelessly to save these beautiful dogs!

The Graham family

Thank you Golden Beginnings for making it possible for all these wonderful Goldens to have their new beginnings. Merry Christmas from Bella and Zachery

David and Alice Henderson

In honor of our past dogs Buddy, Patrick, and Lucky. Memories of them fill our hearts. Merry Christmas to all of the Golden owners.

Ann & Ed Scardaville

Thanks to the GBGRR volunteers for making our lives so full by two of your Golden alums.
In memory of Cody and in honor of Mazie

Linda and Ted Wu

Elizabeth Kubiak

To all our Goldens, past, present and future.
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes from Christy, Jeff and Josie!

Christine Fiehn-Mansoor

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes from Skye and Holland! Goldens have made our life Golden!

Toni & Jim Ritsema

Wishing all families of these wonderful Goldens a very Merry Christmas. “arf” Sandy and 😇Sophie

Joni and David Dodson

In loving memory of Angel Herrera and, with love for Livy Herrera and her Mom, Trish.

From Boone Galileo

In honor of Max and Boone Galileo’s Golden furiends, Livy, Boone and Birdie Patrick and, Tatum and Beckett Craig. A Golden Christmas to All🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Boone Galileo, GBGRR Alumni, 2019

In honor of Lisa, Tim, Tanner, Ryan and Sophie Bailey. Lisa and Tanner helped me with a few transports for GBGRR and Sophie was Max’s best friend. Merry Christmas!

From the Pans to the Baileys

In loving memory of Max, our first GBGRR Golden, and in gratitude for Boone Galileo (we love his DNA of Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees!). Greatest group of Volunteers in Rescue! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL🎄🎄❤️ Vickie, David & Boone Galileo

Boone Galileo, Vickie & Davif

In honor of Soleil Wilson


Buddy – the best dog ever. We miss you!

Marcia and Al

Cheers to all the wonderful GBGRR volunteers and fabulous fosters!!

The Lawrence Family

Merry Christmas from our sweet Trooper who has brought us unlimited joy over the past 12 years! Though he has a lot of white in his beard, he will forever be our sweetest boy in the world!

Ted & Char Volf

Love From Livy to Angel, Lucie, Rosie, Tom, Boone , Birdie, Travis, Pecos, Beckett, Tatum, Max, and Boone Pan and all the dogs and JOY to the world.

Trish and Livy

In memory of my good boys Scoobie, Henri, and Spenser. You brightened my life.


Joan E. Sandstrom

Sending very special Christmas wishes and blessings!

From Sulley (Jasper)

To all our Goldens, past and present – Champ, Sam, Bailey, and Tucker

The Steiner – Kim, Ross, Tucker, and Nella

Decorating with an angel in memory of our Angel who was with us from 2005 to 2015.

Roy and Alice Lively

Many thanks, prayers, and blessings to all of you who volunteer, foster, adopt, donate. Wishing you all a fabulous 2023! Love, Rechelle & Michael

The Cottage at Chappell Hill, Texas

In memory of Moose the sweetest boy ever

Nycole McMahon

Thank you for helping us add Sulley (Ranger) to our family!

The Peiffers

Mark Warren Widener

From Roux

Wanda Ager

We love our Booker! He was so shy, and now he is “the life of the party!
Thank you!!

Chloe Moore

In memory of our bestest boy Mr. Galileo.


I appreciate all you do to save these precious pups.

Debbie & Ranger

Melanie Bruzzo

Thanks for giving me my wonderful boys.

The Beaton’s

Merry Christmas from Bailey Glenn to all Golden Beginnings families.

Jim & Cheryl Glenn

May your Christmas be filled with golden memories and overflowing with love and tail wags!

From Christa & Charlie

In memory of Lance, Norman and with much love for Luke

From Mike and Karen Stewart

In honor of Suzi a GBGRR alumni and in memory of Winchester and Peanut also GBGRR babies. Blessings to this group. Merry Christmas !

Michael and Jane Kubitz

We just recently adopted our third rescue from you! Thank you for being so wonderful. Donating in memory of our Fiona and Nina as well!

From third time adopters, Jim and Stamatina in memory of Nina and Fiona

We are forever grateful for your wonderful organization and volunteers!

The Septimus Family

We Woof You a Merry Christmas!

Happy Pawlidays! Love, Lily

May all your beginnings be Golden! Merry Christmas!

The Lamberts

We are so thrilled with our Golden, Chloe. She will make this Christmas Season brighter.

The Haire Family

In honor of all the Goldens who will be going to their furever homes.

Katherine Bell

In memory of Brandy, Molly, and my sweet granddog, Maggie. Such sweet blessings, who are missed everyday. ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶

Barbara Kelley

In loving memory of Maggie (aka Sara) GBGRR 2001. She was the sweetest, most wonderful dog ever. This organization, and it’s wonderful volunteers will always hold a special place in my heart. Merry Christmas to all! 🎅🏼🐶

Karen Kelley

To the memory of Zeke and Elvis – two absolutely wonderful foster “failures”! Miss them so very very much – special friends forever!

Lucia Landt Hansen

I have three wonderful dogs gracing my life currently that might not have made it if not for Golden Beginnings (Cedar, Blakey Jake and Finn). A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers that make this rescue work! Especially the Fosters, as they are the absolute best.

The Choat Pack

In memory of our precious Bob, Gracie and Baxter, all from GBGRR – Thank you for all you do for these precious Goldens.

From our Goldens -Baxter, Bob & Gracie

The O’Donnells

I’m in awe of all the beautiful babies you save. Keep up the great job.

Ranger and family

In memory of Shadow, Grayson, and Claire. The joy they give us is beyond words as is the pain we feel when they leave us. We only have them for such a short time but they leave a paw print on our hearts forever. We miss you every day.

Jerry & Carol Goodwin

With thanks to all the staff and volunteers who make Golden Beginnings possible!

Wendy and Eric Mattson

In appreciation to Golden Beginnings for matching us with Bear in 2021. He has added so much love and joy (and entertainment!) to our lives. Thank you for all you do.

Sandi and Roy Lankford

Ollie and Molly, we will never forget you.

The Parrishws

In honor of Lauri Neale who works tirelessly for GB. Lauri fostered both Candy and Skye and I will forever be grateful for the love brought into my home by these girls. This year Lauri brought Finley into the program after we lost Trudie & Gilby – she knew just what we needed. Our family is forever changed for the better thanks to Lauri and her efforts on behalf of these dog.

Candy, Skye & Finley and our angel Trudie!

In fond remembrance of Cinnamon and Sugar, the best dogs ever. You are missed!

Mitzi Paschkes

Honoring Peyton

Ducky Baber

Remy and Rhett Robinson

Thank you for bringing Casper into our family!

The Kalluri Family

Ben wishes All the wonderful GB Volunteers an chance to just sit, breath deep and enjoy the sun. Thank you for All you do.
Also in memory of GBGRR alums Gus and Woody, we miss you so!
Merry Christmas!

Ken, Fran and Ben Braud

Thank you to Golden Beginnings for caring for all the Goldens. This donation is in memory of our Golden therapy dog, Lexi, and her sister, Koda, and in hopes for our future Golden adoptee. Merry Christmas!

The Dockray Family

In loving member of our golden angels Abby and Anni (GBGRR fka Cindy).

The Chapin Family

In loving memory of our three great goldens – Abigail, Molly, and Galen. They are always in our hearts.

In honor or our current golden Maddie.

Thank you GBGRR for bringing them into our lives!!

Dan and Sue Wisneski

In loving memory of Prissy and Penny, my two beautiful girls missed so much x

Zoë & Emily

Merry Christmas from Leo!

Denise and Jeff Anding

Thank you for all you do and blessing me with my beautiful boy, Dexter.

Michelle E

In memory of Bandit, one great dog.
We miss you, Big Guy.

Lara Gaines Family

Thanks to Golden Beginnings for all you do! We are so grateful to have Remi!
This donation is in honor of my brother in law and wife, Jim & Ferol Richardson, and their Golden, Honey
Merry Christmas!!

Mandi, John and Remi Richardson

Thank you volunteers for all your hard work. Goldens are the best!

Martha Murphy & the fur kids

So thankful for our Stetson through Golden Beginnings. He is our 5th Golden and he wants to join us in honoring Travis, Sparky, Beau and Spike (German Shorthair pointer rescue) and Maggie (special needs ..Cocker Spaniel Rescue) Each one was special and loved.

Catherine McDonnell

In memory of Mindy and in honor of Mary Alma Welch

Adelaide Biggs


In honor of Sassy

Margaret and Ralph D’Onofrio

In loving memory of my sweet and irrepressibly happy boy, Joey.

Donna Hemphill

Merry Christmas from Aggie! Truly blessed to have fostered River, Bear, and Ranger in 2022!

Burkes Family

Thank you for all you do to save these beautiful angels and give them their golden beginning.

Joanne, John & Harley Kelley

Happiest of Holidays to all of the GBGRR Volunteers and Goldens!

Jeff Paul

We couldn’t be more thankful for GBGRR over the years…we lost our sweet Tucker earlier this year, and we’ve been so lucky that we were able to have him join our lives these past 7 years. We welcomed sweet baby Calvin to our family from GBGRR this year to join our 6 year old Chase, and they are absolute best buds to each other and to our human kiddos. Thank you for all that you do GBGRR, you guys are incredible!

From Calvin and Chase

Happy Holidays to the GBGRR family!

From Christina, Dean, Ellie, Theo, and Angel Katie

In loving memory of my Fletcher and in gratitude for my Joy! Thanks to Golden Beginnings for all you do!

Mary Caprio

In memory of sweet Max and Colorado.

For my Templeton, I love and miss you everyday.

Dorothy Moore

From Sherman and in memory of his buddy Duke. Both GBGRR Alum.

In memory of all our Goldens. Bo, Flair, and Mandy. Also in honor of our new 1 year old boy Flash.

Charlotte & Russell Woodruff

In Memory of Duke. Our GBGRR friend and family member. We love and miss you. Run free Duke. You earned it!

Dave & Tina Stricklamd

In loving memory of GBRR alums, Jack and Bob.

kelly Kimberly

Thanks Golden Beginnings! We love our sweet Murphy. Merry Christmas from the Cone Family.

Carol Cone

Thank you Golden Beginnings for all that you do! Happy Holidays!


Bless you this Christmas for all you do for the Goldens

Peaches & Paisley Oliveri

Honoring all the GBGRR volunteers!

Carol Redel, the golden girls Opal and Ruby, and little Diamond

Peaches & Paisley

My wife and I lost our boy Cooper over Christmas last year – this is for him and all the furry children we have had in our lives. We miss you sweet boy!

Jason & Shari Stevens

With great appreciation for this organization and all it does to benefit dogs and people!

From the Cameron-Loving Family

Mike & Elaine Lapka

From the Grasso Family (Gian, Gio, Maria, Nelson and Kiwee), always thankful to GBGRR for Nelson; In loving memory of our beloved Bella.

The Grasso Family

In memory of my Shelby. She was a rescue from CAP and was a senior when I brought her home. She wasn’t a Golden Retriever, but had the heart of a Golden.

Diana Wilkerson

Honoring all of the volunteers that keep GB going.

Love, Lexi, Johnny & Katherine Scardasis-Finn

In memory of our golden angels Cinnamon, Moondoggy and Rusty and in honor of our 11 year old “old man,” Mardi. Thank you Golden Beginnings for 20 years of making our family complete.

The Elkins Family

In loving memory of our sweet girl Friday and thankful for our newest addition, Clyde.♥️

The Brink Family

In loving memory of our sweetest girl, Sassafras. She’s forever in our hearts.🌈💛

♥️ Megan & Denis Costello

In loving memory of Gladys and and grateful thanks for Bunny/Hannah


In memory of all my golden boys: Max, Stormy, Duke, Harris and Jack. I hope all of you are playing together over the rainbow bridge.

Hank Klein

For all the Golden people who love Golden doggies: Merry Christmas!

Lynn and Andy Neillie

In memory of my sweet boys, Bear & Tanner. I miss them both so much. XOXO

Amy Blevins

In memory of my sweet Charlie. I miss you so much.

In memory of our sweet honorary golden, Harley. Thank you for all you do for the most wonderful dogs on earth. Love, Grace Kaylie and Stella

Steve and Kathy Clark

In thanks of Lauri Neale, for helping us find our Baxter.

The Stokes Family

In Memory of Ruby, for 16+ amazing years.

The Stokes Family

In gratitude to the Lafferty’s for fostering Misty and here eleven puppies.

The Stokes family

In honor of Sophie.

Dee & David Lawrence

Thanks for all you do.

Linda Tuck

From Sally

In honor of our former fosters, Bella, Rocky and Cooper.

From the Huffmans – Brandon and Ruth

For our golden angel, Lily…
We miss you,
Beanie & Fran

Fran McTigrit

In honor of GBGRR alum, granddog, Harley and Riley. In memory of GBGRR Mattie and Holly.

Stevie Yarnick

For all the sweet babies who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge!

Donna Junker

Thank you Golden Beginnings for the beautiful work that you do. We wouldn’t have met our sweet Lola without you and our life would have been poorer without her.

From the Reges

May GBGRR exceed it’s 2022 Goal to help defray the costs of care for Goldens rescued in 2023!

Ann, Stuart and “Ridge”

From Luke Benavides

In memory of our beloved Chelsea and Val.

The Brownings

In memory of Celie, Lady and Abby

The Manleys

In honor of Mary Alma Welch

From Mindy

Thanks for all you do! You’ve helped Weatherby Goldens several times! We appreciate you!

Weatherby Goldens

Merry Christmas from Mylo a recent GBR rescue.

AL Gavenas

We miss you Jimmy Buffet and Gracie! Love Abbey and Belle!


Love our Angel and still missing our angel Winnie.
Merry Christmas from Angel, Blanca and Casey

Nancy Darst

Honoring GBGRR’s wonderful volunteers!

Lou Boxleitner

Sending all the sweet furbabies out there a happy, healthy, festive holiday season! Thank you to Golden Beginnings for saving so many sweet babies year after year!

Stefani, Robert, Oakley, Dylan, Griffin, Luke, and Meg