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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope

Each year during the winter holidays, Golden Beginnings embarks on a mission to raise much-needed funds to cover surgeries, heartworm treatment, medications and spaying and neutering of all dogs currently in the organization. Historically, our adoption fees cover about 30-40% of these costs, and we rely on donations for the rest. The annual Tree of Hope enables us work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique FUNdraiser! From gifts to ornaments to a variety of colorful lights, your contribution will adorn the beautiful tree below all through the season.

We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity and help us reach our goal of $50,000.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

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Golden Beginnings Tree of Hope 2023 - 4
I want to decorate the tree!

Tree of Hope Personal Messages from our Donors

In memory of our sweetest boy, Eli.
Merry Christmas, GBGRR!

Kathryn & Zan May

Thank you for Peach. She is amazing.

The Duncans

In memory of my precious Patty!

In memory of our precious Samantha and in honor of our wonderful Bosco.

Don & Ila Knapheide

Thank you Golden Beginnings for the gift of Dexter and for all you do!

Michelle Evans

The Billigs

In appreciation of the most loving, loyal and beautiful breed of dog that God created!


In loving memory of my Sweet Golden Angel Molly!


Thank you for all you do for the sweet goldens! Merry Christmas!

Kathy Johnson

For Ziva and Annie & in memory of Riley

The Royals

Adoption day in 2020 for my sweet Henry. We both miss Cathy very much but we continue to love her!

Doug & Henry

Thank you GBGRR!! Kevin is loved immensely 💗

The McCartor Family

Thank you Golden Beginnings for our sweet Murphy. He is so loved!
Merry Christmas!

The Cones

In memory of Mindy

Adelaide Biggs


Thank you to all the GBGRR volunteers – we are forever grateful for our precious goldens.

The Beesons

Can’t thank Golden Beginnings for our Phoebe! She is the best!

The Scanlan’s

In loving memory of Shadow, Grayson & Claire.

Jerry & Carol Goodwin

We adopted our goodest furbaby, Moksha, from GBGRR. When we met him for the first time, we fell in love instantly and just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Mahima & Moksha have also been soulmates since Day 1 – they still play bitey face daily! ☺️ Couldn’t thank this community enough for their support and kindness.

From the Happiest Furbabies – Moksha & Mahima

Thank you GBGRR for all of the wonderful years with Dexter, Charlie and now Sunshine. Thank you for all that you do.

David and Linda

In loving memory of our GBGRR angels Finn, Rosie and Maggie. Our life is infinitely better because of them.

Keo family

Warm wishes for a Happy Holiday!

Dee, David, & Sophie Lawrence

A golden angel in memory of our Angel

Roy and Alice Lively

In memory of my dear friend, Ann Burke, who volunteered with GB as a Foster, Annual Picnic coordinator and managed the Tree of Hope Fundraiser for many years. She dearly loved the golden retriever breed and will be greatly missed.

Linda Barr

In honor of Lauri Neal. A rescue angel who gives everything she has to this organization and every dog who enters the program.

Cheryl, Candy, Skye & Birdie

In memory of Abby aka Destiny

Thank you for all you do for these precious babies. My Sundae Rose brings JOY to my home every day. She and Buddy are so dear.

Linda T.

In honor of GBGRR alums, Beanie & Sawyer…best buds, living their best lives!

Fran McTigrit

Thank you for all the goldens who have brightened my world at Christmas and all year! So grateful for Hannah, Fletcher, Joy and now Brody! God bless our goldens! Mary Caprio

Mary, Joy & Brody

Thanks for all you do!

Weatherby Goldens

Merry Christmas from Joan and Fenn.

Joan E. Sandstrom

With gratitude for all of the Goldens and Goldens-at-Heart who I have had the privilege to love. Thank you Homeward Bound for helping to save all of the precious souls who walk through your door.


In honor of Zoey… the greatest gift we’ve ever received, courtesy of GBGRR! xoxoxo

The Turcottes – Laura, Michael, Olivia and Zoey!

In memory of our honorary golden, Harley, and with thanks to all who volunteer to give these pups their best life!
Love, GBGRR girls Grace Kaylie and Stella

Steve & Kathy Clark

Thank you for being such a great part of our family. Happy Holidays!!!

The Hogg-Shebaro Family

In memory of our golden friends Abigail, Molly, and Galen and in honor of our sweet golden Maddie. Thank you GBGRR for all you do!

Dan & Sue Wisneski

Ann Ziker

In loving memory of our sweet sweet boy Rusty who crossed the rainbow bridge on November 15. Thank you GBGRR for all you do!! Dogs are a gift and we were truly blessed to have Rusty in our lives.

The Dundees – Lance, Michelle, and Will

Thanks to All of GBGRR’s Dedicated Volunteers

Boxleitner Family

In Memory of our ball loving boy Galileo.

Wishing all our GBGRR family a happy and healthy holiday!

Ragan, Daniel, & Lily

The Neillies

In loving memory of my sweet Henri and all the sugar frosted senior goldens.


Merry Christmas to all, as the GBGRR family is on a roll to wrap up a successful 2023, and charges ahead toward an even bigger advocacy for these most wonderful God’s creatures and the lucky humans entrusted with their love and care!

Linda, Eric and our GBGRRs – Vita, Nera, Chia, Rea

In memory of Elsa Louise

Love Luke and Anna Rey Benavides

This is one of my very favorite organizations. I just love the amazing care and love that goes into rescuing, fostering and vetting applicants so they can adopt. Even though we moved to Colorado, my husband and I will always support GBGRR. ❤️

Anne Halick

In loving memory of Jack and Bob Kimberly


Charlma Kile

For all the love and joy our Goldens have brought us over the years.

David & Betty Kubiak

From the Mansoors – Josie, Christy & Jeff

Merry Christmas from Mylo and Shiner. May the day be filled with Tennis balls and treats

From GBR Goldens Mylo, and Shiner

Earl & Debby Springer

In loving memory of my sweet Golden Angel, Gracie. Always and Forever you will be a part of me.

With love from the Merton Family

Making spirits bright!

Miss you, Abby.

Jesse Manley

Brad Bickmore

For Griff and Cooper and Bear

In loving memory of Val and Chelsea. Forever in our hearts.

The Brownings

We are so grateful to GBGRR for all that they do and for allowing us to adopt our senior dogs, Andy, Milo, and Lady. We have loved them so much!!!

Carole and Raymond

Thank you GBGRR for all our years of Golden happiness with Oliver, Molly and currently Dakota.

The Parrishes

Thank you to GBGR R for allowing us to adopt our senior dogs Milo, Andy, and Lady. They brought so much joy to our lives.

Carole and Raymond

We are so grateful to GBG RR, for allowing us to adopt our three senior goldens Milo, Andy, and Lady
They have brought so much joy and love to our lives our the years.

Carole and Raymond

Gina Mosley & Max

In memory of Mattie, and in thanks for Jenny & Cody.

Forrest Lacy

Thank you to Golden Beginnings for all that you do! Thanks to you, so many Goldens get a second chance at a wonderful life!!

Stefani, Robert, Oakley, Dylan, Griffin, Luke, and Meg