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Golden Circle Latte Challenge

In the two decades since GBGRR was founded, we have relied on your generosity to help us rescue, rehabilitate, and connect dogs with new, loving homes. Many of you are faithful supporters who contribute to our cause every year.

We are especially grateful for those who believe so deeply in our work that they have decided to become monthly donors. Recurring contributions provide Golden Beginnings the consistency year-round to save as many dogs as we can.

Golden Beginnings’ Golden Circle is an exceptional group of people who provide the strength and stability to help us continue our work. From saving shelter dogs and stray, abused animals, rescuing mothers and their young from puppy mills, or providing emergency shelter during times of crisis such as Hurricane Harvey, GBGRR’s volunteers will answer the call for help.

Would you be willing to give up a few lattes each month to help a Golden? Here’s how your recurring donations will make a difference:
Latte Challenge graphic-2024

We ask you to consider becoming a member of the Golden Circle with your recurring monthly donation. Everyone who joins will receive a special Golden Circle decal. For more information, call 281-480-4942 or email info@gbgrr.org. Thank you for your continuing support of Golden Beginnings!