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Golden Tails

We had to help Ms Sydney over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. After a massive seizure with her bad hips / arthritis and other problems it was time at 14 yrs. Run free baby girl… Read more

We lost our beautiful angel Penny, on January 7th.  She joined us not quite two years ago, bringing with her a joyful spirit, big brown happy eyes, and that endearing smile. Loving you always, Mom & Dad… Read more

Jingles was my first dog to foster when she was a year old, and we officially adopted her on my birthday in May 2010.  Needless to say, fostering was the best thing I ever failed at!  She was happiness personified, wrapped up in layers of fluff. She had several nicknames on rotation: Jingle Bell, Bells… Read more

In memory of our beloved, Vegas, and in honor of our 3 “dragons”, Sweet Tea, Sassy, and Finn… Read more

In memory of my angel in heaven, Cooper… Read more

In memory of our girl Dixie, chasing balls at the bridge with Lily, Oakley and Max. We miss you every day… Read more

In honor of our GBGRR Goldie. Our sweet girl is such a joy… Read more

In honor of my baby Moby, diagnosed with liver cancer today. 😢… Read more

Give to Golden Beginning… Read more

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