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Volunteer Agreement

To complete our volunteer process, please review and sign the agreement below.


  • Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. values and appreciates our volunteers. The more volunteers working with us the more dogs we can rescue. Years of rescue experience has taught us that some basic rules for proper care will make the transportation and volunteer experience safe and successful for the dogs rescued. Before you volunteer, we ask that you review these rules and sign below by electronic signature to indicate that you agree to abide by the rules.
    • Dogs will not be placed in dangerous situations (i.e., riding in an open pick-up truck or left unattended in a car).
    • Dogs will be kept in a secure area when not under supervision, preferably in a crate or kennel run that will ensure its safety and the safety of your family, your animals and your property.
    • Dogs will be properly fed, given water, groomed, exercised and socialized.
    • Dogs will not be allowed off leash except in a secured fenced area of your property and you will not use chains or tie-outs as a substitute for exercise.
    • Golden Beginnings Retriever Rescue, Inc. (hereinafter, referred to as “GBGRR”) will not be responsible for illness of or injuries to people, pets, or for loss of or damage to property resulting from the failure to follow these rules.
    • Dogs will remain the property of GBGRR until formally placed in an adoptive home.
    • Dogs will always wear the ID tag supplied by GBGRR.
  • I attest that I understand the important issues addressed in these rules. I agree to adhere to the conditions and requirements of this agreement.

    I affirm that I have never been charged with animal cruelty, and that I am not, nor have ever been an animal dealer or broker. I hereby authorize our veterinarian to disclose medical information to the representative of GBGRR.

    I hereby agree to volunteer my services or facilities to GBGRR. I acknowledge and understand that the dogs involved in GBGRR’s program may be untrained or unhealthy, and that GBGRR makes no representations whatsoever regarding the dog’s temperament, health (including the presence or absence of diseases transmissible to humans or other animals), age, ability, attitude or obedience skills.

    I agree to assume all risks relating to working with GBGRR dogs. I hereby release GBGRR, its officers, directors, members, participants, volunteers and affiliates (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “GBGRR Participants”) from any and all claims, actions, liabilities, damages and costs of any kind (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Claims and Costs”) arising out of transportation, fostering or any other activity with GBGRR or dog connected with GBGRR. If anyone in my household, or any business or social visitor to the household, makes a claim, I will indemnify, defend and hold GBGRR and the GBGRR Participants harmless for such Claims and Costs.

    I consent to conduct business electronically. I have read this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions represented herein. By typing or signing my name in the Electronic Signature space provided, it shall have the same legal force and effect as my handwritten signature.
  • Please use your mouse or finger to sign.
  • NOTICE: Once you click Submit, please do not close, refresh or click away from this page/form until it loads. You will be redirected to Thank You page and will receive confirmation of your form submission via email. If you do not get redirected and you do not receive a confirmation, that means your form did not go through. Thank you for making sure it loads before closing it.
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