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Jingles was my first dog to foster when she was a year old, and we officially adopted her on my birthday in May 2010.  Needless to say, fostering was the best thing I ever failed at!  She was happiness personified, wrapped up in layers of fluff. She had several nicknames on rotation: Jingle Bell, Bells, Fuzz, Super Fuzz, Peanut Butter-Banana Monster, Piglet, Baby Girl, Angel, Golden Dog, Bug…just to name a few.  Just saying her name brought a smile to my face.  She was my “heart” dog, and helped my husband and me through life during the most trying of times.  Truly the sweetest, most cuddly dog and adored by everyone she met; I even got to bring her to my office on occasion, where she was an absolute favorite.  She loved walks at the park, where she expected everyone to pet her and be her friend, treats (especially peanut butter and cheese), her stuffed animals (which she never chewed up, just cleaned them like they were her babies), snuggling every night with her mama and making this high-pitched squeaking sound to tell you how happy she was (this had a way of making you feel so loved!).  It’s been nearly 6 months since she went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I’m still struggling to write about her through tears; there are no words that can encapsulate the pure joy, endless unconditional love and genuine companionship she gave us daily. We miss her to the moon and back again. Her golden spirit we will treasure forever, but as a dear friend told me: “Your heart will always have a chip in the shape of Bells.” Our home is empty and our hearts even more so.  We are waiting patiently for our beloved angel pup to send us another fur baby like her.  Thank you, GBGRR, for our best friend.


-Jingles’ Mom and Dad

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  • Vivian Domanoski February 10, 2019

    We have had 5 golden. 2 were adopted,the rest we had from pups. We sat with them through the end and will never stop loving any of them. My heart goes out to you but try to remember the good times!

  • Frankie Jim Bockman April 14, 2019

    You were so blessed getting to share life with Jingles. She has left you with so many sweet, good memories…cherish them – we do ours! We have two Goldens now, but all together we have had 8
    Goldens – 4 came from Golden Beginnings, 3 we got as puppies, and one we heard about a 3-month old Golden puppy that was not being loved nor receiving care of – we drove where he was and rescued him – 2 days later , he came down with Parvo and we almost lost him, had to have him isolated with our Vet – luckily, he came out of it and is now a huge 80+ lb 18 month old loving everyone and so full of energy, life, and lots of love! Don’t wait too long to get another Golden – there is a special Golden out there just waiting for you to love and for her to give you all her unconditional love and joy . You won’t forget Jingles, but you add more love memories in your heart! God Bless You!

  • Tisha January 9, 2020

    Jingles is beautiful, I am trying to track a Golden Retriever from 2012.

    • Tisha January 9, 2020

      We g
      Have a nice home with lots to love. We would very much like to have Jingles!

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