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Our lovely sweet Ollie (Oliver to you) left us this week.  If you remember, thanks to you Cil he was brought back to life after some years of near death.  We had him for almost ten wonderful years which would have made him 14 this coming December.  He had heart issues for about a year so we knew it would happen sometime soon, though he was a happy dog taking all his meds every day but an abscessed tooth finally did him in. I am not sure who  was the most upset, Norman and I or our wonderful vet Sean Wilkins at VCA.  He has kept Ollie in good shape all these years!

Ollie was described by one of our friends as a beautiful, majestic, wonderful dog who loved everybody, except possibly the landscaper and potential burglars – he had a fierce bark!  Molly (Jody to you) is 11 now and doing fine health-wise but mourning for her dear friend.

We hope Ollie is happy with all the other wonderful Goldens on Rainbow  Bridge!

Thank you for sharing him with us.

Mary Matteson Parrish


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