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We are heartbroken to say that our sweet Patrick has passed away.  As his seizures became more frequent, he had difficulty walking. It was so sad to see him decline so rapidly.  As recently as last August he was hiking miles and miles with us in Colorado each day with no problem.

Buddy sensed something was wrong with Patrick and was very sweet and gentle with him.  Buddy has been depressed in the last few days since Patrick has gone, as he knows he has lost his best friend.

We are going to try to forget the last 6 months and to remember Patrick by his sweet goofiness of the past.  He always greeted us at the door with a shoe or stuffed animal in his mouth swinging his hips back and forth and would play Keep Away with us.  He loved to wrestle and also play Tug o War with the rope with Buddy or our foster dogs and slide them across the floor.  Patrick never met a dog or human that he didn’t like.  He was especially affectionate and gentle with small children.  We would bring our dogs to restaurants or wineries in the Austin area and everyone would come over and pet our dogs and talk to us.  They were the life of the party.  Patrick loved hiking with us on our vacations.   He also loved swimming in the pool or lake (mostly chasing ducks).  He was such a happy, silly dog.  We are going to miss him so much.  But I do think he had a happy, fun life with us.

Ann & Ed Scardaville


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