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Pilgrim - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

It is with sad and heavy hearts we wanted to let you know we had say goodbye to our beloved Golden companion, friend and family member Pilgrim last week. After short battle with eating and stomach problems the veterinarian found a huge mass in his stomach. We made the difficult decision to help him to the Bridge.

Pilgrim was a sweet and loving boy that never failed to greet us at the door and always liked to settle in for a nap somewhere close by. Naps and meal time were his favorite times of the day.
Pilgrim first came to us around Thanksgiving of 2008 as a foster. At the time he was a skinny and very sick boy. He had pneumonia, stiches from an embedded collar and was one giant hot spot. He was also heartworm positive. We nursed him through the medical issues and heartworm treatment. My wife spent many long nights sitting with him during his recovery time. He eventually recovered and became a healthy happy boy.

In 2009, he was adopted by one of our previous adopters and we said a tearful goodbye and wished him the best in his new life. About a year later the family called to ask if they could return Pilgrim to GBGRR because of a change in their family circumstances. Of course we immediately agreed to take him back. When they brought Pilgrim back to us he trotted in the house, said hello to our other Golden, Dozer and plopped down like he was home again. We decided right then he wasn’t going anywhere else. About a year ago we rescued a little mixed breed puppy that was in dire need of help named Scooter. Pilgrim and Scooter became great friends and were always together.

Pilgrim was a funny and sweet guy that loved to lean on you to get a good head scratch. He never failed to make us laugh with his antics and quirks. Our home is very empty without him and his little friend Scooter seems lost without him. He will always be in out hearts and will be missed forever. Rest well sweet boy until we meet again.
Barbara and Stacy Holly

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