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Rudy - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

Rudy came to us in February 2009. We tried other names on him but always came back to Rudy, as in Valentino. He was a lover boy all the way, even at times insisting I hold his paw while I ate supper. He was always in the way, always looking for food, and always hoping someone would pet him. He’d nudge us to get attention. He posed along with our youngest son for senior pictures. He loved to chase balls, but might retrieve it once in twenty times we threw it. He’d lie down in protest at walks. But he always, always loved us and gave our family so many happy memories. And he touched many more lives than just ours. So many friends were deeply saddened when he left us on July 28. There’s a huge Golden-shaped hole in our lives and we miss him more than he’ll ever know

Mary Hamilton
July 2017

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