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You didn’t leave us in winter with its deep blanket of snow all around.

You didn’t leave us in the spring as tender green shoots push through warm soil toward the sky.

You didn’t leave us in the warm hazy lazy dog days of summer. The dog days were yours to enjoy.

But in the autumn when the cool crisp winds blew and leaves fell all around, you flew like a bird into the hands of God.

We miss you every moment.

We cry all the time.

We call your name and dream that you are still here, finding in surprise that your bed is empty. The house is too quiet without you here. Life is a little darker, sadder, more drab and lonely without you our darling boy.

But we honor your life and what a great life you had! We were lucky to have had you with us for ten years. A decade of joy. Funny, silly times, like the first time you saw snow. We had never seen a dog do crazy eights like that. Round and round that big back yard you went! We cherish all the memories you gave us and all the love we can never repay.

We love you more than words can tell.

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  • Fran Damon November 20, 2020

    They are never with us long enough and even though you know its coming, it takes your breath away. The house is so lonly the first time you return home and they are not there to greet us. But take comfort in all the memories of your sweet sweet friend. They are shortly in our lives, but forever in our hearts.

  • Christie Fox November 20, 2020

    Sammy inspired smiles everywhere he went. Sammy had a very special and amazing way with children. He will forever be known as THE Best Boy Ever by my household. ❤

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