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We are heartbroken – today we helped Watson, our Super Senior over Rainbow Bridge. Watson came to Golden Beginnings about 9 months ago, he was barely 54 pounds and very anemic. It took two months to get him healthy enough to get vaccinations and neutered. Once we thought we got him healthy enough to be adopted out. We discovered he had lymphoma, so he became a forever foster.

We have lots of memories of Watson being a bit of a ladies man, “hitting on” practically every female he met at the GB Picnic. He was a Sassy Guy, who played you for whatever he wanted. I adored him and my family and I were blessed to have him in our lives. We celebrated his good days and helped him over his hard days. He will be missed and forever loved. I am so grateful that GBGRR  allowed my family to foster him through his journey. Watson will be forever in our hearts.

–Allie Katz

Watson. I remember the text months ago from Nellie that went something like, “Hey Katy, I’ve got this golden…” The pictures that followed were of a VERY senior golden retriever laying in his kennel who had given up.

Golden Beginnings immediately responded to my message about him and said to get him to a vet. Roll forward a bit, and Watson wins the lottery in foster homes when he met Allie Katz and her family. Watson was the subject of more Facebook posts, I believe, than any other family member, fur or human. He went on car rides, on school drop offs, hung out by the pool, attended Rescue events, and won the hearts of everyone he met. Allie, I have no words to express how thankful I am for you and your family for making Watson the true member of your family that he so desperately needed to be.

Thank you Nellie, Donja, and Wendy for getting Watson out of the shelter and to me. Thank you Altas Palmas Animal Clinic and Dr. Dittman for starting Watson on his road to being as healthy as he’d be able to be. Biggest thank you (inclusive of Allie) to the team at Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue – Amanda and Kathy for responding without hesitation to give Watson his golden beginning; Lauri for all things medical; Donna for always being the hero transporter and meeting me with him; Andrea for finding rock stars for a foster family; and anyone else who let this boy truly “live”.

Heaven gained a beautiful old soul.

–Katie Wirth

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