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This is Aubrey. A little more than three years ago her owner decided she wasn’t worth keeping. She was in poor health, had a benign tumor at the base of her tail which would require surgery, and appeared to have been kept outside her entire life. She was in rough shape. Enter Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue. Through kindness of strangers and donations to GBGRR, Aubrey was able to receive the veterinary care she so desperately needed. This was March of 2015.

Jennifer and I drove to Kingwood to meet her in her sad state of health. She was beyond sweet, and you could tell she was never really exposed to toys, love from people, etc. But, she absolutely adored other dogs. So, after meeting her and thinking it over, we made the decision to adopt her, along with Max, who was another senior available at GBGRR.

Aubrey was pretty quiet, kept to herself, but loved the occasional head scratch. Oh, and did she ever get excited for food. Any food. Shocking, I know. Over the last three years, we showered her with love, affection, a healthy diet and as much exercise as she could stand. We believe she was a puppy mill mother, as her hind leg muscles were very weak from atrophy. She loved her bed, rolling in the grass (and snow!) and sniffing all types of flowers and mulch.

We said goodbye to her today as she was probably 14 years of age, but fighting some pretty aggressive cancer. Our hearts are heavy and we miss her dearly. I write this to encourage others to adopt these amazing seniors. They know what you are doing for them and they are incredibly grateful. RIP sweet Aubrey.

Tony & Jennifer Prock

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  • Sylvia Griffith February 12, 2022

    Thank you for giving Aubrey the loving environment she (and all dogs) deserved. I am certain that when she left this world she was in a contented and peaceful state.

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