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Our hearts are broken to tell you that we have lost Buddy.  It actually happened about 3 weeks ago just before we were leaving out of the country for a long trip, and I just couldn’t bear to write this at that time.  He did make it for about a month longer than the vet had estimated.  It is just awful to have lost 2 great dogs in a matter of 6 months.  It is like the end of an era.

Buddy was the best dog ever (I know I am biased and we all think that about our dogs).  But he really was the best, best dog that either of us have ever had in our lives (Patrick was a very close tie).  Buddy was a very good natured, mentally balanced, extremely loyal, affectionate, and athletic dog.   He loved to run, swim, and retrieve the ball.  We took both Buddy and Patrick to lots of outdoor restaurants and wineries up in the Hill Country and they were very popular.  Everyone, young and old, would come up to us and pet our dogs and talk to us.  We met so many people because of both of them.  Buddy also loved to go on long hikes with us and even had his own back pack for our Colorado trips. The last picture was from last year where we hiked just outside of Rocky Mountain NP with both dogs.  He could still hike us both into the ground, even at his ripe old age.

Buddy and Patrick really loved each other.  They would wrestle and play keep away with each other all the time.  They were totally opposites, personality wise…Patrick being silly and goofy and Buddy more interested in doing ball, pool, or running activities, but their bond with each other was strong.  It was so cute seeing them lay on top of each other on our car trips back and forth from the Austin area. And they always slept with a paw touching each other.

In the last year or so, Buddy started a new game at our 2nd home in the Hill Country where we have a long sloped driveway.  We would throw the ball up hill and he would run up the driveway after it.  Then instead of bringing to back to us, he would set the ball on the driveway and nudge it with his nose so it would roll down the driveway 50 feet below right to us, and then we would throw it back up for him to do it again.  He had all the angles down perfectly like a pool shark, and knew exactly where to place the ball so it would come exactly to us.  He played a similar game on the stairs too.  Also, in the pool, when we got tired of throwing him the ball to retrieve, he had his own game where he dropped the ball into the pool jets.  It would float out in the water about 10 feet or so.  Then he would swim out to get the ball, do a few circle laps, and come back to the stairs and do it again…over and over.  He loved the pool and his ball and would sleep next to it.  He spent his last day sitting on the stairs of the pool, wanting to swim, but too weak to do so.

We loved both of our dogs so much, and they loved each other.

Ann & Ed Scardaville


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