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Toby was everything you expect in a Golden Retriever. He was full of joy and never knew a stranger. He smiled when excited and insisted on holding the leash in his mouth when taken out for walks. For the last 10 months, Toby came to work with me every day and he quickly became a beloved part of Herbst Veterinary Hospital. Our own mascot in a way. Each day he would sit in my office smiling at the staff as they filed in periodically to give him belly rubs, and he greeted our patients as they passed through our facility. He also spent time in schools and day cares, educating kids of all ages about veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. He instantly stole my heart and became family to me and many others in Boerne Texas. I have always had and loved Goldens, but there was something unique about Toby that made him extra special. I do not know how his story began, but since Golden Beginnings brought us together nearly one year ago, it was filled with adventure and endless love. Our time together was shorter than we both hoped, but each moment was full enough to last a lifetime. Thanks GBGRR for our Golden beginning!

Dr. Kristyn Kimball

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