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D’Lilah Belle

D'Lilah - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

Thank you for your well wishes at the time of our loss of little golden angel D’Lilah Belle (Eleanor), one month ago, March 14. We hoped to do everything possible to extend and make her remaining life healthy, secure and overly loved every day she was going to have. We just never know the number that God gives us for our little golden angels.

D’Lilah had adapted and accepted us so fully and lovingly that we thought she was going to have many more days with us. Sorrowfully, the condition affecting her heart did not allow our wishes and hopes to be fulfilled. That did not diminish our love we did share, nor have our wonderful memories and thoughts of our little sweet girl who danced her Friday Special Dance and nuzzled each and every morning’s wakeup been lessened. We know now she does not suffer to breathe or have chest pain, and we will see D’Lilah over the RAINBOW BRIDGE, with our Baby Dog, our Fannie Mae, our Gracey, and Angel Meghan.

We are truly thankful for everyday and every beautiful memory of our 33 years of Rescue Golden Retrievers.
Gary and Rita Gilbert

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