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Joey - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

March 24, 2017 I lost my wonderful Joey. He was the sweetest, most handsome, happiest dog a person could want. Even though he was only 8 when he passed he had a full and joyous life. His favorite things were riding in the golf cart, swimming, and playing with his lab brother. They played until they were so tired and exhausted all they could do was lay on the floor and paw at each other. Joey even enjoyed going to the vet for his chemo treatments. Sometimes the vet would have to sedate him for his treatment because his tail wagged so much his whole body wiggled.

Joey - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow BridgeIf anyone is considering chemotherapy for their dog, I recommend it. It gave me 10 extra months with Joey. He tolerated it very well and only felt sick a few days after the first two treatments. He had 12 treatments (one a week) and then was in remission. We did all the things I think would have been on his “bucket list.” When he did lose the battle it was sudden and somewhat unexpected. I will miss my gentle and loving boy tremendously.

Donna Hemphill

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