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06 August 2017 was really a rather bad day: hemorrhaging, not feeling good, and just laying around. I stayed with Kayenta all night long. At 5am, she and I slowly walked outside like we always did mornings – but not today – normally I’d sit on the patio while we played run & fetch with one of her balls. Then she would explore around the place checking for clues if a squirrel or gopher, or some other animal had been someplace in her yard during the night. This day, she and I stayed out there until 7ish. We watched the darkness turn into a hazy dawn lightness, we did see lightning in the distance and knew we were in for a rainstorm eventually if lucky – so we slowly went back inside. We napped a bit, drank a lot of water and with very sad eyes, she told me it was time to take her to the Vet to be put to sleep.

As with our other Golden Girls, I had been praying that she would fall asleep and just simply not wake up. But for the 7 Goldens we have had, we have never been blessed with the easy way – and always had to experience euthanasia for each of those wonderful, very much loved, sweet, loyal, happy Golden Girls. So, at 1pm, we took Kayenta to our Vet in Floresville – he came out to Yuki (my Yukon) and gave her the final shot. She will never have to have another shot. We all cried for a while, then John Wm and I drove her home. He now is out where all the others are buried, digging a resting place for our Kayenta…she was 12 years, 3 months and 6 days old. I told Kayenta I would pick out a star and it would be her star – as I would also pick a star for each of our other Golden Girls – all lost to cancer. Kayenta died of cancer of a Sinus Cavity and Lymphoma. I pray there soon will be found a cure for the horrible cancers that seem to be predominate within the loving, wonderful Golden Retriever breed. I thank God for blessing us with that wonderful Girl’s life – she gave us so very, very much – and I keep thinking GOD spelled backward is DOG. RIP Kayenta!!! You took a part of our hearts with you! Much, Much Love, Mom and Dad.

We wrapped her in one of her doggie bed sheets, put in one of her favorite balls, and a big bag of popcorn that she dearly loved. We adopted and were truly blessed by Kayenta on 19 November 2005 from Golden Beginnings; we were also blessed by all three Golden Beginnings Rescues that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge; we are extremely fortunate and blessed to have Laney still with us also from Golden Beginnings.

Mr. John Wm and Mrs. Frankie Jim Bockman, Stockdale, Texas
August 2017

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