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Fourteen or so years ago, we adopted a Golden Retriever from your organization. He came to us as Guthrie but we called him Gus. On 08/10/17 we had to put him down. We estimate he was at least 16 years old.

Of course we miss him so much already. This note is to say Thank You for bringing such a beautiful animal into our lives. He has meant the world to us and been a wonderful part of our marriage.

I presume you as an organization always hope that when an animal is adopted that they go to a forever home. Please know that Gus did and was cared for and loved each day of his long life.

He leaves behind two cats and they keep looking for him. Like us, they will eventually settle into the new reality. Thanks for all you do for animals and for what you did for us.

Amy & Kurt Schellenberg

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