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Laney Lou

We are brokenhearted…So very sadly, we lost our precious, troubled beautiful little blonde GOLDEN GIRL, Miss Laney, on 21 September, at 12:49 P.M.

Before we adopted the lovely Miss Laney, she had unfortunately not had a loving, happy existence…she had been abused and really had such a hard time fully trusting or letting her guard down enough to enjoy life. We understood her difficulties, and were very patient with her, but felt that we were so very blessed with her becoming a member of our family.

When she could relax from her anxieties/fears, she would play only for short periods of time, and then go off alone and just lie down and watch the other Goldens playing and having a good time. When we first got Laney Lou she had a lump close to her mammary glands – it is what eventually did her in.

She was so insecure and she seemed to be watchful as to when she was going to be hurt again or shuttled to another place to live. She was just starting to be at ease and comfy with us here on the farm, and she was ready to let go of her fears, when she was diagnosed with mammary gland cancer. Our Vet told us she had a month or two. We brought her home, loved her, tried to make her life as normal, easy, and happy as she so deserved.

She had a little over a year more with us. We called her Laney Lou and she adored John Wm, not me, as we originally wanted to adopt Laney for me, but she chose John Wm.  She loved to jump in John’s pickup and go for a ride with him. Often, she would put her muzzle on his knee and just rest during their ride, or else she would be standing up on the console looking at everything she could see. She was always ready to go for a ride. She enjoyed living out here on our farm and had become an “expert squirrel chaser!” She never chased the goats, chickens or guineas, but she did have a curiosity about the guineas in particular and would spend much time watching them, that is until a squirrel distracted her from her watch, and she would take off after the squirrel leaving her “guinea watch” for a more exciting adventure.

We buried our gorgeous Laney Lou out on the rise of our front yard. She is there with our other Goldens of years past, several cats, two kids (baby goats), and a beautiful paint donkey. Little Buckaroo misses you too, Laney. He was lost at first without you – as you were his mentor- and he still looks for you!

Run, play, and enjoy your new pain-free life over the Rainbow Bridge, Miss Laney Lou! We love you, we will always remember you, and we miss you so much!

Much Love to Golden Beginnings for the many years of loyal, loving, awesomely beautiful GOLDEN hearts each has given us!  We have had GOLDENS from puppies and loved them so much as well – Aspen, Little Missy, Colorada, Lily, and now Little Buckaroo.  The GOLDENS we have adopted from Golden Beginnings blessed and enriched our lives so much – Arizona (your Muffy), Hanna (your Annie), Kayenta, and Laney. RIP and RUN, RUN, RUN Laney Lou!

Much Love, John Wm & Frankie Jim Bockman, Stockdale, Texas

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  • Helen Cox Plumbley May 23, 2021

    Loved your article about Laney Lou, your beloved golden. (A grandson’s girl-friend’s name is Laney). Haven’t heard from you lately, so am worried. Assume
    you’re in baby-goat season? If you get this, let me know you’re OK…Love & hugs, Helen in Missouri, GHS ’53

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