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My wonderful Libby, “June’s Miss Liberty”, AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog, passed away March 15, 2022. Our life together was one grand adventure.

She came to me as a foster on 4/10/16, starved, sad, dog bitten, and frightened. Still so needy, I adopted her on 5/18/16. Over the next several months she blossomed! Beautiful coat, wagging tail, and personality galore!

We traveled between Houston and Florida, where she loved to run and play. She even kissed a manatee—twice! She watched dolphins, chased birds, and adopted a stray swan who swam up to stay with us a while. The neighbors were all friends whose homes she frequented.

I broke my back in 2018, just before Therapy Dog classes were to start. Libby sat patiently by my side, and we were able to resume classes in 2019. She aced the training! Libby was the smartest dog I’ve ever seen. She adored her therapy visits to rehab and nursing homes, libraries, special venues, schools, and a church. She’d go into therapy mode if she saw someone in a wheelchair or walker, or sensed that she could be of service.

From Georgia to Alabama, Biloxi to St. Augustine, she was at home in restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing venues. She even spent a weekend in an Orlando Hotel’s Presidential Suite!

Libby LOVED her stuffed toys and greeted everyone with one in her mouth. She loved visitors and visiting, and everyone loved her.

On her last day, flowers arrived with a note: “To the luckiest dog ever and the luckiest owner.”

It was MY honor to know her, love her, and have her grace my life.

“Rest in peace, my sweet girl.”

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  • Barbara Sabella April 10, 2022

    I will miss her. She won the lottery when June decided to keep her. Rest in peace, sweet girl. It waa a privilege to know you.

  • Lena April 10, 2022

    I was privileged to have met Libby when she and June visited my long term care facility. Libby was a unique bright eyed soul who loved everyone she met here. May her memory be eternal!🙏🌈🧡🦋🐾

  • Pam April 11, 2022

    God blessed June when he placed Libby in her care. June helped heal Libby,
    Libby then learned her true nature, to also help those in need.
    Faithful beyond measure.

  • Jonnette April 11, 2022

    My ‘niece’ Libby loved everyone (except my Lucy pie!) and charmed her way into everyone’s heart! She waltzed into my sister’s living room and straight into her heart!! She will be greatly missed!

  • Allison June 28, 2022

    Liberty, Libby, Lib-lette, my favorite fur cousin. She was and is amazing! I can see her romping around in the meadows of heaven….We will all meet again… and if not, I’m not going!

  • Fran Braud December 15, 2023

    I met you tonight at Bellingrath’s Garden and had to look up Libby.
    What an Angel! 💕🐾

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