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Luna (aka Macy) came into our lives August 17, 2013.  She was a rescue from Brownsville.  We met her at the Meet and Greet at Petco.  We were so excited to have her that we did not ask if she rode well in a vehicle or what she was used to eating.  She loved going for car rides and was a great traveler.

She must have had a tough young life when I discovered how scared she was of a broom and to have her rump patted.  She loathed cats to the extent that she would try to pull your arm off if she spotted a cat.  Thanks to her trainer, Ms. Judy, she overcame most of her fears and ignored cats the last years of her life.  Did I mention she did not like to walk on wet grass and puddles?

We miss her being in the midst of whatever we were trying to work on.  As sad as we are, we are grateful her suffering was not long.  We fill our emptiness with her memory.  Thank you GBGRR for bringing her into our lives.

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