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Sunny crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 10, 2020.  We adopted Sunny (fka Brooke) from Golden Beginnings in June, 2010.  Sunny was the sweetest girl ever.  She had a rough start and remained scared of any sudden movements.  Sunny had mange and no one wanted to adopt her.  We thought she would be the perfect addition to our home.  After months of treatments she became the most gorgeous dog.  We never saw Sunny without a toy in her mouth.  She was the biggest velcro dog ever and a true homebody.  She was happiest just being in the house.  We could always find her curled up in our big chair.  Our hearts are broken and we miss her terribly.  We know that she is playing with her best pal, Addie, and is no longer sick.
Thank you Golden Beginnings for bringing her into our lives and allowing us to adopt her.
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