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His story began in an Arkansas puppy mill. In 2004, Golden Beginnings was one of a number of Golden Retriever rescue groups throughout multiple states to take in the scared, neglected animals from this mill. We were matched with “Redford” because we were seeking a companion dog for our female Golden. We stipulated that this male Golden had to be gentle because our previous male had doted on the rescue cat Rascal. Redford was indeed gentle; in fact, so much so, that he was the shyest Golden we have ever owned (he was our 8th rescue). Because of the imprinting of that horrible first year in the puppy mill, he was frightened of everything, particularly males, bouncing balls, social confusion, and storms. In our 13 years of loving this sweet, kind, gentle dog, it took months before he could trust us, five years before he looked us in the eye, and at least as many years before strangers could pet him. He was the ultimate “omega dog”—so willing to follow his companion dog. He simply wanted to be in the pack. We loved him so. He taught us so much about patient love and building trust. We love you, Redford.

Lynn and Andy Neillie

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