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I adopted Jax from Golden Beginnings in 2005.  I never changed his name cause it fit him so well.  We called him Jaxie too.

Very sadly he passed away a few weeks ago.  He had a tumor & was having seizures.

I just want to let y’all know that he was the best dog I’ve ever had.  He’s had 2 brothers & 1 sister.  One of his brothers passed away a few years ago.  We have many cats & certainly knew which ones did not belong to us.  We said he was the sheriff cause he’d run those cats off.  He didn’t hurt them though.  He did kill a chicken one time (haha).

It was hard watching Jax get old but he hung in there for a long time.  The vet even said he was spunky for his age.  I want to say that he was about 14 years old.  I would always look at him & point my finger to him & say “Your my #1”.  I loved him so so much…..I’m always going to miss him!!!!  I so grateful that he was in our lives.

Lynn Sixkiller

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