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Reese - Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue - Rainbow Bridge

July 7, 2017 would have been the tenth anniversary of the happiest day of our lives. It would have marked the day I picked up a new boy to GB from Auburn kennel. Unfortunately this year on April 22, we had the saddest day, when we had to let that beautiful boy, our Reese, cross the bridge. The only word to describe him was perfect.

He was and always will be the most perfect boy. We are heartsick, heartbroken and miss him with a physical ache. I only wish that those of you who got to know him will remember him with love and a smile, because each and every day we had him he made us smile. We will always love and miss you beautiful boy, our Reese, until we are together again.

Love, Toni ,Jim & Callie

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