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“What a boy”! That was our joyful call to Buddy every day. It made his Dad and I laugh to see his Golden smile take over his stellar face. Buddy and all his friends are running free in God’s garden, on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge. We have so many wonderful memories of Buddy. It makes me smile when I remember he loved watermelon.

I wake in the morning ready to see his face staring at me from the foot of the bed as if to say “Let’s eat, I’m starving!”

He had so many funny and endearing ways.

He loved girl cats, not boys….go figure!

He also earned his Therapy badge. We visited retirement homes, nursing homes. A visit to the airport proved problematic. The sound of the carts that took passengers to their gate caused him to whine pitifully and end up in a panic. After that, no more airport visits, but he loved visiting the nursing homes.

You are forever in my heart dear Buddy. Run free!

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