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Our beautiful, fun loving, playful and barking pup Murphy, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 10, 2019.  From the moment we were blessed to adopt him from Golden Beginnings, until 11 years later, he was a joy and loved by all who met him.  At the time I adopted him, I specifically requested a puppy.  We had 2 cockatiels, and I felt a puppy would adapt best to the birds, and I was right. Murphy would follow me to the cages the birds were in, watch me feed them, give them water, but never, ever, bothered them.  The birds and squirrels in the yard were another story, he was sure they were there for him to shoo away!

Murphy, aka, Hudson, was a homebody.  He would go for a walk, 3 houses down, then jump up, take his leash in his mouth, and pull till he was brought back home.  He loved walking people to their cars when they would leave our house, and before they reached their cars, Murphy would grab his leash and head for our front door.  He was gentle with all babies, and my Grandchildren adored him.  Cadence, my Granddaughter, nicknamed him Fluffy.

We took him to our annual week-long vacation in Surfside where he enjoyed the sun, greeting everyone who spent time with us there, and sleeping on the deck on the breezy evenings.  Murphy didn’t like the water, even when we took him to the Golden picnic.  All the other Goldens would romp in the water; Murphy stood close by us.  He was timid around other dogs and was happy to stay home, while I attended the picnic and represented him.  He would “help” do the laundry, knowing he would get a treat for his help, and if you happened to walk into the laundry room for any other reason, guess who was waiting for a treat?

We always felt Murphy was more like a person, than a dog, and I think he felt the same way.  I have been retired 2 years and got to spend even more time with him, and for that I am grateful.  When I worked, I came home every day for lunch to be with Murphy and let him run in the yard.  When my friend Colleen came home, his day was made!  He barked with joy as she walked in the door, and of course this called for a treat, which he got.

He touched so many lives, was loved by so many, and certainly missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him.  We miss him so very much, but we know he is pain free and above the thunderstorms he didn’t like.  Being the homebody that he is, I know in my heart, he searched and found my son in Heaven and they are together.

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