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Murphy came into our lives as an 18 month old foster in 2010 and we soon became foster failures.  He was so sweet and easy and I delayed posting him on our website, knowing we had to adopt him.  He was a fun loving boy who loved to hunt “lizzies” of which he played with often, rather one sided unfortunately.  He was so fast that even the squirrels stayed their distance.  He wasn’t very hospitable with other dogs in his house, but he greeted every human with a toy in his mouth and a wagging tail.  He rarely barked except at the ducks.

He was loved by everyone who knew him for his sweet disposition and gentle spirit.  On our walks we would have to stop at any neighbor who was out so he could greet them.

He didn’t drink a lot of water when we first had him, so I started giving him ice cubes to make sure he was hydrated.  Of course he was at the refrigerator every time we got ice from then on.  He also loved any type of crunchy vegetable, but wouldn’t touch spinach. He loved squeaky toys and his mission was to find the squeaker!  He was shameless in making sure he got belly rubs.

Murphy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 16 after being diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread from somewhere else.  He gave us unconditional love and snuggles, squeals of joy when returning home and so much more.  Our hearts are broken with his passing, but know he is running free with our other girls, Emily, Molly and Bailey.


Kathy and Glenn Yeldezian

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