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It breaks my heart to tell you that I had to say goodbye to Kayla yesterday. She was picked up as a stray by the animal control at Brazoria County in mid of 2008 and kept at their holding facility that was located in prison ground. As such, the public was not allowed to just walk in and adopt any animals there. The only way for the animals to get out alive is either claimed by their owners, or taken by rescue groups. One day Cil was called to look at a golden retriever there. But turned out that dog was not a golden. As Cil was about to leave, she spotted Kayla crouching at the back of a cage, being loaded up to the truck. She told them she wanted this dog.

Once Kayla left the facility, I was asked to be her foster mom. It took Kayla 5 months to get over her multiple health issues from heartworm infection to pulmonary embolism to liver dysfunction. When she was finally well enough, we put her up for adoption. She was adopted out twice, but both times she bounced back to me. The family invariably would call me shortly after I had left, saying that Kayla started barking at them, or that Kayla refused to eat. But as soon as I showed up at their doors, I would see Kayla laying causally on the floor with tail wagging, waiting for me to bring her home. After the second time, I finally got the message and told her that she never had to leave again.

The following 9.5 years she turned out to be the best dog any gal could have. She never asked for anything, never touched things that are not hers. I never had to worry about her messing up my house even when I had been away for a whole day. In return, all she ever wanted was to lay close by my side. As her health started to go downhill, I promised her that I will not let her suffer, and that I will be with her every step of the way. She passed away peacefully on my lap. I also told her that while this is goodbye, the is not the end. She will always remain in my heart. She may have started as a stray that nobody wanted. But she left as a very much loved pet who had her own shower and section in the kitchen. Until I see you again, my love. Run free, and enjoy all the rolling around. I will see you again soon.


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