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In May of 2013 we had to help our girl, Ginger, leave this earth and again in August of 2015, we had to help our sweet boy, Pepper, leave this earth.  I was so lonely for a dog to love and although a young cat had come into our lives that needed help, there was something missing and around October 2015, I started searching websites.  We knew we wanted to adopt an older dog since they are the ones that seem to never get adopted and they need so much love and stability.
I came upon Golden Beginnings website and found Koda’s picture and a video of him. That’s all it took for me to know he was the one. It took a bit to get through the adoption process, but he officially “adopted us on Jan. 16, 2016”.  We never looked back.  He brought so much joy in our lives with that easy going wonderful spirit of his.  And, he did not know a stranger!
Koda absolutely loved going for rides, it didn’t matter where or how long, he just wanted to ride and be with us.  He loved to be in the same room with us and we loved for him to be with us.  Even before he passed away, he would lay beside the couch where I sat so that I could love him and be close to me.
We built a new house in 2017 and he claimed every inch of it but especially our master closet.  I laughingly told people we build our dog a new house with a wonderful master closet.
Koda developed health issues that are pretty severe over the last few months but we thought we had turned corners with some of the issues.  Unfortunately, that was not that case and Koda died on Monday, May 8, 2019 while we were both at work.   Our hearts are broken and eventually they will heal but I know Koda is completely pain free now.  I have to believe that Koda was greeted by our beloved Ginger and Pepper and they are all running free from pain and having a glorious time in Heaven!
Till we see you again, my sweet Koda Bear!  Gone but not forgotten!
John and Debbie Pankey
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